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No Just Means “I Need More Information”

This woman was almost friends with a Mary Kay consultant. Except the consultant couldn’t stop from trying to recruit her. Even after she said no… and no… and no… and no….

I came here a couple of years ago after a potential “friend,” the daughter of a neighbor, approached me with a veiled offer of friendship. She worked at the local grocery store as a checker and I would chat with her when I came through her line. I would often go to her line even if they had more customers just to greet her and chat.

This woman eventually treated me to lunch. We talked about our mutual love of pets, etc. and we both ended up complaining about our husbands and wept about the loss of beloved cats and dogs, a woman-to-woman exchange. In the meantime, she was on a Mary Kay roll. She passed out MK business cards to customers in her grocery line I saw her chat up customers and hand them cards, and wore her MK badge over her work tag. I even fell for the “oh, your badge is upside down” trick. Eventually the badge came off as I am sure her supervisors told her to take it off.

Then–WHAM–she hit me with a script. She needed “help” from a woman to “model” some cosmetics. I knew it for what it was: she was trying to snare me as one of her down-line in an MLM. I politely declined.

I saw her Mary Kay car parked in front of her mother’s house, the windows plastered with MK stickers. I guess she was on the road to directorship.

Then came the layering. She’d text me about three times a week, saying if I did not want to buy or sell, maybe I would give her the names of family and friends. I was disgusted. It was this reason or that reason; she was in a contest; she needed more women to buy or sell; whatever. I felt used and insulted. I told her not to text me any more. She’d stop for a while, and then resume the calls and texts, say she had special “offers,” and she did not want me to “miss out.”

Then there was a text at 6:30 in the morning when I was still in bed asleep. The only person who texts me at that hour is my husband, and it’s something important. I leaped out of bed to get the message, only to find it was an MK pitch to make lots of money, blah, blah, blah.

I was insulted. She got me in her confidence only with the plan to make me her cash cow at the expense of my own wallet.

The Mary Kay car is no longer seen in front of her mother’s house, and her ordinary white sedan is no longer plastered with MK stickers. I suspect she blew a blundle of cash to get that car, and eventually lost money in the MLM game.

She also lost me as a potential friend. I see her now and I laugh to myself about the money and time she must have lost buying product, hitting up potential sellers, and attending those meetings.


  1. Lazy Gardens

    This behavior is harassment, no different than the guy at work who is constantly hitting on you to go out with him. He’s trying to get into your pants, she’s trying to get into your wallet.

    1. NayMKWay

      ” ‘No’ just means ‘I need more information’.” — MK hun.

      ” ‘No’ just means she doesn’t know me well enough.” — Dangerous stalker.

      The first one may not be dangerous, but the behavior is still creepy.

  2. HatesPink

    Social media has made it even worse. A “friend” that I see out and about, not really close, but we speak, always sends some kind of invite to her “VIP Group”. Not a peep from her on the regular FB page, until she is selling something or in a contest.

    I decline every time.

  3. Kristen

    It’s so sad that Mary Kay turns women into this. Use people to strike up a pretend close friendship so they will join you. I remember this feeling well, the look of disgust and realization when my “friend” realizes just what my intentions were. The warm chatting and getting to know you phase (that is step one of the manipulation) is really underhanded and costs a lot of relationships.

  4. Destiny Angel

    Senior Director: Don’t waste my time or energy asking me to do something I don’t want. No is a complete sentence.


    Senior Director: Don’t take No for an answer. The person you are talking to just needs to be persuaded. By any lies possible.

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