Facts, opinions, and the real story behind Mary Kay Cosmetics.

Mary Kay First, Family Second

Last week, the Columbia Business Times featured a Mary Kay sales director in its “People You Should Know” section. And the truth comes out! Mary Kay comes before her children. Here’s what was printed:

COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT: Other than Mary Kay, my No. 1 priority is my children. When I’m not working my personal business or with my unit, I’m volunteering at my children’s school, going on field trips, helping with my daughter’s basketball team, lunch bunches and many other activities. I think it’s important not to forget about our community. I strive to do a set amount of charitable contributions every year.

How lovely that this woman is able to do things with her children when she’s not busy with Mary Kay!!! I thought family came before career in Mary Kay? That’s right… it doesn’t. It’s just a clever slogan to reel in women.