Returning Your Starter Kit

If you’ve recently signed up for Mary Kay, you can return your starter kit and get out.

If you’re in the United States:

If you want to cancel your agreement, return your starter kit, and get your money back, there are two options. With both of these options, the starter kit must be unused:

  • You can return the starter kit within 30 days after Mary Kay Inc. accepts your agreement for a 100% refund.
  • You can return the starter kit within 1 year of purchase for a 90% refund.

The easiest way to return the kit to the company is to simply refuse delivery from UPS. If you’ve already received it, just send it back.

What if you’ve already used a couple of the products in the kit???

  • If they’re regular retail-sized products, get brand new ones and replace the used ones in the kit.
  • If you’ve used some of the testers, try to find another consultant who hasn’t used those particular testers, and swap with her.

If you cannot return your kit, but still want to get out, just don’t order anything from the company. Use the products in your kit as much or as little as you like, and call it a day. I also suggests avoiding your recruiter and sales director for the next couple of months.

If you’re already in Mary Kay and you’ve got inventory sitting on your shelves, you might want to read our information about how to return your inventory to the company .