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You Didn’t Invest in Your MK Business

A Mary Kay consultant who sells Mary Kay out of her hair salon thinks we just didn’t invest properly.
She must be working her business the right way! Oh wait… selling out of a fixed location like a salon isn’t allowed under the contract, is it?

Obviously you all must not have invested properly in your business. ??‍

Going after prizes helps give you incentive to sell ( cheap or not ). That is all your choice.

You weren’t forced. No. I’m not a Director. I’m someone who is active and enjoys what I’m doing. Yes. I’m on Queens Court. No. I’m not upside down. I have built my store, clients and now more money to be made.

Don’t hate on them for your decisions and path you took. It’s definitely an opportunity given. The rest is YOUR CHOICE.


  1. Eyes Wide Open

    Happy Friyay, Ya’ll!

    Wanna bet she does not separate her MK inventory from her other salon inventory so she has absolutely no idea how much she is in the hole on her “stuff?”

    Contract violation – for sure. Heavens, when showing at a vendor fair or bridal show we were not allowed to sell anything from our display – contract violation.

    Oh, and congrats on your Queen’s Court! FYI – that means you have spent money, not made money. MK loves you!!!

  2. Popinki

    “Upside down”???

    Anyway, if she was doing MK right, she wouldn’t need to have a salon because MK products sell themselves and you can make executive wages just by working part time!!!!!!!!!!11!!!

    Personally, I’d never patronize a salon that sold MK because you just know that the sales/recruitment pitch is coming, probably while your hair is wet and half cut and you can’t run for your life 😛

    1. NayMKWay

      I think “upside down” means “in the hole.” But this one likely has no idea if she’s in the hole or not. She for sure doesn’t know how to read a contract.

      I doubt MK Corporate would take action against this one anyway. She thinks the key to success is buying more crap, er, “investing” in her “business.”

    1. Data Junkie

      “It’s definitely an opportunity given.”

      You keep using that word….opportunity…I don’t think it means what you think it means.

      (WordPress…please give us an “edit” button!)

  3. Charles

    Is it truly “her” salon or just a salon where she rents a chair and somebody else owns it? If it’s truly her salon, I would think she had more sense as a real business owner than be involved in MK. If it’s just a place where she rents a chair, she won’t be renting there much longer if she tries to hawk MK products to her own and other hairstyling clients.

    1. Mountaineer95

      Around my neck of the woods, many “salons” are in the garage or basement of the stylist’s own home. Then they put up a homemade wooden sign out by the road with “Sally’s Short Cuts” or whatever they’ve named their “business”. These are all over rural WV and OH. It’s quite possible that’s the setup our critic has, since I agree that running an actual business seems above her skill level.

  4. Lila

    This MK shit is horrible ! You have 3 million ppl trying to sale, you have 2 million working for a red coat , you have 500 million trying to convince others god over family , you have 100 thousand your trying to convince to keep working so they can wear the gold plated coat with diamonds You girls need a life

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