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You Are Negative and Lazy

Sophie wants us to know that she sells Mary Kay and we’re just negative and lazy. And we don’t know much about Mary Kay.

You guys so wrong .Mary kay have 100% money backa garanty .If you think mary kay products not worth of the money and you go to walmart and target or sophora to waste your money on make up and skin care you are just wrong.

We build relationship .I personaly never push people to buy .I do not need to trick anyone to buy mary kay .People love my personality and my good energy and they love to be around me and get their make over done or get samples from me..ones they try the product they always want to order more.Because mary kay prices is not high .Compare to cheap drug store make up and skin care products mary kay can give you better deal even free products …

If mary kay is not for you simply because you are a negative person and lazy .There are women out there rocking this oportunity and build their business.You like to make ,big make up companies rich ,that is your call .I like to help women who has a dream who enjoys spending fun time with mothers ,sisters ,great women relationship.

You do not have to talk bad about somthing that you do not know much about.There are sales trick to use for marketing but there are consultant that sincere and honest also .

Mary kay is not a scam .Its not easy because it is like a regular job you have to work hard.I do warm chatting every day .I see a woman with potencial to be a boss ,i share the business ooportunity .If i see a person who does wear make up walking with her 2 kids i admire and go up to her and find a way to meet and talk to her because she is a good mom ,inspiring and strong mom..You don’t know how good to do networking every day !meeting with people that can have impact in your life..Mary kay changed my life in better way.I am not a millionair yet but i am happy with what i have .

I have a great director who teaches me the business and celebrates my business with me supports me not because she gets 4 percent from my sale mary kay pays her .Wharever i sell i earn 50 % from it.Mary kay gives us rewards just For working our business.

You should read the mary kay biography before you write negative comments.I have so mucch to say about my mary kay business .I learn to believe in my self.i am open to learn and work hard to be a better person and mary kay tought me a lot already ..


  1. Destiny Angel

    “If i see a person who does wear make up walking with her 2 kids i admire and go up to her and find a way to meet and talk to her because she is a good mom ,inspiring and strong mom”

    Holy non sequitur, Batman. What on Earth does wearing make-up equal being a good mum mean? Has she fallen into the medieval mind-set of beauty equals goodness( https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/BeautyEqualsGoodness).

    And now, I’m going to be a bad non make-up wearing mother who’s going to drive her son to school because he has an exam this morning and wanted the extra study time rather than take the bus.

  2. pinkboo

    Someone is very naive, not very well educated and is being taken advantage of by her Director. Most of the time these poorly written, obviously clueless messages make me laugh- this one is sad. I pray this woman sees the light before her life and finances are too damaged.

  3. pinkpeace

    It’s almost cruel to post this sad piece of writing. I can’t feel anything but pity for this woman and hope that she hasn’t lost too much money on her way to becoming a “millionair.”

  4. Wasrings90

    Yep, I am one of the laziest people I know. And honestly I am alright with it. I don’t like to be stressed out & I have found that by taking my time and enjoying what I am doing I am much happier than if I was running around trying to get everything done NOW!

    Also those big cosmetic companies give jobs to people who need them with a steady paycheck. That’s why I buy from Sephora Ulta Walgreens, CVS, WalMart and why I buy Cover Girl, Milani, Colourpop, Dose of Colors, etc.. also the quality of those brands are better than any MK product.

  5. MultiLevelMoneyLosing

    Feels like shooting fish in a barrel. 🙁
    I would guess English is not her first language either. Goes to show how MK preys on women without a lot of opportunity.

    1. Kristen

      Fish in a barrel. That was the term I was looking for. Poor woman. Now we’re the bad guys for pointing out the truth to try to help. It just sickens me how these women are manipulated.

      And I think she’s confusing lazy with smart. Working 14 hours a day for no reward is not the answer to laziness.

  6. Not a Bot

    That is the person I avoid like the plague. Don’t stalk me, offer fake compliments, and try to get me into your business. I don’t have time for people trying to sell me junk I don’t want or trying to recruit me into their MLM scheme. I don’t like people who talk to me with an ulterior motive and I certainly wouldn’t want to become a person who seeks to befriend women to use them in the MK scheme. That has happened to me before, but now I realize I don’t want these people in my life. It seems over and over that the pink fog people think that people here on this site are on the outside looking in, when the majority of people here have been in MK (some for a long time and reaching high levels).

    Also, sometimes being ‘negative’ is a good thing if is supported by fact. If facts show that the vast majority of people in MLMs lose money and the products are nearly unsellable, all the fake positivity in the world can’t change that.

  7. Char

    “You like to make ,big make up companies rich ,that is your call .I like to help women who has a dream who enjoys spending fun time with mothers ,sisters ,great women relationship.”

    Mary Kay is nowhere near as big as Estée Lauder, but they are the ones who tout they are at least worth billions and debt-free. You like to help women spend “fun time” spending their money making Mary Kay worth even more, silly.

    You also help Mary Kay pay guaranteed salaries, vacations, insurance, and nice retirement benefits. As an added bonus, most of those people probably get their evenings and weekends off. That’s very generous of you and your lady friends.

  8. NayMKWay

    On open letter to today’s critic:

    You may be having a wonderful time selling Mary Kay. You may have a wonderful Director who truly cares about you as a person and never asks you to s-t-r-e-t-c-h (order product you don’t need). If so, good for you. It doesn’t change the fact, however, that Mary Kay is a scam.

    Scammers tell lies to draw people into their scheme, and Mary Kay tells a lot of them. Here are some examples:

    1. “Executive pay for part-time work.” No one working Mary Kay part-time is making executive salary; that’s just a fact. For Mary Kay to even imply otherwise is a bald-faced lie. You say yourself it takes hard work to succeed, so you know that is a lie.

    2. “Only $30 to join.” No, it isn’t. You will still need to buy a $100 starter kit plus about $250 worth of product to get the discount. Why are they lying about it costing only $30?

    3. “Keep half of what you sell.” Tracy (site owner) has shown over and over how discounts and giveaways are the normal way of doing business. Even if you do get full price, expenses will eat away almost all of your profits.

    4. “No quotas.” Except you have to spend $250 per quarter to stay “active”. How is that not a quota?

    5. “No territories!” as if that were a good thing. It isn’t. It means anyone can come along and steal your customers and you have no recourse. Real sales organizations and franchises have territories, because it protects the salesperson or franchisee. By implying “no territories” is a good thing, Mary Kay is again spouting lies.

    There is a good reason Mary Kay lies to draw people in: they wouldn’t be able to draw them in if they didn’t hide the truth. The turnover rate in Mary Kay is huge; the average person only stays in a few months. You may call them “lazy,” but hear me out. Mary Kay has about $3 billion in sales and about 3 million distributors. Three billion dollars sounds like a lot until you divide it by 3 million distributors; that means the average distributor is buying $1000 per year in product, which they then try to sell. They will not sell it all, nor will they get full price for what they do sell, and they still have to pay expenses. But let us be very generous and assume they make $80 per $100 they buy, they are earning on average only $800 per year, or about $17 per week.

    An average of $17 per week. That simple math is the heart of the scam: There are way too many distributors trying to sell Mary Kay products, yet Mary Kay encourages recruiting above all else. And most of those recruits lose money and drop out, not because they are lazy or though it was a “get rich quick” scheme, but because they realize there are no buyers out there and they cannot afford to keep losing money.

    This is not a personal attack on you or any other person being scammed by Mary Kay. We’re just trying to point out how you are being exploited so you’ll make better life choices. Sincerely, I wish you the best of luck.

    1. Shay

      2. “Only $30 to join.” No, it isn’t. You will still need to buy a $100 starter kit plus about $250 worth of product to get the discount. Why are they lying about it costing only $30?

      What??? So it’s $30 on top of the $100 starter-kit now?

    2. Christine Dambrosio

      Ridiculous…”franchises have territories”…salespeople are protected…that’s the most laughable piece I’ve seen so far…711 in coral springs has a franchise owner, yet 1 mile up the street, there’s another 711 owned by another franchisee..there’s no “protection” nor “, territory”….still don’t see how sales people for MK are losing money, yet the company is worth billions…consultants can’t sell the products, nor can their recruits, but somehow, magically, people are making money at the top off “unsellable,” products….if anyone is simple minded enough to pay thousands for inventory without an established customer base, then they get what they deserve for being just plain stupid.

      1. TRACY

        It’s not that hard to understand. Consultants give MK $3 billion a year for products they can’t sell. Therefore, they lose money. But the company makes money and they give some of it to the people at the top of the pyramid.

        Please don’t blame the victim. The people who buy the inventory are lied to, and that’s why they “invest” in this nonsense.

  9. Shay

    My grammar is bad. English is not my first language. Now with that said, I couldn’t read past the first few sentences

    You guys so wrong .Mary kay have 100% money backa garanty. If you think mary kay products. not worth of the money and you go to walmart and target or sophora
    I’m done. Dead.

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