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Where All the Mean Girls Go

A sweet note from a Pink Truth critic:

I always wondered where all the mean girls were in MK.

Now I know …. they go to your site as quiters to have pitty parties….and that’s so sad…

Think of how many lives have been discouraged by your site….and who get’s the glory? Not the Lord. Just a quick reminder: You will have to stand before the Lord one day and be held accountable for this negative seed……

I will pray for you….and I would hope that you would spend your time doing more productive and meaningful things….


  1. ElleBee

    I know I’m a freak when it comes to spelling and grammar, and I’ve had to remind myself that not everyone is a native speaker, so misspellings and grammatical errors don’t always need to be corrected. Reading this author’s submission makes me think she’s a native speaker for whom spelling is not a gift.

    That being said, if you’re going to rant about something and send what essentially amounts to a letter to the editor, for Pete’s sake, make sure that you run a spell check, use the free Grammarly service, or minimally have someone else read your work. This would immediately go in the trash for all of the misspellings and crazy misuse of ellipses.

  2. Char

    “You will have to stand before the Lord one day and be held accountable for this negative seed”—

    Have you been watching televangelist Mike Murdock? Lolol. “Sow your seed” for only $58. Religion, the OG MLM.

    “I will pray for you…”—

    If prayers actually worked, don’t you think concultants would have prayed away this site by now?

    “and I would hope that you would spend your time doing more productive and meaningful things….”—

    Like participating in an MLM scam? And talking to yourself?

  3. Destiny Angel

    I always wondered where all the mean girls were in MK.

    Oh, they are still there, front and centre. It’s just that they have convinced you that they are kind and thoughtful. Looking out for you while lining their pockets with your time and money.

    Now I know …. they go to your site as quiters (sic) to have pitty(sic) parties….and that’s so sad…

    It’s not a bad thing to quit something, be it a bad marriage, a bad job or a church which doesn’t follow your moral values. And I’ve only seen pitty in reference to pitbull terriers and I’m certain I know plenty of people down to part with those doggies.

    Think of how many lives have been discouraged by your site

    I think far more have been encourage to break out of a one-sided toxic relationship and we have the details on how to return your inventory to regain some of your hard earned money. Information your directors don’t want you to know since they will then lose some of that money instead.

    ….and who get’s the glory? Not the Lord.

    I don’t think that God, if They exist, would want this to be credited to Them.

    Just a quick reminder: You will have to stand before the Lord one day and be held accountable for this negative seed……

    Should I end up before God, I know that I haven’t committed the following

    1) Taken another God before Them, i.e. I haven’t elevated an earthly woman to near divine status by claiming that I need to placate her before I see God.

    2) I haven’t created a shrine to said person in my dwelling nor business space.

    3) I haven’t claimed to know God’s will regarding buying or selling make-up nor by using religion to attract other people into doing the same. Nor have I used God to hide behind when people call me out.

    4) I have never tried to force an opportunity to buy my products or join my downside on the week-ends.

    5) I have never signed up my parents as fake or real IBCs to climb the ranks or get a car.

    6) I haven’t killed any-one and as far as I know, no-one has been murdered due to Mk. But there is suspicion that at least in one murder may be a connection to the victim being in an MLM.

    7) Haven’t committed adultery. Given how many people work for MK, either in corporate or as IBCs, there’s probably been at least one who has.

    8) Got me on that one. MK however, encourages the wholesale theft of primarily women’s time, dreams and money.

    9) Again, not a stellar record. But also, MK requires and indeed provides scripts of lies and half-truths to keep it’s staff in the fold.

    10) My third strike. But I’m better than those who parade their pink caddies to their minions and display their stars and diamonds to peacock their supposed wealth and status.

    I will pray for you….and I would hope that you would spend your time doing more productive and meaningful things….

    Please don’t. If you must flout Matthew 6:5, pray instead for the people suffering in Ukraine, Turkey, Syria and not for those who don’t follow the path of the sainted Mary Kay Wagner Rogers Eckman Weaver Louis Miller Hallenbeck Ash.

    As for me, it’s back to removing snow to make way for more snow over the week-end. No wonder Fred la Marmotte died this year, he couldn’t cope with the knowledge of all the snow.

  4. MultiLevelMoneylosing

    This is a perfect example of how MK (and some other MLMs) co-opt Christianity. Yes, we will one day stand before God and be held accountable for how we lived (Romans 14). But it’s frankly cult material to claim that God is going to push people for warning others about a scam (or even a real job or business!). God will hold you accountable for how you treat others, especially your family and kids. He’s pretty clear that theft and scamming are not ok.

    Honestly, churches are at fault for this for failing to truly teach the scriptures and instead using religious language and keywords that can so easily be co-opted.

  5. Pinkiu

    We have all sorts of people with various religious beliefs on this site regarding God. I don’t disparage people who don’t have a belief in God and are anti-religion and hope that others treat all of us who do with that same respect.

    However, we all here agree on one thing regarding God, and that’s that people in MK use scripture, religion (primarily Christianity) and the Lord’s name for things that are not Godly.

    • God is not glorified when people use other people for their own financial and social gain while disregarding the financial and social impact on them.

    • God is not glorified when women shun others who decide to leave the MK fold calling them disrespectful names and phrases such as “lazy loser,” “didn’t work hard enough,” or “quitter”.

    • God is not gloried when women may say they put God first, family second, and career third when the truth is that it’s often MK first, second, and third. How many holiday gatherings and church associations are used as a recruiting effort of families and friends?

    • God is not glorified when people lie, either by omission or commission, about their commission checks, how they make money, begging others to place orders, telling recruits that they don’t have to buy initial inventory and then pressure them to do so. I could go on and on here.

    • God is not glorified when people pray to God asking for their units to increase knowing full well that this involves bullet number one.

    1. Destiny Angel

      Mary Kay Wagner Rogers Eckman Weaver Louis Miller Hallenbeck Ash said sometimes you are the only Bible some people read

      If MKBots are the best example of Christianity, then I’m happy to remain an atheist.

    1. Kristen

      I guess “quiters” and “pitty parties” will end up in the Mary Kay lexicon along with “loosers”, “excited”, “pampering”, “warm chatting” and “share the opportunity”.

  6. Peggy L

    There are two things I’ve noticed about the Mary Kay supporters who come here.

    The first is that they never, ever disclose their actual net earnings. If they’re earning more money than it costs them to stay with Mary Kay, wouldn’t that be the ultimate argument in their favor?

    The second thing is how much they remind me of the cultists I meet elsewhere on the Internet. In my younger days, I was briefly a member of a highly controlling church that some former members now consider a cult. We have a website now where we discuss the history of that church. Periodically, current church members pop in to tell us how awful and unChristian we are, and how wrong it is for us to “slander” their church. (Even though it’s not slander if you’re telling the truth.) Sometimes we quote Ephesians 5:11 to them (“Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them”), but it’s like trying to reason with a brick wall. It’s exactly like watching the MK ladies come here to scold and insult people for telling the truth about Mary Kay.

    I was never Mary Kay, by the way. I found this site after I was invited to a “free spa evening,” which turned out to be a Mary Kay sales & recruiting event. I watched in disgust as they tried to sign up the young, unwed pregnant woman who had invited me. This young woman didn’t even have grocery money for the week. Furthermore, there was virtually no chance of her selling anything in the low-income neighborhood where she lived. They were trying to convince her to order a starter kit when she didn’t even have any baby clothes or diapers yet. At some point I realized I had been invited because she thought maybe I would offer to fund her starter kit. When I didn’t follow through, she gave up on joining Mary Kay. I realize now that she dodged a bullet. (I did end up helping her out with things for the baby, but no way was I going to waste money on make-up that she’d never be able to sell.)

    I was so disgusted with the callous opportunism that night that I started digging to learn more about Mary Kay. Now, please don’t tell me this was an isolated incident. What I’ve learned here is that pushing women to spend money they don’t have, for products they can’t sell, is very much a “feature,” not a “bug,” where May Kay is concerned.

  7. nolongerblinded

    Imagine using someone’s religious beliefs as a way to further yourself financially.

    Honestly, that’s the part I’d be worried about “standing before the lord” for…. 🤷🏻‍♀️

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