What Is the Full Story Behind This Website?

I am so happy that one Mary Kaybot had the presence of mind to ask what the real story is behind this website and the owner. She certainly couldn’t have looked at this page and read about us there.

The purpose behind Pink Truth is simple: Give women the rest of the story behind Mary Kay Cosmetics. The story that your recruiter or director or consultant won’t give you. The facts you need to avoid this horrible “business opportunity” which is really nothing more than a chance for you to lose money so the top of the pyramid can get rich.

Enjoy this encouraging email…

I have worked in many fields – I was in the military as a Dental Lab Technician, I have worked for non-profit organizations in the telephone bank.  I have done both internal and external technical support for many companies and yes I have sold Mary Kay and worked in other sales job.  Most of these jobs have very little in common with one exception – social and professional hierarchy and the personalities of the people I worked with.  Even in schools and colleges where my co-eds were not co-workers but there was a system of reward, the people I associated with fell into the same categories.

Category A- Those who know what they want, what it will take to get, and how to achieve their goals.  These people flaunt their 4.0’s, new supervisor status, or encourage more people to be “like them” in the case of sales jobs with a team.

Category B- Those who are doing well but aren’t superstars.  They may not be fully happy but they aren’t hopeless.  They accept their A’s, B’s, and sometimes C’s.  They are most likely on great terms with their team leads in the office.  They agree with some of the negative that they hear but they have pretty good understanding of all the parties involved and know not to get totally sucked in by the cheerleaders or the naysayers/

Category C- Those who wants something but either don’t know how to get or are unwilling to “sell out.”  They make C’s, D’s, sometimes F’s. But it’s not their fault.  The teacher wasn’t clear or they were too busy working with Category A’s.  They didn’t get the job that they really wanted with company that they fantasized about but it wasn’t because they weren’t qualified – the hiring personell didn’t know what they were doing or the girl that got the position was pretty, or it was affirmative actions fault. At the jobs that they do work, they may meet goals or come just below, attendance isn’t their strong suit but it doesn’t matter because this isn’t the job they will have next year.  Next year they are going to be some bigshot elsewhere.  All the people at this company are stupid – from the management that doesn’t know what their doing to the girl sitting next to them who did not deserve that promotion.  If they are in sales, the reason they aren’t doing well is because someone else already hogged up the customer base or the product really isn’t that strong.  If they work in recruiting in anyway and aren’t meeting their goals they “realize” that finance, Mary Kay, the military is all a big scheme and they were scammed.  No one could do well at it if they can’t.

Category D- Are bit more realistic that Category C.  They realize that maybe their better at record keeping than sales or that Dental Lab isn’t really their interest.  It’s not the fault of the first evil dentist who created the field of dentistry that they can’t make a retainer.  They understand that some people are sales people and some people aren’t.  They find out what works for them and move on.

What I would like to know is…. What is the full story behind the creators of the website?  The language appears to be that of someone in their 20’s strongly influenced by the internet.  Apparently they know the business model of the internet very well.  Rather than creating a blog or a community on a free site, they optioned a domain and sold ad space.  I don’t deny that they had a failed Mary Kay business.   They did seem to notice the large numbers of women that the business attracts and also the large number of women attracted to the slogans and without enough business or sales knowledge to get a strong footing, leaving them disenchanted.  I will agree that the blind recruiting done is not the most sound strategy for building a strong team and it does a disservice to those that would not be hired by a more discerning hiring manager for a sales job.  The creator of the site appears smart enough to take all of that frustration and turn into profit.

How I came across the site is testament to how this works.  A disenchanted member of my Mary Kay Unit came across the site and posted the information in an email she sent out to the whole Unit – approximately 85 people- I followed the link out of curiosity and ended up with 22 instances of the site listed in my history by the time I was done browsing.  If everyone that received the email did the same thing, that give you 410 clicks to claim to the ad service, or at least that would be the best-case scenario for the site owner whose found that their niche is creating a misery-loves-company hate site (isn’t that what the internet is for anyway?) and generating income with ad revenue.

As for me, I have seen Mary Kay be profitable for many women and even made some money myself before I turned my focus to my true interest – information technology.  I feel that Mary Kay provided me an opportunity to add to my family’s income when I was a stay-at-home mother.  Instilled in me an attitude and philosophy that I still draw on to reach my goals and be successful at whatever I choose is best for me.  I am still a member and I still love and use the products everyday, as do many of my friends and family.