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Wrinkled Haters

We can’t possibly take care of our skin with drugstore products. We’re all wrinkled, and we’re just haters!

You are all such haters. Your skin probably looks like raisins. No matter what you say, what you write, Mary Kay will outlive all of you bitter old-looking women. This product just came out and you haven’t even tried it and if you had you would never admit it. Drugstore brands are just topical solutions. Use it, and thinking you are taking care of your skin, and then 5 years later you look like a hag overnight. I do not look my age. I still get carded when buying liquor and I’m damn near 60, like in a couple of years and I look amazing! No crows feet, no forehead horizontal lines. Skin smooth as silk.

I work in a law firm. They get ever bit of the wages they pay me, in blood, sweat and tears. Gotta get permission to take a day off. Can I get tax writeoffs for anything I do there, only mileage if I drive to the court. Mary Kay, I can write off lots of things, and when I decide to do this full time at retirement, I can take whatever days off I want.

Nobody twists your arm to become a consultant, or even build a team. Personal use consultants do just fine. I have, for 10 years.

I feel so, so sad for all of you. Please feel free to write back to me. But I know you won’t cause you don’t have any guts. Mary Kay has been around for almost 60 years and still going strong.


    1. Wasrings90

      Hmmm I get carded and I use mostly drugstore products and I am in my 40s, people think I am younger than my husband & the truth is he is 10yrs younger than I am.

      I also I don’t have crows feet, no forehead lines and smooth skin. Some of that is due to my skincare routine of using a mild face wash daily and because I have worn faithfully worn sunscreen since I was 20yrs old. Some of it is because of my family genes. My grandmothers didn’t have a lot of wrinkles heck my 100yr old great Aunt has very few forehead wrinkles and very faint crows feet. I don’t think she uses anything but ivory soap and water to wash her face…

  1. CarolAnne

    Well that’s awfully childish isn’t it? We are all wrinkled raisins. Try again Pink Hun, I use Aveeno foaming face wash from CVS. I am 56 and look much younger. Know what else helps? Good genetics and having a bad oily skin problem in my adolescence. Mary Kay anti-aging products are useless to me and money down the drain.

    Keep writing off willy-nilly all those “business” expenses. I’m sure that will *never* catch up to you.

    1. MySharona

      CarolAnne- I love that Aveeno foaming face wash as well. I am 62 but have been told I look much much younger. I was also a PinkBot for a little over a year back in 1990 and got to attend Seminar when Mary Kay was still alive. Learned many things, had some fun, didn’t go broke. I will say that MK must be turning over in her grave reading the nasty things one of her current consultants says in the original post. God first, family second, Mary Kay third, insults and unkindness fourth? I don’t think so.

      1. Destiny Angel

        [David Attenborough voice] Behold the dulcet tones of Femina Mariakay as she turns from her plaintive song of “please support women, don’t degrade them or tear them down” to the strident “lol, your a wrinkled bitter hag” when proven wrong. [/David Attenborough voice]

  2. Kristen

    Critics Report Card:

    Grammar: C
    No Excessive Caps/
    Exclamation points: A
    Punctuation: D
    Spelling: B
    Research: F
    Logic: F
    Original Arguments: F (see below)

    Gun to the head (twist your arm)? Check
    Lazy losers? Check
    Mary Kay around for 60 years? Check

    1. Gina Romano

      I prefer Eucerin and it works. Had some Mary Kay in my bathroom drawers, found it and tossed it. I will be 60 in less than three months and my skin looks pretty good–no wrinkled raisin here. Worked in law firms for 18 years and it sucked, but it was better than Mary Kay. I also like a little Estee Lauder. No pink fog for me.

    2. Mountaineer95

      Well done! I was ready to give her a B for grammar, but I think I’ve significantly lowered my expectations for Friday Critics lol. Also I’d like to give her an F minus for logic…can we make that a thing?

  3. Pinkiu

    Many states ask for ID no matter the age. It’s the law! EVERYONE has to show their ID because they either scan the card or hand enter name and birthdate. You are not special because you are asked for ID!

    The best anti-aging product is cheap sunscreen…and keeping out of the sun. Sun damage breaks down the collagen in the skin which then causes wrinkles and saggy skin. I did a lot of tanning as a teen and in my 20’s and now have to use products that temporarily plump my wrinkles. You don’t need MK to prevent wrinkles.

  4. ran4fun

    1. Due to liability, stores card everyone! Even my 88 year old mother.

    2. Why do kaybots brag about all the tax write-offs? Tax write-offs is money you spend out of your pocket to do business. Yes, it lowers your tax liability, but it also reduces your net earnings. My loved one bragged how MK ladies don’t pay taxes because of all the write offs. I told her, the only people who don’t pay taxes are cheats and people who don’t make any money. So which are they? She didn’t understand…

  5. NayMKWay

    Mary Kay, I can write off lots of things…

    If this writer is a personal-use consultant, she’d better not be writing off anything MK-related, or the IRS may come calling. An online search of “IRS hobby rules” will provide details, but here’s a quick summary:

    “The IRS presumes that an activity is carried on for profit if it makes a profit during at least three of the last five tax years, including the current year…”

    …and the real kicker is this: if the IRS deems your “business” a hobby, you cannot write off any of its expenses, not even ones related to your hobby.

    When you consider that 99% of consultants a) fall into the “hobby” category, and b) are encouraged to write off everything they can… not good. Certainly not legal.

    I wonder if MK “training” covers the Hobby Rules?

    1. Mountaineer95

      Lol tax write offs:

      The following is a post from a blog of a “career MLM-er” who was into MK for a while and had tragically lost her favorite MK lip gloss. NO FEAR! She has many more of them in her home inventory and it’s a TAX WRITE OFF ISN’T THAT GREAT!

      “ Lost! Lost! Lost!
      This morning I reached into my purse for my lovely (and surprisingly moisturizing) Nourishine Lip Gloss in the beautiful Really Red only to find that It.Was.Not.There!
      I remember having it yesterday afternoon at a baby shower and now it’s missing.
      Knowing me it’s wandering around UNC Asheville’s campus somewhere hoping that another person will save it… but still… lost is lost.
      Poor lip gloss.
      Wanna know the perks of being a Mary Kay Lady?? I have four more just like it on my shelf and I can open another one and STILL count it off on my taxes this year. Pretty sweet deal 🙂”


      1. Mountaineer95

        I don’t know how to use bold or italics in my posts here but I wanted to emphasize this part of her quote:

        “I have four more just like it on my shelf and I can open another one and STILL count it off on my taxes this year.”

        1. NayMKWay

          To do italics put an “i” between pointy brackets ( less-than sign and greater-than sign ). To turn italics off, put “/i” between pointy brackets.

          Maybe someone else knows how to do bold. “s” and “/s” do strikethrough, though.

          1. Mountaineer95

            Thank you, I kept a screen shot of this that I hope I can find when I’m ready to use it lol. For a while several years ago I was very active on Reddit and learned these tricks, but I’ve forgotten them. Gracias again!

  6. Heather

    *gets home after a 13.5-hour shift*
    *ditches shoes and bra, not in that order*
    *grabs some Cheetos and a beer and turns on the hockey game*
    *opens computer to PT*

    My esthetician asked to see my ID when we first met because she didn’t believe me when I told her my age. She thought I was 10 years younger. She loves doing my facials since I have such great skin.

    Your attempted insults show how petty and childish you and many other hun bots truly are. You can’t say anything nice about someone, so you turn to bitter, Lilliputian barbs in a feeble attempt to make a point. Your argument is rather sorry.

  7. Mountaineer95

    Lol. I call BS on all of what she says. She doesn’t get carded at age 60 unless it’s a business that cards EVERYONE. She doesn’t work for a law firm; she’s probably a part time employee for their janitorial contractor (I mean no hate towards custodians, several of my friends are and they’re wonderful, but they don’t go on websites proclaiming otherwise).

    And she obviously doesn’t understand the definition of “topical”. Lady, if you apply it to your skin, it’s topical. If you injest it or receive it via IV or otherwise, it is not topical

    Nice try, go to the back of the line and try harder next time.

    1. Mountaineer95


      Speaking of her J.O.B. they “get ever(sic) bit of the wages they pay me, in blood, sweat and tears.”

      Then, speaking of her MK gig:

      “Personal use consultants do just fine. I have, for 10 years.”

      So…if her JOB is so horrible, and her MK side hustle is so damn successful (and for ten years you guys!), why keep bleeding and sweating for paltry law firm wages when she could EASILY turn her MK hobby into her career???

      Sigh. Even when they occasionally demonstrate decent grammar and punctuation restraint, the Friday Critics always fail at logic.

  8. The Patient Whisperer

    “I do not look my age. I still get carded when buying liquor and I’m damn near 60, like in a couple of years and I look amazing! No crows feet, no forehead horizontal lines.”

    Same (except I just turned 50.) When I’m out and about with my grandchildren, people think I’m their mom rather than grandma. Don’t flatter yourself on the getting ID’d thing; my husband’s 76 y/o uncle also gets carded because THE LAW…

    Also, I have literally never used a MK product.

  9. BestDecision

    When you write something off as an expense, you must remember it was OUT OF YOUR POCKET. It subtracts from your profits, and not every expense is 100% deductible. Expenses are a COST to you.

    The venom coming out of your keyboard is clear something on here has hit a nerve. Enjoy that Personal Use while the rest of us got out before $70 face masks and have been using way better products.

  10. Sorryfull

    Dacia w NSD is promoting a aesthetician facial on her website. Really?? If MK products are so great why do you go and get microdermabrasion and other professional products from them

    1. BestDecision

      We would’ve NEVER done that when I was in! I saw Pam Shaw’s face is changing, too, and had seen mysterious bruises around her nose awhile back.

      Oh, but it’s the MK making them look “younger”.

  11. Peggy

    “Your skin probably looks like raisins. No matter what you say, what you write, Mary Kay will outlive all of you bitter old-looking women.”

    The first time I read this, I thought it was a satire of the usual hate mail. It’s so far over the top that I’m still not 100% convinced it’s not just trolling.

  12. Charles

    For the umpteenth time with all the people who claim they’re doing so well with Mary Kay (whether they have a day job as well or not) would you care to tell us how much extra money you are making from your lucrative business? Before you say that’s “personal information and none of your business”, NOBODY knows who you are on this website. You are anonymous. Just tell us how much profit on last year’s Schedule C.

    I’ve asked for this information many times in response to posts like these. Never an answer to it. I mean, they could totally lie and make up a number if they wanted to – could claim they made $150,000+ last year but even that never happens.

  13. Juliet

    I have a friend who has never fallen for MLM, surprisingly lol, but has been self employed with housekeeping for 22 years or more. She is obsessed with money and what ways she can find to keep as much as possible and get as much government help as she could, when her boyfriend and daughter were around, and will do any kind of cheating, lying, etc., to get what she believes she deserves.

    I’ve known her since we were 12, so 44 years, and I was gaslighted totally about what an avaricious beast she is for the longest time.

    I broke off the friendship more than once, and the last time she approached me it truly seemed she had really changed, but she hadn’t.

    So the sum of this tale is that when she flipped out on myself, my husband and our mutual friend, as in threatening to call the police on us for any number of things that weren’t true but could get the cops over and that’s always a fun experience – NOT. She WOULD NOT STOP with phone calls and emails, and finally, I was able to use her greed against her and it shut her up.

    I told her that if she didn’t leave us alone I would contact the IRS about her taxes, and that while they would only go back seven years, well…….well well well, Miss Talks Too Much And Tells Me Every Rotten Thing She Does That She Is Wrongly Proud Of And Thinks Is Right lololol.

    Shut her up. So the cheating and the “oh everything is DEDUCTIBLE!” may not be constant features in an unsuccessful kaybot’s world, but keeping a lid on your financial shenanigans is the wisest course, no matter how FAMILY your superiors are, while you serve them.

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