Another Mary Kay Man Comment

This comment was so good, that I didn’t want it to get lost on the blog. It is from a husband who calls himself Blessed:

There’s a piece of admiration in me for Mary Kay Cosmetics. This company is so skillful, it has such a finely honed message that works. The company successfully uses many of our spouses’s most wonderful attributes (empathy, friendliness, compassion, etc.) to prompt a women’s sort of self impalement on the MK sword.

My wife has always been one of the most wonderful people you could ever hope to be around. She is also incredibly intelligent, intuitive, and very well educated. Yet, she was so skillfully convinced that MK was God’s calling, she was helping women, she was well on her way to earning an income substantial enough to allow me to retire early, that she (while in the thick of the fog) became indignant and downright defensively angry when I suggested the only true benefactors of her “business” were Visa, MasterCard and Mary Kay Cosmetics.


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