Returning Mary Kay Inventory

Updated 2017

Please read this post carefully before posting your questions on returning inventory. Most questions are already answered here!


Call Mary Kay’s main phone number and ask for Product Repurchase: (972) 687-6300

You can cancel your agreement with Mary Kay at any time, and return the products you purchased from Mary Kay within the last 12 months. You do NOT need to be an “active” consultant to send back your inventory. You only need to be non-terminated (i.e. you have ordered at least once in the last 12 months).

If you send back your inventory using the repurchase option, you are terminating your contract and will no longer be an independent beauty consultant.

You do NOT have to communicate with your sales director or recruiter to do this. Simply call the company at (972) 687-6300.

During this phone call, you will be told the wholesale value you are eligible to return, along with the date by which it must be RECEIVED by the company. Make sure you say “SEND ME THE FORM”, otherwise they may consider your phone call just a request for information.

Please confirm over the telephone whether you are being quoted a retail or wholesale figure. They generally quote the wholesale amount eligible to return, but consultants have found it necessary to confirm which figure they are being quoted.

Upon hanging up with the repurchase department, THEY WILL CALL YOUR DIRECTOR to let her know that you’re planning on returning your inventory. You do NOT need to speak with her prior to doing it. (In fact, it’s advisable that you avoid her, since she will try every trick in the book to guilt you into not returning your products.)

If you do speak to your director, kindly remind her that during the recruiting process you were told that one of the advantages to MK was the product repurchase option. You’re now utilizing that option.

You can return to Mary Kay Cosmetics the following items:

* All Section 1 products
* All Limited Edition Section 1 products
* All Discontinued Section 1 products

Mary Kay will send you a list of the specific products you are eligible to return, and the value of each product. Do not return any products not on the list, as you will not receive credit for them and Mary Kay will not send them back to you.


Note: If you want to return your starter kit, please see this page.

How to complete your return:

  • All items must be in “original and unused” condition. You do NOT need to have boxes to return the items, nor do you need to peel off any labels that you may have put on the products.
  • Mark the items you are returning on Mary Kay’s form or create an itemized list of the items you are returning. You do not need to make a separate line item for each shade of color cosmetics. You may simply say 102 lipsticks, 85 eye colors, etc.
  • Do the math for them. The Repurchase Department is known for doing “Mary Kay Math” and not always getting it right. Add up your retail and wholesale returned.
  • Multiply the retail by your sales tax rate to determine the amount of sales tax that will be refunded to you.
  • Multiply your eligible wholesale by 90%. This is the amount you can expect to receive back.
  • Understand that they are going to deduct the company’s cost of prizes and free products received in the last year, but this is usually very minimal for most people.
  • If you owe any commission chargebacks, this will also be deducted from your refund. Please note that you will be legally responsible to pay back to Mary Kay any commissions received on products that your recruits later return. Since consultants are eligible to return products for one year from the date of their last order, you could also be responsible to pay back that commission for one year.
  • Box up everything and ship it via UPS or FedEx, and if you’ve got quite a bit of product, I recommend insuring it as well. Our members have found FedEx to be more cost effective than UPS.   If you use the cardboard boxes in which Mary Kay sent your products, you must fully cover the “ORM” marking from Mary Kay.

Ship Your Products To:

Repurchase Department
Mary Kay Inc
1330 Regal Row
Dallas, TX 75247

Commission Chargebacks:

Anyone who originally received a commission on the inventory you are returning to Mary Kay will be charged back for that commission. It will be deducted from her next commission check, or if she’s not getting any commission check, the company will send her a bill.

Please do NOT let this stop you from returning your inventory. You have FAR MORE MONEY AT STAKE than the people who earned commissions. Suppose you are eligible to return $5,000 wholesale. Your sales director would owe back $650 in commission, and your recruiter would owe back between $200 and $650. That’s not much money compared to your refund of $5,000 wholesale plus sales tax refund of $500+.

Your director/recruiter tell you this is a business, and they are right. If they’re serious about their businesses, they will plan for the possibility of commission chargebacks. Don’t lose out because you’re worried about their commission checks!

Becoming a Consultant after Returning Inventory:

If you take advantage of the product repurchase option, you will not be able to be a consultant again. (In some situation the company HAS allowed women to become consultants again, but the official policy says you cannot.)

Do not let this deter you from getting your money back. If you ever want to get back into a business like this, there are plenty of other companies out there. Do what is best for your family now!!!


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