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End of June Panic

Written by SuzyQ

Oh boy, today is June 30, the end of the seminar year. The pressure mounts on directors to complete their goals, email and call for orders, recruit new consultants, use credit cards that are declined, cry a lot, drink too much and check to see how much space is left on whatever credit cards that have not been maxed out.

For those of you wondering about using declined credit cards, it is because it causes a delay so “recruits” can find another card or get loans from people or whatever it takes to have that order count. When June 30 landed on a weekend day, MK used to generally extend the deadlines for orders to be counted because it was the weekend after all (family and God time). I am not sure what they are going to do on a Thursday this year.

It was horrible. I hated June. I hated the fact I was not going to make yet another goal year after year.

My consultants did not understand the urgency. They generally ordered but it was not enough. I would lay in bed after waking up in the middle of the night wondering what I had done wrong this time. I had worked so hard and still fell short. I panicked about paying my own bills and wondered what I was going to do with all of the product I had ordered in an attempt to pull this off yet again.

I panicked about seminar, knowing I would be in the nose bleed section again and all the expenses I would incur while in Dallas. Directors got big discounts from vendors at seminar and it was not unusual to stock up on prizes and contest suggestions (and save money— ha). Then there were the classes, the same crap and drivel we heard every single year. Book, sell, recruit… such BS.

I have been out of MK for over 10 years now and at the time I was in, it was not hard to get people for classes and meetings most of the time. I can’t imagine trying to do it now. It is too easy to order on line, we are still in a pandemic and I would not want to go to someone’s house or have them come to mine if I didn’t know them. I am surprised that people are still making money. I really am. There are so many GOOD affordable cosmetics available at the click of a mouse. Who on earth would buy Mary Kay?

One of my favorite customers was an older lady who liked satin hands. She was wonderful, had been a refugee during WWII as a child and was so kind. She decided to treat me to lunch at the country club one day. There were two sugar sharp women at a table near us having lunch and when they finished, they took their lipsticks out. One was Chanel, the other was Estee Lauder. Thank God I didn’t try to approach them. I was so humiliated and I hadn’t done anything. It was the deep shame that I felt about being involved with this ridiculous company.

I didn’t mean to go on this long. I just had a lot of memories flooding back looking at the date and remembering when. Thank you for your patience as I rant.


  1. Ruby Slippers

    I’m sure everyone is relieved that Seminar is virtual again. Much less expenses for them. It was always a challenge going to Seminar after Stretching for year end goals

    1. TRACY

      But poor MK Inc.

      A virtual seminar is not nearly as good for the indoctrination of the cult. To be effective, you need to isolate cult members in a location away from family and friends (who could talk sense into them). Something like the Dallas convention center. For about 3 days. Listening to cult leaders spouting the talking points. Including a big rally at which everyone gets worked into a frenzy. Excitement over the cult that will hopefully last.

      1. BestDecision

        You can see all the sparkles of fake pins on a screen, either. Can’t see the arrogance, egos, and strutting down the halls. Can’t tell who’s sincere when they’re reading off a teleprompter or note card. Can’t see the quality of crowd you’re associating with.

        A complete joke then and now.

    2. enorth

      Pay $50 for a “virtual seminar.” Plus the local recognition events. NSD Lynnea Tate is charging $30 to attend her Seminar Awards Banquet. And you have to get yourself to Lynchburg.

  2. BestDecision

    Welcome to the night of massive credit card purchases. Of orders that are put on hold until more funds are connived.

    Where will you be after 10:00 tonight? I certainly won’t be making calls or adding numbers.

      1. NayMKWay

        “Only” $17k, eh? Well, that’s only 5x what an average business day should bring in, I suppose. Of course, there are no “average business days” in MK Land, just end-of-month panic days 12 times a year, which a real biggie at the end of June.

        Do you suppose there will be another post about a “midnight miracle”? If so, maybe this time she’ll remember to hide the credit cards before snapping a selfie.

        BTW, Tracy, I shot you an email regarding a website issue that I’m sure you’re already working on. Best of luck!

    1. Wasrings90

      Where will I be, probably on the couch watching some series about murderous husbands, wives, best friends etc… Because that’s what I do… It’s kind of relaxing…

      1. NayMKWay

        Yeah, what is it about true crime shows that get so addicting? My favorite is “Forensic Files,” with the late, great Peter Thomas narrating. Cold Case Files with Bill Kurtis is pretty good, too (well, “was”; they’ve both been in reruns for years, now).

      1. Ruby Slippers

        Best and Tracy,
        side note: did Melody Morgan Fox bite the dust, too?
        I saw on Copeland’s post that Kim said “I hope life is treating you well” then looked at Melody’s IG …. coaching. Smh
        She is still listed under NSD’s in heritage on In touch, but I have the feeling she’s out .

        1. Cynthia

          Melody is doing some kind of investment scheme. She needs to quit with the tiktoks. lol I guess she’s not married anymore. I wonder where she’s getting all of this money?

          1. enorth

            Premium membership for $39.99

            “Secure the bag while living YOUR best life & blessing others. This program was created for you… success & freedom. Melody takes the steps necessary to help you grow and reach your fullest potential. From the mindset ..Building self-esteem self-confidence .. Champion mentality to the logistics. How to generate abundance make money and how to get that money to make money.”


            1. NayMKWay

              From the Melody Morgan Fox site:

              “Tools and worksheets needed for you to prepare for the next level whilst walking you through to the next step in applying what you have learned. ”

              Wow. That is some tortured syntax right there. The above example shows the importance of sentence parallelism. [Thus ends my TED Talk.]

              Then there is this disconnect. Underneath the banner “Premium Membership” it says:

              “And there is much more you can learn in this limited membership program! ”

              So…it’s “limited” now? I thought it was “Premium”? I’m guessing she meant limited-offer premium membership program, but that’s just a guess.

              So…what are her qualifications for teaching others, exactly? Curious, I clicked on her “About Melody” link. Oh, my, this does not bode well:

              “Money never made me them broke days did.” <– Direct quote.

              Not a great start, Melody. A semicolon after "me" would help, but the rest of it is unprofessional. In further snooping, I found no educational or professional credentials, just this:

              "Learned an impeccable work ethic at an early age. I have a strong faith, self-esteem & more than enough self-confidence."

              Well, as long as you have self-confidence, who cares if you know what you're doing, right? I'm reminded of SNL character Stuart Smally's catch phrase: "I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and gosh darn it, people like me!"

              It seems like her "training" is just more positive-mindset gobbledygook. Look, if you want to learn a technique that doesn't work and may even be self-destructive, save your money and buy a used copy of "Think and Grow Rich" or "The Power of Positive Thinking." (Stay away from "The Secret," though, it is WAY out there.)

          1. Cynthia

            She has a lot of Executive Sales Directors and future NSD’s so she doesn’t have to do much probably. My national is a senior national and we don’t get as much training from her as her national below her. *whomp whomp whomp sad face*

            Melody needs a new phone. I wonder if she invested her money on the way to the top or if she’s “sponsored”. I know she lives in a relatively low cost of living area so it probably doesn’t take much to look rich.

  3. pinkpeace

    Oh, how I despised June in Mary Kay! It was that constant tick-tick-tick toward the 30th with daily emails to my unit counting down for whatever goal I was going for. I was always going for the tone of excited encouragement and not despair and terror, which what I was actually feeling.

    More than one June family vacation was compromised by the “pall of production” and my stress continually buzzing in the back of my mind. I don’t think consultants can appreciate the director panic that starts building around June 15 and peaks at 11:59 p.m. on June 30. Even after I left Mary Kay, I reflexively started feeling unsettled in June – until I remembered that the date no longer had no impact on my income.

    Just reason #11,568 to leave Mary Kay!

  4. enorth

    They’re all having massive sales. I heard one say, “I’m giving deep discounts but I’m still making money.” Really? She’s doing BOGOs, GWP and 80% off on some products.

    Big discounts and freebies to clear shelves and recoup a little cash, only to immediately order more and continue the madness.

  5. Blue

    The representation of June 30th on the ‘gram has the opposite of the intended effect on me. It is not inspiring. It looks to me in most SD’s households like a total ——show.

  6. J

    At least with virtual seminar you can lie down and drink ?

    I was a teenager when I was in, and all that sitting wrecked my body. Sit for 4 hours, then walk a mile hoping that your pantyhose don’t rip, buy a stale $12 club sandwich, forego a pricey drink and refill your cup from the water fountain, then sit for another 4 hours.

  7. Heather

    There was a point like so many others where June caused nothing but feelings of inadequacy and anxiety. Nothing we ever did was good enough, and it was OUR fault that we did not meet the goal. Seminar had become a joke, and I’ve said before that my last Seminar was the proverbial straw. I skipped out on classes and such and went for Mexican and margaritas with my unit members who came.

    Now that I’m in healthcare, I look at the calendar, see June 30, and think, “Oh crap…. the new residents start tomorrow. Time to stock up on the eye dee ten tee forms.”

    1. NayMKWay

      Don’t forget to use the colored cover sheets on your TPS reports, Heather.

      I’ll just shoot you an e-mail to remind you,

      [Anyone catching that reference?]


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