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Okay, okay. After several private requests to respond to some of the buzz on the internet about anti-Mary Kay sites, I will do so. I generally find those pro-MK women fairly boring, so I had to have a big cup of coffee to stay awake while reading those high-horse posts. I’ve seen what the Kaybots have to say, and even though I think the purpose of this blog is clear in many posts and pages, I’ll go through it again! (Oh, and I’ve also seen what other anti-MK chicks have had to say about this blog, and I’m unimpressed with them as well.)

Why have a blog that is anti-MK?

Because I want to. Because I can. Call it a hobby. Call it what you like. I really don’t care. There is so much about Mary Kay that is never told by recruiters. I want women to be able to get the WHOLE story, especially the parts that are knowingly concealed. This blog gives us the opportunity to have some fun while we do that.

If you witnessed something unethical in Mary Kay, why didn’t you report it to the company?

Some of us did, and some of us did not. I resent the fact that a few Kaybots continue to say that they encouraged anti-MK folks to report these things, and the anti-MK women refused. They don’t know who has and who has not reported ethical violations.

Either way, the choice to report things to corporate is very personal. People handle things in different ways, and if someone chooses not to report the activities of dishonest sales directors, so be it. Just because she didn’t report the actions, doesn’t mean she gives up the right to participate in our discussions about MK.

Why are you lumping everyone together and calling MK dishonest when it’s only a few bad apples in the bunch?

Well, that’s just it. It is NOT just a few bad apples in the bunch. The vast majority of sales directors in Mary Kay are NOT making an executive income, yet they lead you to believe that they are. Most sales directors are struggling to make production, yet they never breathe a word of that to consultants or potential recruits. Why? Because they are painting a false picture of the MK opportunity.

The MLM system is very simply one that preys on many in order to make a very, very few rich. MK is no exception to this. Only a teeny, tiny percentage of women in MK are turning a profit, but they don’t want you to know that. The fact is that the MLM/pyramid system is corrupt and requires hundreds of thousands to put lots of money in so that a few can profit.

This is not an ethical system, and anyone who works within and promotes such a system is per se unethical as well. It is not a few bad apples. It is the majority.

Why are you lying about the company and the directors and the consultants?

That’s easy. We’re not. When we have facts, we cite sources. When we have opinions, we give them. When we’re discussing what may or may not be fact, we use words like I think or I remember hearing I think we have every right to discuss amongst ourselves what the facts may or may not be and what our recollection is. I am not aware of any lies that have been posted on this blog. (So maybe the Kaybots should quit lying about us lying?)

How do you pick the topics for discussion on this blog? Wouldn’t you be better off discussing this, that, or the other?

*sigh* Everyone has their own idea of what should or should not be discussed. Sometimes I post about current events in MK, like product changes, new inventory scams, company events, etc. Sometimes I dig up some dirt on the net and post about that. Sometimes I get emails with information or suggestions about topics. The beauty of this being MY blog is that I get to talk about whatever I want to. Why do so many hate on me because I pick the topics? Hello! That’s what you do when you own a blog. Incidentally, if you want something discussed, then email me and I’ll consider it.

Who are you people and why do you use silly names on this blog?

None of your damn business, and because we want to. Seriously. I’ve received emails inquiring about my identity, and I’ve seen a certain someone named as the owner of this blog. Yes, people, she contributes a lot to this blog. What’s it to anyone else and why are they so interested in her life?

As for the royalty names and any other silly names we choose That all started on PCs blog and wave carried on the tradition. Were just having a little fun at the expense of Mary Kay, since the company likes to use all of these references to queens and royalty. What’s the big deal? Lighten up! Posters can call themselves whatever they like. Why? Because I say so.

Why do you criticize promotions run by the company or sales directors?

Um, because we can and because the promotions are generally stupid. The vast majority of the time, the promotions are all about ORDERING and not necessarily selling anything. The prizes are cheap dollar store trinkets. Lots of the promotions often amount to nothing more than recruiting scams (think of the be a face model promotions, guest events, etc.).

Better yet, tell us why we should NOT criticize the promotions? If the company is so fabulous and the promotions are so wonderful and so genuine, why does anyone care that we criticize them? Why? Because were pointing out the truth behind the smoke and mirrors.

Why do you make fun of outfits at seminar?

Why not? These women brag that they’re in the image business. If that’s so, then shouldn’t they be concerned about their own images? Shouldn’t they wear stylish dresses that fit well and flatter their bodies? And if they don’t, is there anything wrong with pointing it out? No. Is there anything wrong with saying that I don’t like a particular dress? No. I’ll give my opinion if I want to.

Why be immature?

Probably because sometimes it’s fun to have a little fun. Really. What harm is there in making fun of a hairstyle? Oh, I know the Kaybots say it’s so meeeeeeeeeeean. So we have a little fun at the expense of a sales director with a crappy hairstyle. Get over it. We anti-MK folks take our share of abuse too, so don’t act all innocent.

Can you really handle life and business and everything else mature?

Duh. Yes. The women who frequent here have successful careers and thriving families. Wave all had our trials and tribulations, and have come out of them just fine, thank you. Because we like to discuss the negatives of Mary Kay and joke about the antics of the members of the sales force, that doesn’t mean that we don’t have lives. Quit hating on us!

Why are you stealing things off Unitnet and posting them on the blog?

No one is stealing anything. Sales directors have chosen to post things on the internet, which is a public resource. If someone accesses those items and reprints them with attribution to the sales director, what’s the problem? Well, there is no problem. I guess if they don’t want us to show and discuss their pictures, promotions, scams, prizes, and lies, then they ought not put these things on the internet.

Why are you wallowing in self-pity? Why don’t you just get over it and move on?

This blog has nothing to do with self-pity and everything to do with informing and having entertaining discourse. I see nothing wrong in discussing a company I was once a strong part of. Just because I’m no longer there and I don’t like the company, doesn’t mean that I have to refrain from discussing it. And believe me, I have moved far beyond MK. I still discuss it, but it surely is not my life and this blog is just an entertaining little hobby. Beyond that, I have a nice job with a great boss and good pay/benefits. Mary Kay is very much a part of my past, but I’m more than happy to currently discuss everything that I’ve learned about this crappy company.

Why don’t you women accept responsibility for your actions and the fact that you failed at Mary Kay?

Well that’s such an easy statement to throw out there, isn’t it? As far as I’ve seen, the majority of us HAVE accepted responsibility for our willing participation in this MLM, as well as our purchase of inventory and participation in MK activities. What we WILL NOT accept responsibility for, however, are the lies and misrepresentations during the recruiting process.

When an opportunity is misrepresented (as MK is most of the time), that is not the fault of the recruit. Up until recently, there was no negative information available about MK. Recruits relied on company literature and the word of MK sales directors. We should not take responsibility for the lack of information and the lies we were told.

What’s the deal with the anti-MK women not getting along and having separate groups?

I don’t know and I don’t care. I started a blog because I wanted to. Others have sites and discussion groups. Some are really cool and others really suck. Who really cares anyway? So there are different sites with different missions and different audiences.

As far as I’m concerned, it’s all good because these varying sites give those researching MK (or coming out of MK) an opportunity to find what appeals to them. I guess someone is suggesting that maybe there should just be ONE anti-MK site or ONE unified group against MK. That sounds awfully silly to me. There are lots of independent thinkers in this world, and there’s nothing wrong with them doing what they each want to do. (And if those researching MK want to go to a really crappy anti-MK site, that’s up to them. *grin*)

Is it just sour grapes on the part of the Kaybots?

Maybe. I think that they really are just afraid that the REAL STORY about Mary Kay is becoming more and more accessible. They claim to despise what is being done and said by the anti-MK sites. They claim that they’re staying out of the negative and only concentrating on the positive. Yet here they are reading and responding on various sites. So are they reading or not? Well, obviously they’re reading and they just can’t stay away from us. That tells me that we are really hitting a nerve and they’re scared. Scared that recruiting will drop off.

Why should anyone believe what you have to say?

I don’t think anyone necessarily should believe what we say. I think they should research. Examine how many of us have had similar negative experiences. Weigh the credibility of the stories. Compare those stories to their personal experiences and see if there are any similarities. If there are a lot, maybe it’s more likely that were right.

I was in Mary Kay Cosmetics for years. I know that I tell the truth. I know that the opportunity sucks and that women should not waste their time or money on it. Of these things I’m sure. Whether or not others choose to believe me is up to them. I just put the information out there. They can do with it what they choose.

So what do we do about this?

We keep doing what we’re doing. If were having fun and getting out the truth at the same time, why not? The Kaybots will keep posting pages and pages of statements about how irrelevant and stupid we are, yet their devotion to discussing us proves how relevant and insightful we really are. Women on other anti-MK sites will insult this site, yet the daily traffic to this site is proof that there is a need and a desire for the information and discussion that is being provided.

Onward, ladies!


    • Thanks… it’s a very old piece from the early days, when we were still Mary Kay Sucks. I found it and wanted to add it as a piece of history. So it has been added to the site for the date it was originally published.

  1. Tracy, thank you for this. I’ve been part of this group since probably 2005 but I’d never seen this particular article before. It’s funny how it all still holds true and that just proves that nothing in MK has changed. You’d think that with as much as they are aware of this site, they’d use it to make changes. But no. Mary Kay is still scamming countless women on a daily basis.

  2. Witnessing something unethical in MK. When I got sick and had to slow down on sales, my Director ignored me and did nothing to help get me through. I had seen and heard a number of negative stories about my SD (sabotaging her DIQ’s and stealing their customers and recruits). Her one and only Director rarely shared meetings with my SD because the SD had tried to obstruct her path to directorship. I went to corp to report my SD. I waited around 40 minutes. Then a male (who obviously knew nothing about the MK products pretended to listen and showed no concern that my SD was deceitful and showed no MK values or ethics. This male getting a monthly pay check knew nothing about schlepping mirrors, face clothes, products etc to make overs, lugging things in and out of homes and the dangers of going into strange neighborhoods and strange homes. He probably has his hotel and other expenses paid for when he attends any MK events. I doubt if he ever has had to warm stalk anyone in a store etc. He probably doesn’t have a maxed out credit card owing MK a large sum so he can stay part of this scheme. If those running this circus aren’t aware of just how far off track this has become, then they must be asleep at the wheel. Thousands of women financially and otherwise abused for decades, this site and constant return of products should awaken them and those reading to the sad state of this mlm. If it were real, there’d be real commercials and real ads in real magazines.

    • “Schlepping mirrors”, going into people’s homes, having their creepy husbands watching us, packing and unpacking my car with inventory, having people not show up to my house when I cleaned and cleared my schedule, and the times I showed up for a facial or class and no one was there. Or the dozens of times I drove to hold an interview and they didn’t show up. You stirred some memories!


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