Google “30 faces in 30 days” and you will see a ton of pages from Mary Kay sales directors promoting this as a way to jump start your MK business. It’s so easy to do! That’s how you sell the product! Well of course having 30 women show up for skin care classes would get you some sales. The catch is…. how do you get them there? To get 30 women at classes, you’d have to hold 7 to 10 classes (with 3 to 4 women at each class). In order to hold that many classes, you’d have to book 15 to 30 classes (because of the high rate of cancellations).

To book that many classes, you’d have to talk to 30 to 60 women. Where on earth are you going to find that many NEW women in a short period of time, engage them each in a conversation, work the conversation around to Mary Kay, and end up asking them to hold a class?

That’s one of many big lies in multi-level marketing. They make it seem so easy. If you’re willing to do the work, you’ll get the results. But how do create that many opportunities with strangers? It’s next to impossible.

Here’s part of a document designed to help you get “unstuck” in your Mary Kay venture:

1) RUN A SALE! My favorite Sale is “Buy 2 Products – Get your 3 rd for ½ price” OR “Buy 3 Products – Get your 4th one Free!” Call up all your regular customers and tell them you are going for #1 in your unit and you are running a Customer Appreciation Sale! This is it! Today and Tomorrow Only! I always say… “Is there anything you are running low on or would like to try new?”

2) 30 FACES IN 30 DAYS WILL FIX ANYTHING! 30 Faces in one month will fix ANY problem you have. 30 faces (or 5 shows of 6 people, etc) will give you new faces, new sales, new bookings, and new recruiting prospects! Now, doesn’t that fix any problem you have? My script? “Hi Sallee, this is Jen with Mary Kay! I am so excited! I am in a HUGE contest to do 30 faces this month and I had to call you first because I knew you would help me out! Can I borrow your face? I will let you buy $75 worth of Mary Kay for $25 if you share our time together with 3 friends that I have never facialed! What do you say? This week or next?” NOW, LET’S THINK ABOUT THIS: She buys $75 for $25 – we pay $37.50 for the $75 in product….she is paying $25 of it, so we are only out $12.50 – PRETTY SWEEET , HUH? And, you are getting great sales from the 3 guests plus bookings! ROCK ON!

3) 100 CUSTOMER BASE GOAL! 100 CUSTOMERS is where it’s AT! Regardless where you are today, doing 30 faces in one month 3 months in a row, will give you 100 customers! Soooooooo, 100 customers is ONLY AS FAR AWAY as 3 months, but can be closer if you do more faces quicker! With 100 Customers, you have repeat business, reorders, DAILY! Could you get excited about your phone ringing EVERY DAY in addition to your regular skin care classes and team building checks? How about your first $3000 profit month in MK? YES!

4) INTERVIEW 10! INTERVIEW 10 PEOPLE that are good qualified prospects (customers, interested in another source of income, trust you, love the product, etc) and you will most likely recruit 4-5 of them! Can you say “ON-TARGET FOR THE CAR” immediately!!!!!!!???????? An average check for someone on-target for their car is in the $300-$500 monthly range! Wha-lah!

5) COMMUNICATE WITH YOUR DIRECTOR DAILY ABOUT YOUR WEEKLY GOALS! COMMUNICATION with your Director daily is a must when you are wanting to move up! Is there a reason why you can’t call her daily? Email her? Share your goals? Plan with her? I am here for you to make your dreams happen! Let’s get it together and WORK IT AS A TEAM!

All of these sound so simple! Just sell some products! Just get more customers! But the reality is much different. It’s next to impossible to generate enough new contacts to make this a reality. Consistent retail sales in MLM are a myth. When the MK sales director is trying to recruit you, she asks you if you can follow a plan. You think you can. You don’t know that the plan is impossible to follow, because you can’t possibly meet enough women to make that plan a reality.


  1. An average check for someone on-target for their car is in the $300-$500 monthly range! Wha-lah!

    1. I thought they weren’t supposed to make income claims?
    2. It’s “voila”. Not “wha-lah”.

    • Yes! I also cracked up at ‘wha-lah’🤪. (along with the the rest of the enthusiastic baloney, of course).

      • I’ve seen that spelling from people who claim to have gone to French Immersion schools. it just shows that they totally copypasta everything.

    • If no one buys except that $75 for $25 hostess, you’re out $12.50 plus the tax and time and gas. And where’s the profit when you keep giving discounts?
      I was in MK a long time. I had a lot of customers and sold a lot but no profit. So many expenses and customers buying at a discount. Setting unrealistic goals. Constantly thinking that it will get better if I put more time into this. But I was set up to lose. No profit. Discounts. Expenses. Lies… lots of lies. It’s taken me years to unravel the brainwashing… I’m not done yet. This “business” doesn’t work.

    • “where’s the profit when you keep giving discounts?”

      According to MK training videos, discounts are a smart business strategy. Once the customer tries the products, she’ll fall in love with them. She’ll be a repeat customer and gladly pay full price.


        • Lol that is totally right! If I roll into the “manly soap” section to get some stuff for DH, if there isn’t a sign already posted about the current special, I track down an employee to ask. If it’s not at least “buy three get one free” then my guy is relegated to using my soaps for awhile. Except there is NEVER not a “sale”.

          Could you imagine being one of Chelsea’s customers and being told to pay full price for anything? Lololol.

  2. Our 30 faces in person will outlast 30 online any day. There’s no way to build loyalty or rapport across a screen versus walking around a kitchen table and seeing her foundation doesn’t match or being able to compliment the colors she’s wearing look really good. People were way more committed to a sole Consultant in those days versus showing up on a Zoom. It takes commitment to pull up to someone’s driveway and sit at a table. However, it’s easy to flit from one Zoom to another’s website and have no hesitation to do so.

    My unit members started counting “faces” as people they did Satin Hands on in restrooms, and I knew it would t serve them well in reorders or loyalty. That was the beginning of the end for me.

  3. “Can I borrow your face? I will let you buy $75 worth of Mary Kay for $25 if you share our time together with 3 friends that I have never facialed! What do you say? ”

    if anyone asked me for the names of three friends that some stranger has never “Facialed”, my inner 15 year old would be on the floor in hysterics.

  4. Here’s my tip for the few customers reading this……if you absolutely insist on buying an MLM product like Mary Kay:

    Tell your consultant you’ll only pay her “wholesale” price for the product. This, to help her make “production” and/or qualify for something. If she won’t do it right then and there, tell her to call you at the end of the month. Lol. This goes for anyone attending parties too. If she still refuses, tell her you’ll just sign up as a PUC and order direct from the company, especially if you’re a good customer.

    I realize most products are sold at a discount anyway for obvious reasons, but you never know if the rare someone is still, foolishly, paying full price.

    Ahhhh, don’t you just love the MLM system. /s There’s little to no money is reselling product; it’s about recruiting new direct buyers for the pyramid scheme.

    *Product-based, endless-chain recruiting pyramid schemes….have products! (Duh)

  5. What happened to executive pay? Neither a $3000 profit month nor a check of $300-$500 screams executive income to me.

  6. I wish they would stop calling their product demonstrations “facials”. It’s not a facial. I get facials done by a well trained esthetician. The two are not comparable.

  7. “I have a HUGE goal”
    “My Director has given me a BIG challenge!”

    Here’s the thing: there’s only one reason to open with a statement like that: you plan to take advantage of the other person. You’re asking them for a pity buy. That. Is not. Running. A business.

    Pity might get you an order. It will almost never get you a customer. You win customers by doing something for them; not by asking them to do something for you.

    It’s not surprising Mary Kay doesn’t get this. They do everything backwards, including asking their reps to pay them for the privilege of being their rep. (Hey, it’s easy to have infinite reps when it costs you nothing to add more.)

    • I’d like to share a business opportunity for you that’s going to benefit me.

      The more you invest in ‘your’ opportunity, the more I make.

      It’s a product resale business, and almost everyone orders direct from the company.

      Networking marketing is the way of the future, especially 50 years ago.

  8. The whole hosting thing needs to come to an end. I am now recommending to anyone solicited to “host” an MLM sales event to respond with, “Since this is your business, I think it is more appropriate for you to host your sales event at your own place.” If they push it, add, “This does not sit right with me. I would not ask my friends to host something for my job, so my answer is no. You should be inviting folks to your place instead.”

    This goes for Mary Kay and especially Pampered Chef. I wish everyone would respond along these lines.

  9. The whole “30 Faces in 30 Days” scam makes me chuckle because that’s what brought me to Pink Truth years ago! I had just met a lady at church who pitched this to me. She was new, I was on the Admin staff so I guess a little eager to her feel welcome. I ignored her for awhile, and then she assured me I wouldn’t have to buy anything but just let her use me for practice, and to satisfy her director. I thought, I guess it couldn’t hurt and I could order a concealer or something. So the day before my big “facial” I emailed her (this was long before we were texting), to find out what time she’d be over and THEN she said something like, “Hey, it would be great if you could invite a few friends over! Let me know how many are coming so I can bring enough refreshments!” WHAT?? I was stunned!! I already knew enough about direct sales that I avoided buying from even the best of friends, and had sworn off going to or giving parties years ago. I immediately fired back… “I’m NOT giving you a party! Please cancel. I don’t need any makeup, I was doing this as a favor to you.” She apologized and that was the end of that! A big part of my job at that time was research. So I immediately Googled “30 Faces in 30 Days” and it brought me straight to Pink Truth. It wasn’t until I was directed to PT that I found out how scammy Mary Kay was!

    • Notapartyfan, this is such a good example of the stupid things Mary Kay teaches women to say and do. I can just picture a strategy being taught: “Just ask her to invite some friends over and tell her you will bring refreshments! It’s that easy!”

      These dumb strategies assume that every hostess/victim/customer is dying to buy hundreds of dollars of makeup from Mary Kay and that her friends are too, that they’re just sitting around with nothing to do and would love to attend a makeup party to blow hard earned pay.

      It sounds so good, so easy. But it is NOT reality. Most women are not that stupid, financially irresponsible, ignorant or bored that these dumb tactics will work. This is not negativity or bitterness. It is based on my experience when the sunny Mary Kay strategies slammed into the reality of what women will swallow. They smell the manipulation (like you did) and feel betrayed. This whole “do me a favor” ploy is just sad. It’s not business.

  10. “ 100 CUSTOMER BASE GOAL! 100 CUSTOMERS is where it’s AT!”

    Of COURSE your director would love for you to get a base of 100 customers, because she will recruit them and turn them into your competition. Doesn’t matter if you don’t want to recruit but rather just want to sell MK product…you are obligated to share the opportunity, and if you do not, anyone has free reign to recruit them out from under you. So you doing all the work to get 100 customers just makes her goal of recruiting a whole lot easier.

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