Mary Kay’s Truth About Abuse

Written by Raisinberry

I hope you’re sitting down because you are going to need a chair. Oh and you are going to need duct tape. Wrap it firmly around your head. You are about to experience hypocrisy at such an egregious level that scull shattering is quite possible. Mary Kay has once again released information for the press announcing their survey of domestic violence shelters. The findings reveal an alarming trend: three out of four domestic violence shelters report an increase in women seeking assistance from abuse since September 2008, a major turning point in the US economy.”

Are you ready to hear the reason that Mary Kay is so alarmed and in the forefront of the solution to this problem? “Seventy-three percent attribute the rise in abuse to “financial issues”. The economic downturn is exacerbating domestic violence. Now more than ever, we urge corporations and other organizations to follow Mary Kay’s lead in the fight to end domestic violence.”

According to the survey, the key issues also include stress, and job loss, and the loss of home or vehicle, with some impact from relationship challenges and substance abuse.

Pick up your jaw. Yes, your inability to speak might be due to all the tiny pressure fractures causing swelling. Or it could be that you can not fathom the mind numbing hypocrisy of a company that is complicit in huge financial losses resulting in stress, relationship challenges, affecting loss of homes or cars.

Can I even type another word?

Mary Kay wants the world to know how it is graciously combating domestic violence when the issues that seem to exacerbate same, are the exact ones that affiliation with Mary Kay’s “opportunity” will produce.

Imagine the police arrive at the scene of a robbery, and a man is screaming and pointing down the street, “There he goes!” As the police hurry in pursuit, the man retrieves his stolen goods hidden behind a shrub and scurries off. The man is Mary Kay. This is one of the greatest attempts at corporate deflection in recent memory.

As long as a husband has a job, his credit can be used by that career path wife to make her production numbers, but once he loses it, we all know that Mary Kay sales are not enough to keep a household afloat. That “husband unawareness” plan where you “ask for forgiveness instead of permission”, really backfires under these conditions. That training strategy is Mary Kay 101, taught way in the beginning at the skin care class, and then on up the career path. Think a guy might have some stress when he finds out that you are $15,000 in debt from topping off car production? When they come to repossess the car once you’ve come to your senses, might a loss of car produce new financial hardship? Mary Kay says so. Might it even cause domestic violence?

The shelters may not be full of Mary Kay consultants, but the M.O. for what gets them there is remarkably similar. Even if many in shelters tried to do Mary Kay, would they even site their so called failing business as a contributor to their financial stress leading to domestic violence? Wouldn’t that be negative? And since Mary Kay convinces all its IBC’s through its sales training that “if it is to be its up to me”, Mary Kay never has to feel any twinge of responsibility for baiting orders, or relentless manipulative upline recruiters and Directors who are begging for dollars.

Instead, Mary Kay takes the “lead”, reminding all you bad corporations out there that you should do more in this economy to help women avoid getting the crap kicked out of them because their husbands are cracking under crushing financial strain.

We have less than 7,000 members. Probably only 5,000 that are real PT survivors…and we have surpassed $4 million retail value of returns that were on OUR credit cards. $2 million of wholesale product and that’s just from women who have found this site and have spoken out. And this is product purchased within the prior 12 months, not the product that is ineligible for 90% buyback, which remains in basements and garages all over America. How much stress do you think that has applied to the current economic downturn?

So Mary Kay, you are worried about all those women in shelters, abused by family members, with more on the way due to financial stress? Why aren’t you worried about the very women of your own sales force, who are slowly drowning in debt, as they place another order TO YOU, to keep up appearances, their Units and their cars? Have you stopped Pam Shaw from selling her “total success” inventory package of 5400.00? Have you disciplined Gloria Mayfield Banks for hawking “I need $1200” on YouTube? Have you reduced or eliminated the increasing bait product for new IBC’s to do Star, manipulating them into the higher packages? Have you condemned the abuse of orders pushed by Sales Directors when they know their people are not selling it? Have you forever eliminated the “sell” 13, 26,39 type BUYING HYPE contests that often only liquidate your soon to be obsolete merchandise? Have you lifted the 200 minimum ordering requirement? With hard times, wouldn’t a company that so cares about women and the abuse of women, STOP ABUSING WOMEN?

Take a long hard look at our return product listings. Those are women who fell victim to the “full store” story, the quarterly contest bait, the consistency club, the wholesale ordering prizes, the “can’t sell from an empty wagon”, the speed of the leader is the speed of the gang”, the “your team has to see you on stage!”, the “you are so close! Only 5K more and you reach the court of sales…you’ll sell it!” and on and on and on.

Any reason your Sales Directors give for ordering more product that does not involve replacement of SOLD PRODUCT, is manufactured BAIT by YOU, Mary Kay.  Since you bait constantly and train your Sales Directors to do the same, I can not fathom how in your wildest dreams you can see yourselves as the champions of Abuse Prevention.

Your hypocrisy reeks to high heaven.