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You Are Obsessed

A Mary Kay consultant criticizes us in the comments on our Mary Kay Virtual Seminar 2021 post.  (It’s good to know that women keep Googling and finding us!) To this positive uplifting MK lady: I’m not butthurt but I do object to the lies and the arm-twisting in MK that are designed to swindle women out of their hard-earned money.

Wow… Obsessed much? Tell me what is like to rise every day with hate on your heart?

I’m not a top earner. I sell inconsistently bc that’s what works for me. I’ve never bought more inventory than I needed bc I have a brain that is able to reason whether I need it or not. I don’t get caught up in trying to put on a front or earn something I didn’t work for, so I never over extend myself.

My director is available for advice when I need her, and she never pushes me to do anything I don’t want to do. She thanks me every month that I order.

Yea there’s dishonest people people with dollars signs in their eyes as there is in every arena, especially in this capitalistic society. However, when it gets down to it, from this site to YouTube and beyond, it sounds like those who are hellbent on tearing this company down are butt hurt because they made poor business decisions.

No one twist your arm to order inventory. The enthusiasm is infectious, and it’s nice to dream of cars and trips, but you have to be sober minded about your decisions.

I have team members and I explain it to them just like that. Decide how much you want to make and how much time you have to spend and work accordingly. Simple.


      1. NayMKWay

        Lazy Gardens, just find five customers willing to buy $5,000 worth of make-up and skin-care products from you each month. Spend no more than one hour per month with each customer. Be sure to keep your expenses at zero or less, lest they eat into profits. Simple.

      2. Mountaineer95

        Hey LG, obviously I get your /s, but there are likely a few Kaybots who do NOT get the joke (guess the joke’s on them, sadly)…

        The worst part of this is that somewhere, there are directors who present such a ridiculous, unattainable outcome like the one described here…and their recruits are eating it right up. To take an idea from our beloved PT critics, I announce that I’ll “pray for them”. I’ll pray for them to pull their heads up out of the pink sand and I’ll pray that they acknowledge how they’ve been swindled. And used. And victimized. And hopefully, the prayers will be heard before they spend one more dime on inventory. Problem is (based on what many directors say), apparently God has “put this on her heart” (such a cringy phrase IMO). The “this” being something about success with Mary Kay.

    1. NayMKWay

      Get rich by inventing and selling a low-cost product everyone needs. Simple.

      Dear NASA: I see Perseverance is having difficulty obtaining core samples. Just send astronauts next time, OK? Simple.

      Add a basement to your house: just take a shovel into the crawlspace and get to work. Simple.

      You can also add a new floor to your home. Step 1: remove roof and temporarily set aside. Simple.

  1. NayMKWay

    She opens with the “haters” label. How original.

    Then it’s on to her credentials: she is near the bottom of the Mary Kay pyramid, but of course understands it better than the former high-level Cadillac drivers who regularly contribute here.

    She has a “good” Director who pats her on the head when she orders. How wonderful. Wow, there must be a lot of “bad” directors out there, considering the stratospheric drop-out rate.

    Then we get the victim-shaming. She’s too smart to let herself get manipulated into overextending herself, implying those who do are weak-willed and deserve what they get. Nice.

    It’s pretty clear she hates Pink Truth. I wonder what it’s like to wake up every morning with hate in your heart?

    1. Wasrings90

      Just because you are aware that something is harmful and you want to warn others that it’s harmful doesn’t mean you are a hateful person or that you “rise every day with hate on your heart” I actually think it’s quite the opposite…

      1. Mountaineer95

        Right?!? Not to steal examples from Char, but how is it any different for law enforcement officers who exclusively work child predator/sex trafficking cases? They hate these predators, and they wake up hating them, go through their days hating them, and go to bed hating them. But the work they do is GOOD, it is for the betterment of society, and they feel a sense of accomplishment for every offender they catch and prosecute. And they all can absolutely live happy, fun, and heartfelt lives when they’re NOT working.

        While a drastic example, it’s really no different than what happens here at PT. We REALLY dislike most things about MK, but we have lives other than here in which we are casual, happy, and fun people.

        Maybe the difference is that the critics and Kaybots literally LIVE Mary Kay…

        …there is no differentiation from “work” and “personal” lives when they’re being told to push their product and “opportunity” to family, friends, fellow parishioners, their waitress, the dry cleaner, the sharp lady shopping at target…I mean, they push it at home, at church, at work, with friends, on social media…they are trained to infiltrate every aspect of their lives (professional or not) with their “business” in order to sell and RECRUIT…and because MK is so much a part of everything they do, they assume that the “bashing” MK that we do must be a huge part of OUR lives as well. Like, since we hate MK and spend time here that we must also be hateful when we are NOT here. That couldn’t be farther from the truth.

        We can show up here at our leisure and make comments, post threads, and generally just express intense dislike of what MK and many of its contractors do and say. Then we log off, go do whatever it is we do for a living, engage with our loved ones and friends (with nary a hint of asking desperately for them to support our “business”), and in general just live happy and fulfilled lives. With ZERO “hate on our hearts.”

  2. Char

    “Wow… Obsessed much? Tell me what is like to rise every day with hate on your heart?” —

    Awww, I bet you say that to all advocacy groups that try to bring awareness and stop societal dangers like: drunk driving, human trafficking, child abuse, domestic violence, etc.. And here you are doing the same to our anti-scam group. Nice.

    “I’m not a top earner. I sell inconsistently bc that’s what works for me. I’ve never bought more inventory than I needed bc I have a brain that is able to reason whether I need it or not. I don’t get caught up in trying to put on a front or earn something I didn’t work for, so I never over extend myself.” —

    Are you trying to run Mary Kay into the ground? They want large orders, and you recruiting large orders to maintain their billions, silly. And, don’t be so selfish; your NSD wants you out there collecting new recruits and large inventory orders. Where’s your teamwork?

    She seriously thinks this is about her. Lololol.

    1. Pinkiu

      I was you at one time. Your director ignores you because you don’t order a lot. Of course she thanks you when you finally place a small order because that’s how much less she has to order herself that quarter! You are only a $ sign to her. That’s it.

    2. Mountaineer95

      “She seriously thinks this is about her. Lolol.”

      Char, this brief comment really has me thinking. I unfortunately have a raging narcissist (like, clinical narcissist) in my life, and early on (circa 1990-1992) I figured it out, but still remained engaged to a degree.

      After years I finally was able to comprehend that her entire life, every single second of it, is based on how happenings affect HER. I won’t bore you guys with the details (though frankly I’m thinking of making a blog post elsewhere about it…ie how to identify a narcissist and how to avoid them if possible…). But I’ve carried that knowledge (I call it “The Narcissist Whisperer”) with me for years.

      Your observation hits the nail on the head for so many of the low-level Kaybot PT critics but also fits for so many of the directors we discuss here. Narcissism must run rampant in MK, from the tippity top to the dredges (ie the “critic” in this post).

      And I don’t mean “narcissism” in the way that the term is often misused (ie calling someone narcissistic because they care too much about their looks or appearance); I mean clinical narcissism, wherein a person literally lives in a reality where they have a “filter” that makes them process EVERY SINGLE HAPPENING in the world as “how does this affect ME?”

      (Spoken to this critic, not Char of course):

      Your aunt has cancer? “I’ve been taking her food EVERY WEEK! I changed my work schedule to do this!”

      Your best friend is divorcing her husband of ten years and she’s come to you for consolation? “Well how do you think I feel? I’m friends with him and I will LOSE HIM AS MY FRIEND because of your divorcing him!” (This is an actual event with my friend).

      Yes, PT critic lady, I know those examples are not YOUR examples. Point taken. But:

      You signed up as an IBC for Mary Kay recently, and you stumbled upon a website that criticizes your decision…Well that is unacceptable to you! You are smart, savvy, and you KNOW that with only a few months in the “business” that you are an expert on Mary Kay and you KNOW that “you haters are all wrong and bitter and loosers”; and it doesn’t matter if we PT people were “in MK” for years and at higher levels, you’re super smart and after your few months you know EVERYTHING about MK.”

      The reality is that most narcissists can’t hide their narcissism forever, and their desire/need to make EVERYTHING about them eventually trips them up. I don’t know how old this PT critic is, or how advanced she is in her professional life (but being a blind, arrogant IBC after only a few months in tells me a lot about her “professional” history), so I can’t attest to her current success or lack of.

      Sorry for the tangent (I’m good for at least 1.5 tangents per month, give or take…thanks guys :))
      Lady, you’re just another less-than-average-intelligence narcissist who thinks that because YOU think the MK Flopportunity is legit, it MUST be legit. Because you’re never wrong, and the world orbits around you. We should apologize for offending you. And we’ll be waiting excitedly to see your name atop the lists in Applause.

      1. NayMKWay

        Oh, yes, Mountaineer95, I have experienced a few narcissists in my life. I call them “users,” because they see everyone around them as an asset they can exploit, and that is their only interest. Friends aren’t friends; they’re a means to an end.

        You know what’s fun (read: not at all fun)? Try to get a narcissist to talk about something other than themselves for more than 30 seconds. It can NOT be done. Everything anyone else brings up, they will turn it around to make it about them. Upon hearing someone say “I got a new car yesterday!” a normal person will say something like “What model? How do you like it so far?” A narcissist will say something like “My car keeps breaking down on me. It’s always in the shop.”

  3. Cat Ballou

    Speaking of “dishonest people people with dollars signs in their eyes,” I received an email a couple of days ago from MKCorp about seminar registration for the LOW price of $50. With the $25 wholesale/$50 retail credit, it practically pays for itself! ????

    This is a perfect example of how MK operates. They conflate the value of the product with suggested retail price to make it seem like this product credit is worth more than it actually is. The email makes no mention of when this product credit expires, either. So if a consultant doesn’t read the fine print when registering for seminar, she might miss out on the credit entirely. If she does redeem the credit, she will probably order more than just $25 wholesale, because the shipping cost charged by MKCorp to consultants is high enough to discourage small inventory orders.

    No, thank you. Virtual seminar sounds incredibly dull and there’s no way I’m going to pay to watch it.

  4. Mountaineer95

    “I’m not a top earner. I sell inconsistently bc that’s what works for me. I’ve never bought more inventory than I needed”

    Honey, you are dime a dozen type of critic here. Most of the posts here deal with the directors and above; but those “higher ups” almost NEVER come here to defend themselves (hint…it’s because we’re right about the numbers and stats we post here and they have NO proof otherwise). Instead, we get new IBCs, or the occasional “existing” IBC who somehow doesn’t want to sell more, and sells “inconsistently” because “that’s what works” for them (thanks for the lulz). Until your directors address our claims AND prove them wrong, you will still be just one of millions of IBCs who try to blame their lack of success on their own “choices” (ie, “I sell inconsistently”). Is that really your CHOICE? To sell inconsistently? Or is it because the products are hard to sell?

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