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I apologize, but due to a high volume of emails, I am not able to personally answer all of them. If you have questions about Mary Kay (either as a consultant, customer, and soon-to-be ex-consultant) please visit our discussion board. There is lots of information available there, as well as many members who are happy to help you.


  1. I cannot begin to say how glad I am that I have waited and didn’t respond emotionally to the pitch of my recent Mary Kay experience. I was awe-struck for 2 days straight. I couldn’t stop thinking of all the possibilities with the organization; however when I was asked would I love to give up my job now…I remembered back to when I quit a very high paying profression (TWICE) to commit spiritually and physically to my passion in HIV/AIDS now. I speak and educate on getting tested and I’m sorry, but there is nothing that selling MK product can offer me right now that provides the satisfaction I get from knowing that I have turned my mess into a message. I am sure I could incorporate it into empowering women with the Go-Give; however there are too many things that rub my spirit the wrong way and I have to say, I unintentionally found it here. I, out of frustration Googled “I want to sell Mary Kay and my husband doesn’t support” thinking I’d come across a MK blog reminding me and detailing all the possibilities and opportunities that lay ahead. And even after reading this blog for a while in my evening, it took me a minute to realize that the truth was REAL, not what I wanted to hear, but what I needed to hear. Thank you. I will remain committed to what the Lord has laid before me and give Him praise for opening my eyes to this not being one of those things. Thank you.


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