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A Family’s Finances Destroyed by Mary Kay

We have had a number of husbands of Mary Kay consultants and directors participate in the discussion here after being deceived by their wives. There has been financial damage, as well as emotional damage. Here is another.

My wife has been in Mary Kay for 4 years. In that time she has lost over $30,000. I had to remortgage the house to keep her from going bankrupt, but still she’s back at it. Her credit is going to max again in the next few months. This time I will lose the house. I have a good job, but she’s losing it faster than I can make it.

Every MK event I went to was the same, the few husbands that went were all safely muzzled. We all talked about things unrelated till our wives where out of earshot.

Then we’d ask the question, so how are things going for your wife? Then comes the pre-programmed response “she’s holding lots of classes” or “She’s on track for emerald” or “she’s really growing as a person.”

But in that brief moment of eye contact we all know we are liars, in that moment of truth we can all read between the lines. What we really said was “she’s not selling anything” or “she’s buying her way to the top” or “she’s warm stalking everyone we know or meet.”

After that we are pretty quiet, basking in the shared misery and shame of our lies and loss. We tend to not go very often. We collectively despise ourselves.

None of us are in the fog, but we are completely unable to help the one who sleeps beside us even see that there is a fog.


  1. Dorothy G

    It’s like a gambling addiction. You just know that with the next spin all of the symbols will align correctly and you’ll win the jackpot.

    In your wife’s case she has probably been told repeatedly that the only way to lose is to quit. MLMs are masters of deception and manipulation.

  2. CarolAnne

    these stories are always heartbreaking to me and make me cringe. If the guy files for divorce, he’s on the hook for alimony and spousal support. The Hun then blows through that. These guys never promised to hand over their life savings to a cult just so his wife can win a bubble gum machine pink necklace.

    For the lurking huns, is Mary Kay is more important than your marriage?

    1. MSgtK

      For Lord’s sake, why do you husbands mortgage your home? Rescue your wife’s Finances? Quit enabling them! Quit putting them before you, your future and your children’s Future! Its simple math, “Honey, if your MK is making money, then you don’t need any from me! A real business is self supporting. Take her name off joint credit cards and checking accounts. She can run her business on her business checking account and her business credit card. Quit allowing co minlinging of household income and her waste of cult expenses. It took me 2 red hot seconds in the 80’s to see what a waste of time MK was.

      1. Seb

        Tracy- will you please make a post about your thoughts around the R3 manufacturing plant? As MK US continues to struggle, why make the investment? Why not build a plant in Asia where that market may be growing and operating costs are likely reduced ? I would like your take on this.

  3. Heather

    I truly believe these stories are way more common than most MK/MLM people realize. I need both hands and a few hands of others to count the number of “successful” MK women who were in tens of thousands of dollars in debt. When their spouses found out, it destroyed their marriages. All trust was lost, and in many cases, divorces happened.

    One friend (she’s still a friend today and we’ve both been out of MK for well over a decade) was told by her husband that it was MK or him. She needed to make a choice. She wisely chose him, resigned from her SD position, sold down her inventory, and left MK entirely. I believe she returned what she couldn’t sell. Today she is quite successful as an office manager for a company.

  4. Gina Romano

    When I was in MK, there was a woman by the name of Amanda Binnel [sp]. She was out of a Chicago unit. A friend called me and said she had been brought up on charges by MK in Texas for “felony theft.” From my understanding both she and her husband were indicted. Amanda had made Queen of Sales and other high honors at Seminar 2007. I heard she had to give everything back–jewelry, money, trips, etc. . Does anyone know anything about this lawsuit? I heard both she and her husband did time.

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