None of your negative comments get to me. You are ALL catty females that thought MK was a get rich quick scheme. from the looks of it. I just joined MK in November, but at 60 years of age, with a Nursing career behind me (which ultimately messed up my back) and babysitting my God son four days a week for 24/7, how is it that I am doing sales of a MINIMUM of $100/wk. WITHOUT really putting out a lot of effort?

In the course of my lifetime, I have known a LOT of women. The negative thinkers NEVER succeed at ANYTHING as long as they MUST pick apart anything that they didn’t succeed at themselves.

I’ve learned that these negative thinkers can only find validation in themselves if they put others down, be it groups or individuals. Only those who failed at their endeavors because of their own lack of effort and positive drive in life will cluster together, because MISERY LOVES COMPANY.

So, ladies, having stumbled upon this site, and gaining nothing but sour grapes, I will take my leave of your bitter negativity, because when one is not being lifted up, one is wise to extricate oneself from the trappings of being surrounded by unhappy people.

Au revoir, Mes Amie’s! Auf Wiedersehen!


  1. omg how could ANYONE seriously provide “testimony” to ANYTHING when they have been in a position for LESS THAN FOUR MONTHS? Seriously! How do they think they have any credibility? These aren’t newbies talking, lady! These are DECADES-long former members testifying to the struggles they faced and denied for so long, as they followed THE CORPORATE LINE IN MARY KAY. And you come along, with your ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS A WEEK SALES — yes, that will support ANYBODY won’t it – and you disparage good women who have only the best interests of OTHERS not falling into the painful, costly trap that YOU ARE PRESENTLY REVELING IN, you disparage these women who suffered through the stages of grief in facing what had happened, and now rise above their egos to say I WAS WRONG AND HERE IS HOW I KNOW THAT.

    Good luck, Mary Sunshine, who sounds more negative than any of the former Directors and Consultants on here – good luck cause you are going to need it.

  2. I want to introduce myself – my name is wasrings90 and I am a negative thinker. I am such a negative thinker when it comes to any of my life choices I can find more cons than pros 100% of the time.

    This is how I see myself and my world, yet if you ask my friends and coworkers they will tell you I will be the first person to say that’s AWESOME, Congratulations, let me know what I can do to help out etc.

    Discussing facts, making lists understanding how something wether it’s the coffee maker or how a business venture is set up and discussing why this business or any other “MLM” business doesn’t work for 99% of the people who buy in doesn’t make you a negative person, it means you are doing your research and this website is educating those who may not have been told the truth by the leader who wants to help them make try to make possibly an executive income by working from home.

  3. My mom says when looking at reviews for a product, don’t listen to just one negative review but listen to what the majority of reviewers have to say. The majority of reviews will be the truth! That doesn’t mean they are negative people if the majority of reviews are negative. It’s just their honest experience after trying out the product.

    So my point is this: Alot of women complain about mary kay as a job. It’s really just that simple mary kay sucks as a job.

    Even for those who loved mary kay and have only good memories they can’t afford to keep doing it because it doesn’t pay good.

  4. I’m always astounded by women who choose to label another woman “catty” simply because she has a dissenting opinion. I would much rather listen to someone who has actual facts and numbers to back herself up, rather than one who just wants to blow smoke up my skirt to convince me that my calling lies in selling mediocre makeup and skin cream. And your newbie $100/week selling to your friends, doesn’t impress me much.

    • “ You are ALL catty females”

      …TBH, I’m pretty sure we have a few catty males here regularly as well!

      Keep in mind, this critic says that she is “ babysitting (her) God son four days a week for 24/7” so…the math force is not strong with this one. Perhaps having her own MK “business” is not the best fit for her abilities (and frankly makes me hope she isn’t planning to teach or tutor her young charge in ANYTHING).

  5. Most every new consultant makes $100 per week at first. Your friends, family and acquaintances make pity purchases. Your family is stuck with you until you ride this MLM thing out, but your acquaintances will disappear and your friends might too. Be ready to be the town pariah as people duck behind bushes, hide under tables or make a mad dash for the door as soon as they see you. Once it becomes known you’re the Mary Kay lady, you will be avoided like Pepe Le Pew.

      • “No” means “not yet”. That’s what I was taught. Don’t respect boundaries. Eventually they will say yes.

        • A year ago, I was helping a friend to plan a belated big 0 surprise birthday party. One of the invitees is a hun. Wouldn’t commit to a date. Ok. We got a date and a venue. Asked her again and I got the whole “No means no” speak. Ok. Then we had to cancel, again.

          In the mean tine I got a call from hun in late November, can I order for HER Christmas bonus. After Christmas for some sale. Late January for some other reason. Every time, I’ve been polite and responded that I won’t be buying as I don’t support MLM style business practices.

          I got a call last night, can I help her director get a car? What happened to no meaning no? I asked. She got rather huffy and said she thought I would want to know about her business at a later date.

          • The relying on customers to help you as a sales pitch is sad, tacky and pathetic. What real business asks you to ‘help’ them win a prize, meet a sales goal etc? That is a manipulation of personal relationships. There is nothing I would rather do less than manipulate people to make pity purchases. If the product was something people wanted to buy and thought was worth the money, people would buy it.

            Next time she tries to manipulate you with a MK goal, I would tell her that I will consider if she will help me meet my personal goal to clean out my garage that weekend.

    • Wow! $100 a week! The best part of this letter is that she thinks that’s a lot. Good luck, honey!

  6. “You are ALL catty females…”

    From one nurse to another, some of the cattiest women I know are nurses. Yeah, sometimes we think negatively, particularly when we have the dude who went on a meth bender and now has an aortic dissection from the sternum to the carotids. (Think about 14-16 inches long… this patient didn’t survive.) So yeah, sometimes nurses are a bit negative.

    However, easily THE cattiest women I have ever met are in MK and other MLMs. You have barely four months in this so-called business, not the decades of experience from many here. Go away and come back when the glow has worn off.

    • Agree completely. Nurses actually fear liability for wrongdoing and have state boards and administration watching their ethics. Anyone in a Director’s suit for more than a quarter has seen way more unethical things and denial of cheating and lying than anything you see in healthcare.

      Never forget nurses don’t incur chargebacks. If a nurse has a car payment, she/he knows how much their payment is every single month until it’s paid off. In MK, you won’t know if you have a payment or the amount until the last night of a quarter.

      And then you always have the choice of buying production to avoid payments.

  7. “None of your negative comments get to me.” said the woman who feels “got to” enough to write a letter to the website telling us how much she is not “got to”.

  8. Wait, what? MK isn’t what you call “a get rich quick scheme”? What happened to the executive pay in a few hours of work a week? Sales of $100/week are netting you pocket change. You’ve got a hobby, not a job or a career. By all means, enjoy your hobby. Pink Truth exists because false promises of earnings and a career are made to prospective MK recruits.

  9. “Au revoir, Mes Amie’s! ”

    Mon Dieu, why the grocer’s apostrophe? And capitals. Don’t be dissing la belle langue Français like that.

    ” babysitting my God son four days a week for 24/7″

    no wonder she doesn’t see a problem with MK maths.

  10. A word from a netural third party who was never in Mary Kay and has no axe to grind:

    Dear Critic:

    Three or four months in, and you already know everything there is to know about Mary Kay? Sit down and keep reading. These aren’t the voices of bitterness and negativity; they are voices of experience.

    Are you so afraid of “negativity” in other aspects of your life? If your doctor tells you you need an operation to save your life, do you stick your fingers in your ears and yell “Na na na, I can’t hear you; negative thinking, na na na!”? This site is called Pink Truth for a reason. Truth is truth; whether you see it as negative is neither here nor there.

    And by the way, your name-calling is unbecoming of you. How do you know everyone else’s story? Because they left Mary Kay and are warning others away from it, you call them miserable and accuse them of only wanting to tear others down? Not nice. Many of the contributors here were Cadillac-driving Directors who stayed in Mary Kay for decades, trying to make Mary Kay their career. But no, in your mind they thought it was a get-rich-quick scheme? Shame on you.

    Take some advice from a fellow 60-something with a bad back (I just had surgery on it last month): there is good information here. Not just experiential, but analysis of the sad Mary Kay math, from a forensic accountant, no less (Tracy). And the math says your $100 per week is unlikely to last. That’s $5,200 per year, and the average rep buys only $1,000-2,000 annually, selling only a fraction of it while offering heavy discounts. Are they all negative and lazy, or is Mary Kay a lot harder to sell than you were told?

    The truth will out, as the saying goes, and you will learn for yourself soon enough. I just hope the stress doesn’t make your back pain worse, I really do. Keep your eyes open; do not shy away from negative feedback for fear it will “steal your dream.” Negative feedback is important in life; do not fear it.

  11. Maybe this doesn’t matter to you, but if you’re not recruiting and/or buying a ton of crap, upline is going to ignore and dis you. I hope you weren’t looking for real friends when you joined MK.

  12. “sales of a MINIMUM of $100/wk. WITHOUT really putting out a lot of effort”

    But, what are you pocketing as income? SALES does not = INCOME. The costs incurred to fulfill your sales/operate your business aren’t reflected in that number.
    Right off the bat, you’re down to $50 a week (assuming no discounts were offered) to pay for the product you sold (whether you placed an order for it or it was already on your shelf). Either way you paid 50% of retail. And, you paid to have those products shipped to you…COST. Did you ship any of those products to your customers?…COST. Did you drive your car to deliver those products?…COST. Did you give any freebies or gifts?…COST. Not to mention all other costs incurred over time. Did you send Look Books?…COST. Did you buy a beauty coat?…COST. Did you get a Website?…COST. Are you replenishing your supplies?…COST. Did you buy samples?…COST. Are you generating leads by driving around putting out facial boxes, having a booth, events?…COST.
    I could go on and on.
    Take a look at ALL your total expenses so far and your total sales. I think you will find that the “little effort” you’re putting in is more effort than what you thought for what you put in your pocket for yourself.

  13. Dear Real Catty Lady,
    You would be better off working 1 day a week at McD. $12 min hour x 8= $90 minus approximately $10 taxes since you will be getting most of it back= $80 take home a week. Your MK business $100 sales -50% you paid for product ($50) – supplies/ free samples (appx $5) – postage you paid MK to ship to your house – postage to mail to customer or gas to drop off – FICA double tax = $30 max. Now divide that over the hours spent calling, warm chatting, emailing, going to meetings etc. to get that sale. Be honest! Don’t forget to subtract out any additional costs for attending meetings, seminars, business supplies, etc. Did you take home any money??? Do this for the week and the month to get a real idea of how much per hour you are really making. Let us know!

  14. Gosh! Yet another “stumbler!” Apparently not as sure footed as she makes herself out to be. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  15. Come back here after June 30 and let us know how your Director’s attitude has changed versus these first 4 months when you have “freedom and flexibility”, “no quotas”, and “all you have to do to ____ (stay Active, finish your Star, get a badge at Seminar, be invited to an event, et al)”.

    Sounds like you’re a member of the Cancel Culture trying to erase our experiences. We’re still here!

    • The sentence that popped out to me was this one:

      “Be aware when you’re talking to someone who has an inflated sense of importance about themselves or their topic and who is showing little empathy and poor listening skills.”

      That, to me, describes the personality type I call “the User.” This person is really only interested in what you can do for them. In any conversation, they will steer it back to themselves if it drifts away from them for more than a second; after all, their story is much more compelling than anyone else’s. And they’re always hitting you up for favors with no quid pro quo; for “loans” that are at best only partially repaid.

      Never make friends with a user, no matter how sunny they may seem on the surface. They’ll break your heart every time.

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