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You Could Not Make It In Mary Kay

It breaks my heart to see this many angry women who could not make it in the Mary Kay world.

Why are you blaming someone else??? It sounds like you are the ones to blame for your failure!!! All you had to do is work your business smart!!!

I have been with the company for 2 years and I have no debt!!! And I carry a $4000 inventory!!! If something is going to hurt me or my family financially and emotionally, you know what… don’t do it!!! (interesting concept!!!) (are you ladies that gullible???)

There have been some very successful women in the Mary Kay world!!! Women retire with $60,000+ a month!!! Will you make that at retirement???

No, it is not easy, but you know what??? It is probably worth every sweat and tear!!! The amount of women that you have touched by that point!!! Yes, there are women who don’t have what it takes. But do you think that anyone holds a gun to their heads and said that ‘you have to purchase $3000′??? NO!!!

Every single women here posting their displease for the company, had every right to say…’you know what??? I’m not comfortable in investing that much into my business right now, this is what I can do’. I think you have forgotten that this was the opportunity for you!!! Did you forget that you were starting a business for yourself???? Not Ann…. Not Dacia…. Not Auri….. but for yourself!!! NO ONE MADE YOU PURCHASE ALL THAT INVENTORY EXCEPT FOR YOU!!! Dacia and Auri and every other Director and NSD are selling you an opportunity!!! What you do with that opportunity is or was up to you!!!

Yes, I have seen some bad apples in the bunch that have made it very hard on the rest of us to run a strong business….. but I have seen more successful women that just want to do it the right way!!! The way Mary Kay taught us to!!! With integrity and truthfulness!!!

So to all you women that have bashed Mary Kay because you have had a bad opportunity that couldn’t find a way to turn it into a wonderful opportunity….. look into the mirror and decide if that gun was pointed at your head!!! If I were a betting woman….. I’d bet that it wasn’t!!! So start blaming yourself for your failure!!! Not a business that has been extremely successful for 50 years!!!

This site makes me sick!!! You aren’t giving women a chance to see what it could be like. Are you scaring everyone off that sells AVON???? Or any other Direct Selling Company??? I’m sure that those companys have had their ups and downs!!!

So to close I just want to say that I feel that everyone of you women that are sitting there waisting time keeping this site running…. are you making the $40,000 a month??? Probably not…… because you are waisting your time bashing a company that could have made you a millionaire by now….. I am proud to be a Mary Kay Consultant!!! Thanks to you…… I have a better chance of touching those lives that need to be touched the right way!!! And I am so excited to have that chance!!! It’s better than what your doing!!!

Feeling sorry for you…..


    1. Mountaineer95

      Hmm, my punctuation gauge is low. Might need to hit Office Depot and pick up another pack or two.

      And WTH is this babbling about MK women making 40k to 60k per month? Surely a pyramid bottom feeder like herself isn’t doing it, and I doubt she hobnobs with anyone (in or out of MK) who does.

  1. CarolAnne

    are you making the $40,000 a month??? “THE” $40,000, like it’s starting salary.

    Hun to read your diatribe, there are soooo many women in MK making $40,000 a month. I bet there are maybe five ……out of 500,000. The rest are swimming in unopened pink boxes in their garages. So take a seat.

    1. Mountaineer95

      So well said. And while I try not to be “this guy”, some Friday Critics really push my buttons and make me want to respond by saying, for example, that I HAVE made 40k in one month, but it’s completely dependent on the stock market, lol.

      One thing that I’ve learned is that when you actually have money (like the kind of money that these MK devotees pretend they have), you don’t try to prove that you have it by very publicly spending it on things.

      Those MLM-ers who cover their social media by showing us exactly what things they’re spending money on (Dacia and her Louis Vuitton, Chelsea and her $270 tequila shot, etc) generally do NOT have the true high degree of wealth that they pretend to have.

      So while Chelsea barely makes a down payment on her new house (it’s a literal MANSION, you guys), and Dacia hawks maxi pads on Instagram, I’ll put on my Old Navy clearance yoga pants and quietly drive my six-year-old Kia (that 10/10 warranty kicks ass) to the bank to meet with my investor guy, where we discuss amounts of money that the Chelseas of the MK world will only ever handle if they quit MK and find the right J.O.B. and career.

    1. Mountaineer95

      My same thought! Until that all sells (and assuming she’s not ordering MORE inventory that’s not already sold), it’s debt. Even more so, did she pay that 4K with cash, or is she using a line of credit/credit card to do so? Interest counts, lady. So do CC payments. So if you claim you have no debt and four grand in inventory, you need to understand that putting the four grand on a credit card and making payments plus interest on the balance means YOU ARE IN DEBT.

  2. Char

    “I have a better chance of touching those lives that need to be touched the right way!!! And I am so excited to have that chance!!! It’s better than what your doing!!!”—

    A few paragraphs up she seems impressed with consultants making 60k a month. Where does she think that money comes from? She’s obviously very confused. Is it about them, her, or “those other lives”? It can’t be all of them because that math doesn’t work, so which is it?

    It is fascinating how brainwashing can mess with your mind. She thinks she is doing good, being “truthful and has integrity” when nothing could be further from the truth in MLM.

    She is deluding herself.

  3. Heather

    Who said I was angry? Maybe I’m just tired or have the wine flu. I never once said I was angry.

    And yes, we discuss many MLMs and direct sales companies, including Avon, Lularoe, and more. Yes, we warn as many as we can about the predatory nature of MLMs, including MK.

  4. Gina Romano

    Lost in the Pink Fog. Tty being in a unit in Chicago which is primarily made up of over eager stewardesses. It was awful. I am so glad I am out of the Pink fog. It is a cut-throat business and bad things happen in Chicago.

  5. Pinkiu

    I’m not angry. But I will warn people that there is a disaster ahead. If I didn’t warn them, I could be held accountable of the sin of omission.

    I wonder which is worse…the sin of commission – taking action that we should not or omission – not taking action when we should.

    SDs by the very nature of that position commit the sin of commission by deliberately using manipulative phrases, false earning claims, and half-truths to separate women from their money through wholesale ordering (not selling) so that they (The SD) can get a commision. Do you see that the word is in the very core of this pyramid?

    Then we also have the sin of omission. Every SD also commits this one. For instance, when the SD doesn’t tell a recruit that there is a low level of wholesale ordering that the IBC can spend to keep active. No, rather she starts at the very, very expensive levels and moves down, lowering her voice to the $600 level as evidenced by this official MK document: http://www.nsdapps.com/ALL/ReadySetSell.pdf. But do you notice what’s missing? The real bottom level of $250 or whatever the amount is to stay active. Why the omission? So that the SD gets a bonus and larger commission. This is where the sin of omission is done each and every time.

    1. Char

      I agree, but we also shouldn’t forget the “sin” of repetition, or the spreading of rumor/hearsay without having facts to verify one’s claims. This is every bit as harmful as the sin of commission and omission, and perhaps even worse. A person is perpetuating lies…to the masses!

      Using consultants as one example, I’d argue that newbie consultants are most guilty of repetition. Most don’t join with the initial intention of becoming a willing-scammer. *Those who become successful MLMers are a different matter.

      Consultants simply repeat the lies they hear from leaders, and they never bother to fact-check. And if that’s not bad enough, they actually worship the leaders who are planting the lies in their heads. Just look at today’s article repeating the same scripture taught by MK that we’ve heard a thousand times. That’s the sin of repetition, repeating lies.

      The danger is that these members think they are spreading the truth, and they will present as genuine to their marks. We all know this is the best kind of con artist; one who gains your trust and appears genuine.

  6. NayMKWay

    “… the Mary Kay world.”

    Sounds cult-ish right from the outset, doesn’t it?

    But Hun, let us reason together: Back when Mary Kay reported both their annual sales and the number of sales reps worldwide (2015) one could divide the former by the latter and get an average of $1,057.14 per rep (look up the numbers for yourself). MK Corp doesn’t report those numbers anymore, so it’s very doubtful they are any better. But let’s be generous and bump the average to $1,200.00.

    Nearly all of MK’s revenue is purchases by their sales reps, which means the average rep buys $200.00 in products each month. Do they sell them all? Of course not, but let’s assume they do, at full retail (ha!), and earn the full $200.00 each month. That’s a far cry from “the $40,000” isn’t it?

    Sure, there are a few making good income in “the Mary Kay world,” but for every one of them, there are hundreds who are making nothing or are losing money, month after month. That’s not hatred or resentment on my part; that’s math.

    Speaking of math, there’s at least a 99% chance you are making little or nothing in your Mary Kay world. But feel free to send in a copy of your latest Schedule C tax form (anonymized, of course) and prove us wrong. Otherwise, sit down and read before ranting at us for pointing out the sad realites of the MLM system.

      1. Juliet

        Yes, NayMKWay, you best be not letting the door hit ya on the way out after THAT heavy duty pun-blunder lolololol. Oh dear, this could run amok quite easily and it will be all your fault!!

  7. BestDecision

    But, wait. If it were so successful of a business plan, wouldn’t we ALL have succeeded? That right there is our point. Some of us have many bar pins, drove pink cars, and had offspring. Not one of those were “not working” like you claim.

    You’ve been in just 2 years. I was in for over a DECADE. You’ve had too many sips of the Kool-Aid and are completely under water with all the tag lines, motivational phrases, and BS we all learned in MK. The difference with us is that we were courageous enough to look at the lies and faking it “until we make it” and LEAVE. Our integrity was worth it.

    Enjoy hearing your Director nag you for more orders for Seminar goals. That “special luncheon” , party, and name badge icons are waiting for you!

  8. Data Junkie

    “Why are you blaming someone else???”

    Um, it is not a someone but a something. Independent of the number of folks recruited into the down-line of an endless-chain recruiting scheme, it is mathematically impossible for any down-line to be profitable as a whole. Failure “rates” remain constant regardless of size. Mary Kay is by definition an “endless-chain recruiting scheme”, also known as a “product-based pyramid scheme”. While barely legal, these systems are highly unethical.

    Pure naked pyramid schemes (those with no product) actually provide a greater probability of success than MLM’s like Mary Kay, since naked schemes don’t have the drag of product cost eroding up-line cash flow. Remove the product, and there is much more cash flowing to the folks at the top. But that’s not legal, so MLMs like Mary Kay must include a product to stay within the law. Even MLMs need to be careful to emphasize product sales over recruiting or they risk getting shut down (see Advocare). How Mary Kay has managed to avoid a similar fate is beyond me.

    Systems like Mary Kay are designed to create failure for 99% of the participants. These failures are what provide the cash flow for the entire system. Pointing out the folly of trying to succeed in such a system is not “placing blame”. It is exposing a scam for what it is.

    This site not only exposes the underlying scam, it also exposes the tactics of those promoting the scam to help potential future victims steer clear. The contributors also provide support for folks who fell for the scam, with reassurances to these victims that they are not fools, but rather were reeled in using a cleverly tailored form of manipulation and lies.

    Lastly, this site provides resources to help victims get out of Mary Kay while minimizing financial losses.

    Unlike the OP critic, contributors to this site are not in the business of blaming the victim.

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