Mary Kay Facts

For years, the only place you could get information about Mary Kay was from the company or its representatives. They obviously had a vested interest in only telling you the positive things about the company. And there was nowhere to research the validity of their claims.

All that has changed in the last ten years. Finally, women have alternate sources of information like Pink Truth. We at Pink Truth are committed to telling you the other side of the Mary Kay Cosmetics story.

We’re going to tell you how most women who get involved with Mary Kay lose money. We’re going to show you that even those high-ranking people in Mary Kay who appear successful are few and far between, and they’re not really as successful as they want you to believe. Pink Truth is where you can get all those facts Mary Kay Cosmetics wishes you’d never know about. We’re here to show you the real deal when it comes to selling cosmetics and recruiting new people to Mary Kay.

Women are deceived in the recruiting process, and the deception continues as the consultant is persuaded to purchase more inventory than she can ever sell, to recruit other women by not giving them all the facts, and to continue to invest hundreds or thousands of dollars knowing that she will almost certainly never earn that money back.

In addition to providing a place for Mary Kay consultants to share their experiences and opinions of Mary Kay, Pink Truth provides information such as: