What Pink Truth Has Taught Us About Mary Kay

Written by Suzy Q

As I took some time to read old posts and comments about Mary Kay on Pink Truth, I realized that we have amassed an amazing amount of information in a relatively short time…

What has been documented is the truth, and it is disturbing. I know there are others around on the internet who insist we are lying, but again, what good does it do us to lie? There’s nothing in it for us except to tell our stories with the hope our experiences can help others. We know there are lurkers, reading as often as we do, we know because we lurked, too. We know the courage it takes to expose our own short-comings, denial and outright lies, we also know the fear that comes with hitting the enter key. And we do it anyway. We are not negative nellies or “losers” — we are whistle blowers. This is some of what we have learned and exposed:

Product changes are coming and they are big. In addition to copying Chanel’s design with sleek black compacts, we are also now copying Avon. So much for product identification with the public.

Classic Basic is probably becoming botanical. Check out Mary Kay Australia and draw your own conclusions.

There is no incinerator. Product replacements have had consultant stickers on them. Note to corporate: Open the boxes.

Ordering bonuses are not new, and they are not designed to “help you.” They are a way for Mary Kay Cosmetics to unload a bunch of (usually about to be changed or discontinued) product.

NSD’s know less than they would have us believe. Even those who are on the “Advisory Board.”

The number of recruiting and “sales” contests are in direct proportion to a decrease in recruiting or ordering.

Directors generally know about product intro’s and changes a quarter in advance. This information is generally not shared with the unit until close to the end of the quarter. This is a way to generate more production and actually does make good business sense if you are trying to feed your family and keep a roof over their heads.

You can return your product without getting the form from MK. There is a link at the top of the page to help you (Returning Inventory) Your director does not need to know you are returning product.

Mary Kay meets all of the criteria for a cult. You can google “cult checklists” and see for yourself.

When you are performing (ordering and recruiting) expect to feel the full loving force of the spotlight. Stop ordering and feel the chill, the withdrawal of support and the lack of attention.

You CAN get back in if you want to after you return product. All it takes is a dramatic heart wrenching excuse (in writing) and a star order.

The “rules” are applied arbitrarily. It depends on your personal level of achievement (ordering and recruiting) and whether or not your nsd is one of the popular ones. Unpopular nsd’s and Go Give Areas… you are on your own.

There IS NO JOB SECURITY! See above, and remember you can be terminated at any time for any reason, with or without 30 days notice. MK is “at will.”

To go up you must show up is a lie. To go up, you must recruit.

Really, the only people who care about MK are those who are in it. It’s not even a blip on anyone else’s radar. And yes, the majority of people think we are all at the very least, naïve, to be so entrenched in the company.

Mary Kay is not a great addition to your resume. See above.

Mary Kay’s products undergo rigorous scientific study. Yes, in Madagascar, where indoor plumbing is probably a treat. Or in France, with women who are not allowed to gain any weight (at least on their thighs for the CelluShape “test” )

Mary Kay is not “dual marketing.” Must we discuss this any further? It is plain and simple, multi-level marketing, complete with uplines and downlines. Sorry, calling the downline “unit members/team members” and the upline “seniors” is smoke and mirrors.

Mary Kay continually reinvents the wheel. Reformulating. Redesigning. Re-packaging. Over and over and over. Which would be okay if we weren’t expected to keep up. Or if the product changes made the stuff better….

Mary Kay knows what is best for the sales force. So, they have decided it is best for you to pay for the Gift with Purchase, as the no gift option was removed from the PCP Look Books.

Mary Kay Corporate looks the other way as religious abuse is heaped upon the sales force. “As members of the independent sales force, with the right to control your own business…” This is the magic clause that allows corporate to do nothing. Think they don’t know? Listen to some top director speeches. All was done to glorify God. Really?

Lying and out-right fraud are rampant and once again corporate looks the other way. And why not? They are getting their money. But, a new twist has been recently added… Mary Kay Inc. is not recommending a big inventory package. It’s the directors who are the bad guys… not them. Note to corporate: Your Directors are the glue holding this whole mess together. You knock out the middle, and the top collapses. Might want to spin that “We have always been about selling, not ordering” thing a little differently. Quickly, I might add.

You cannot afford to miss Seminar. Seminar costs $175.00, and some meals are furnished. Your cost is directly proportional to your distance from Dallas, your mode of travel, and your NSD. If you live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, and stay at home, and do not attend the NSD Area event, it will cost you $175.00. If not, get out your adding machine. If you are at the top… it’s a blast with all of the recognition and name badge ribbons. If not, well, prepared to be tired and bored.

Directors are tired and scared. Some are leaving, some are “riding it out.” When the bubble bursts, it is incredibly painful. There are new reminders every day. The guilt can be overwhelming. Please don’t misunderstand. I don’t think a single one of us considers herself to be a victim. We are not attempting to be martyrs. We attempted to make this thing work and found out it didn’t. Now we have refocused our efforts to help others make the transition by giving the accurate information we didn’t have.

If you write a snotty or stupid email to Pink Truth, expect to see it published. You will probably be outed from the pink closet. Remember, the loser, non-working, non-believing idiots who post on here were once those sharp women you warm chatted. And many have computer skills that surpass yours.