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This Mary Kay Sales Director Wants Us To Clean Her Windows

I thought I’d round out this week with another inspirational message from a sales director. Mary Kay Ash would be so proud!

I am a Sales Director with Mary Kay. I think this is sad.  Targeting a company that is so awesome. Sure, people are going to have downfalls in their business.  But I think what is not being told here, is how many woman do suceed in Mary Kay and how proud they are of their accomplishments.

Women love our products and their accomplishments in this company.

You are forgetting about how many women do put on the big girl panties and do not allow the bad stuff to happen within their unit.  The women that do follow the rules and try and change the things you have wrote about our fine company.  You should really look at most of the women in Mary Kay and their complaints.  They are so angry and jealous of others, they should look at what they were so lazy to do, not other people accomplishments.

Bad things happen everywhere, but we are talking about makeup here, not poverty.  Women that do not suceed in this business had no right being here at all.  Every business opportunity is not for everyone.  The strong suceed in Mary Kay, the weak fall out.  I personally do not just go around recruiting women into a company for numbers or quotas.  I am not trying to justify the bad things in this business.  I have heard and saw alot of them myself.

But just to let you know, there are Directors and consultants trying to change the face of our company.  I have never saw such bashing as today.  Do you guys not have anything else to do during the day, because I have some windows to clean while I am out of the house training women and driving my free car.