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More Accusations From the Kaybots


Every so often, I have to post something about the most recent, baseless allegations floating around courtesy of the Kaybots and the Mary Kay Apologists. They are so tired and boring. They really have nothing to talk about in their pink worlds except us. But I feel the need, from time-to-time, to respond to the crap they say about us.

  1. You just want to see Mary Kay Inc. go down! Not necessarily. We’ve never promoted that as our mission. It would be wonderful if the company would change its business model to quit abusing women. I doubt that will happen, though.
  2. The only advice you ever give is to return their inventory. No. Please read before posting such a stupid comment.
  3. You tell women to return inventory because if they do so, it benefits your cause. No. There is no benefit to me when someone returns their inventory. If they feel happy doing so, that’s all I’m concerned about.
  4. You reap rewards from this blog. Nope. No one pays me to do this. No advertising. Nothing. Zip. Nada. Zilch. I do invest some of my personal time in it because I feel it’s important. But there’s no benefit, monetary or otherwise.
  5. You’re keeping track of how much inventory has been returned by your readers. Nope. I have no idea who has returned how much, and I don’t really care to have a tally.
  6. You people don’t take any personal responsibility for what you did while in Mary Kay. Not true. Not true at all. We all realize that we had free will to do or not do things. We made choices. But we made those choices based upon the infomration that was provided to us. Many of us were lied to. Many were manipulated with some very strong emotional tactics. The lies and manipulation aren’t really fair, are they? And that all combines to be the Scary Kay experience. Simple.
  7. You never really liked the products, so of course you couldn’t sell them. I liked the products a lot when I was in Mary Kay, and I bet plenty of the women here did too. It wasn’t until we came out of the fog that we realized they are crap.
  8. You never really worked hard at the business. You didn’t do this, that or the other. Actually, quite a few of us worked very hard at the business. Showed up at all the events. Used the techniques we were taught. Tried a million ways to drum up business. For a random Kaybot to suggest that she knows what we did or didn’t do is ridiculous.
  9. Lots of people on this blog were never even in Mary Kay! Ummm… actually, almost everyone was or is in Mary Kay. There are a select few who weren’t in the company, but it is only by the grace of God that they can say that. Most of them are non-MK because they thankfully found sites like this.
  10. You’re criticizing women that you don’t even know! How on earth would anyone out there know who we do and do not know? Yes, quite a lot of us DO know these women, thank you very much.
  11. You’re lumping everyone together and calling them liars and cheaters! Guilty conscience much? We’re realists. The vast majority of sales directors are liars, cheaters, and manipulators. If that bothers you, I can’t help it. It’s the truth. Read the experiences here and you will see how rampant it is.
  12. You’re just looking for women who are down on MK, and then you convince them that they can’t make it work and they should quit. We don’t have to convince anyone about the reality of Mary Kay. Women come to the blog, see that their experience is similar to many others, and they realize what a crappy opportunity Mary Kay is. I don’t need to convince anyone to quit or not. They either see MK for what it is or they don’t, plain and simple.
  13. You didn’t stay in the business long enough! Yeah, the Kaybots want to you “stay in” at least 12 months, after which you can’t return that inventory you bought in the beginning. How arrogant to suggest that you know how long someone should have tried Mary Kay before decided that it is a scam. I trust these women enough to know that THEY know how long is long enough to give it a try.
  14. How dare you promote your site on “private” websites that are there for the training of Kaybots! Really? Well there’s really no such thing as a “private” website on the internet, unless you’ve got some serious security in place. But let’s go with your theory. This blog is a private site as well. The “About” and “FAQ” pages clearly indicate that Kaybots are NOT welcome here and their comments are not appreciated. They’re posting on my private site, so they deserve the same treatment in return.
  15. You don’t really care about the women who read your blog! Well, I don’t know these women personally. But I do hope that they make the decisions that are best for them and their families. That’s what I care about. I get no greater satisfaction than when a woman makes a choice that is right for her family and that choice doesn’t abuse or mislead anyone.,


  1. Oh good lord. It’s not like this blog is promoting a competitive product or getting money for every MK consultant that nails ship!
    I would assume that most people find this blog when they search for “can I be successful at Mary Kay?” Or “how to be successful at MK” at least that’s how I found it.
    I had a bad experience. When I read other people’s posts and comments I found that I am not alone. When the exact same thing was said to me or something eerily similar, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that there is something going on.
    I think the idea behind MK is great. You sell a product at retail and you only pay wholesale. It’s not necessarily something taught at Ivy League business schools but whatever.
    Like any product if you have the consumer base, you have a good chance at being successful.
    For me personally, I did not. I didn’t use MK before I signed on either. So selling a product that is wayyyy cheaper somewhere else was hard.
    I also didn’t have time. I worked full time with 6 kids. I was told the product would sell itself, yet everyone I tried to sell it to or even talk to about it was not interested. Why? Because I was the 50th MK lady to try!
    Could I have done something else? Probably. Did I try hard enough? I don’t know. Am I glad I’m out? Yes.

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