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Your Negative Comments Make Me Sick

the negative comments make me sick! everything is so negative when you want to see it like that…. it’s better to get over and move forward . If Mk is past, leave it in the past… my advise! don’t live regretting things! it’s life and nothing is perfect! for those who claim that the MK is free ad. of course, but you are the one who is driving it.. so i guess that’s is a good thing in life, being able to drive a car! don’t be so negative…


  1. Destiny Angel

    “the negative comments make me sick!”

    grabs popcorn and waits for all the negative remarks we are about to read.

    “everything is so negative when you want to see it like that….”

    I see lots of positives in life. Being negative about MLMs is a good thing IMHO.

    “it’s better to get over and move forward . ”

    We are. Which is why we are hoping to help other women and men who fall for these schemes. We have the ability to show them that (general) you can leave without too much difficulty and how to recoup as much money as possible.

    “If Mk is past, leave it in the past… my advise! don’t live regretting things!”

    Bad decisions made in the past can affect you in the present and in the future. Ignoring the effects of these decisions is kind of short-sighted. Regretting things you can no longer change is healthy and shows personal growth if (general) you changes your behaviour in the light of it.

    “it’s life and nothing is perfect!”

    Don’t think any-one here is saying life is perfect. But we can try to make it better for ourselves and those whose lives we impact.

    “for those who claim that the MK is free ad.”


    “of course, but you are the one who is driving it..”

    double huh!

    “so i guess that’s is a good thing in life, being able to drive a car!”

    Being able to drive a car is a good thing if you can afford the up-keep and don’t have to bully, beg or nag others into paying for it I guess. Mind you, it would be nice if my adult off-spring would offer the odd $20 when I’m helping them move apartments again.

    “don’t be so negative…”

    I’m not being negative. I’m being realistic when I point out that 99.9% of people involved in MK and other MLMs are losing (or loosing) money.

  2. Enorth

    Another one who doesn’t know the difference between advise and advice.

    If the negative comments make you sick, stay away from PT. Just my advice.

  3. Data Junkie

    The truth hurts. For those who peddle in falsehoods, when a light is shone on their misdeeds, the truth can hurt enough to make them feel sick.

  4. Kristen

    My teacher hat came out and I just had to correct this mess to see if (when properly written) the post had any logic to it if it was written by someone educated past third grade.

    “The negative comments make me sick. Everything is so negative when you want to see it like that. It’s better to move forward . If Mk is in the past, my advice is to leave it there. Don’t live regretting things. Life is not perfect. For those who claim that the MK car is free advertising, of course it is, but you are the one driving it. That’s a good thing, being able to drive a car. Don’t be so negative.”

    Nope. It seems even more comical. Of course it is a good thing, being able to drive a car, but that has nothing to do with Mary Kay’s abusive system. An even better “thing” would be if Mary Kay would stop recruiting these poor uneducated people who will have a hard time earning a minimum wage, let alone paying off the debt they incur in Mary Kay. To this critic, thank you. But I didn’t ask for, and don’t need, your advice.

  5. Char

    “the negative comments make me sick!”—

    Why are facts considered “negative” by some? For example, I recently received at least three dislikes for writing a few, very simple facts to answer a question. They were: women have the same amount of rib pairs that a man has; dinosaurs and thus the Earth are older than 6k years; JFK Jr. is dead and dust in the wind.

    I can only hope that those three don’t criticize today’s or any Friday fanatics. Hypocrisy is not good for credibility. Like Mountaineer who directly calls out dislikes (I love that), I too decided to call this one out for a change…….since it’s a Friday. Facts are facts. Go find a human skeleton and count the damn ribs.

    Why are you three on a website that’s about exposing facts anyway? I can only hope you are merely lurkers passing by. Perhaps one was even the author of today’s article, and the other two from preceding Fridays? Let’s hope so, for that would make perfect sense.

    I’m closing with Mountaineer replying to her own dislike on the same day. She has it pegged for today’s relevance, “Thank you! I’d love to know who gave me the downvote…like their reason, and hopefully to hear that they’ll be praying for me to stop being so negative.”

      1. Mountaineer95

        Watch being so clumsy…next thing you know, you’ll be stumbling on to some website that provides truthful facts that go against something you believe in! 😉

  6. NayMKWay

    My thanks to Kristen for supplying the missing word: “…the MK [car] is free ad[vertising].” I was completely at sea on that one.

    While we’re on the subject of the car as advertising, the thought occurred to me yesterday: the car is advertising, all right, for recruiting. It’s to inspire envy in others so they’ll sign up… and buy inventory.

    If the car were about selling product, you’d be able to qualify for one on sales volume alone, but you can’t; you need a rather sizeable downline. That tells you all you need to know: ya gotta sucker people in so you can get a car that will help you sucker more people in, ad nauseam.

    Each person who signs up is beholden to buy enough product to stay “active,” but then they find it almost impossible to sell. Most of them drop out in less than a year, saddled with credit card debt and a garage full of pink boxes. And that’s bad, and we at Pink Truth react negatively to bad things that can cause financial and emotional pain in others.

    Anyone who has done circuit design knows how important negative feedback is. Without it, our little creations become unstable. Life is a lot like that. It’s the negative feedbacks in life that keep us balanced, and teach us what to avoid. Don’t touch the hot stove, don’t drive across a flooded bridge, don’t tug on Superman’s cape; don’t spit into the wind, etc.

    Take our advice, Pink Truth critic, and get out now, before you lose more money. You want some positivity? I’m positive you’ll be better off without Mary Kay in your life.

    There. You’re welcome.

  7. Neverpink

    I wonder what this critic has against capital letters? I think it makes their argument suffer greatly when they can’t be bothered with proper (or at least decent) grammar and punctuation.

  8. Terry Jura

    My ex con me out of tons of money when I work so hard for 40 years and I was a giving person and she was a taker and she was definitely a narcissist I found out later it’s sad how they can manipulate you and you don’t even know what’s going on I spent probably 250,000 on inventory so she can be a national sales director I got conned

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