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FAQ About Mary Kay Sucks

FAQ – Frequently Ass-ked Questions

These are the usual insults we receive from the Kaybots… Okay, so they’re not really questions. But you know what we mean. If you’re planning on using any of these insults, don’t. We’ve heard it all before.

1. You’re losers / failures / whiners / jealous / pathetic.

Actually, the women who post here are generally highly educated and successful in their careers. They’ve got all sorts of degrees and accomplishments behind them. Some run successful businesses, while others have great jobs. So no, we’re not failures nor are we any of those other things you mention. We don’t need to be jealous of the life of a MLMer…stalking potential victims 24/7 and alienating their family and friends.

2. If you had spent as much time on your Mary Kay business as you spent on this site and others like it, you would have been successful!!!

Wrong! We worked hard and followed “the plan”, but the plan failed us. Even after doing exactly what we were instructed to do, we made little to no money. We later realized that this is the fault of the MLM system itself, and that the system relies on the failure of many at the bottom to line the pockets of the few at the top of the pyramid.

3. You must have thought that Mary Kay was some get-rich-quick scheme, and you didn’t really want to do any work.

Sorry, but none of us thought this was the way to make money fast. We did, however, believe that this was an honest way to make a decent living. That was before we realized what a scam MLM is in general, and how only a fraction of 1% of people in MLMs actually turns a profit.

4. Mary Kay is not MLM. Mary Kay is not a pyramid. Mary Kay is dual-marketing or some other fancy term meant to confuse people and throw them off our scent.

Give it a rest. Mary Kay is a pyramid company that is just barely legal. It is also a MLM. MLM stands for Multi-Level Marketing. As far as any reasonable person can see, MK has multiple levels. Call the scam what you want, but it’s still a pyramid scam.

5. But the Mary Kay marketing plan is taught at Harvard!!!

Umm, no, it’s not. And that is straight from the mouth of one of the deans at Harvard. The school in no way teaches or endorses any sort of MLM, and that includes Mary Kay. The Wall Street Journal even ran an article in the 90’s about how the school officials are sick of this lie being perpetuated.

6. All businesses are pyramids because the people in upper management make all the money while lots of people at the bottom make low wages.

Comparing real businesses and MLM is just silly. In real businesses, everyone gets a paycheck for their efforts. In MLM, people are required to put money INTO the scheme. In order to receive commissions out of the MLM system, the participant must constantly put money in to remain in “active” status. This is completely different from a legitimate job.

7. There’s always one bad apple in the bunch.

This argument is used to explain away any negative experience in Mary Kay. Unfortunately, the negative experiences far outweigh the positive with this company. For a long time, no one would talk about the bad side of Mary Kay because they felt alone, ashamed, and embarrassed. Now that there are places on the Internet to get information and discuss the truth, these women are coming out of the woodwork. It is clear that the large majority of women in Mary Kay have had a negative experience, so that’s far more than just one bad apple.

8. You’re just a negative person!

We are not negative people. We’re just committed to getting the word out about the reality of Mary Kay. The company’s representatives aren’t going to tell you the truth about how it’s next to impossible to make money in this business, how saturated the market is, and how many people drop out every year. We will share this information with you. You deserve to know!

9. You need to move on.

We have moved on. We all have very fulfilling careers, families, and personal lives. This blog is one interest of ours amongst many. We will still be getting the word out as long as MK continues to victimize women. Telling people to move on is completely disrespectful of their healing process and whatever personal mission they have here.

10. You’re all mean and nasty!

Really? We didn’t know that exposing the truth was considered mean? We actually think it is the kind and caring thing to do. You just don’t like the fact that we’re exposing the truth about Mary Kay because you’re afraid that it will impact your recruiting efforts. We’re up front about our beliefs about MK, and we won’t apologize for that.

11. Mary Kay has been a blessing to me and my family. I make tons of money with it, blah, blah, blah.

If you’re going to make claims about your income, please provide a copy of your 1099 and Schedule C to back it up. We know that 99%+ lose money in MLMs, including Mary Kay. Of those who do make some money, most are making a small amount (nothing that could support a family). We demand proof of your money-making claims because we know that the vast majority don’t make money after you deduct all the business expenses.

So to all you Kaybots who want to comment on this blog, please don’t bother to make any of these statements. We’ve heard them all before, and frankly, they’re just stupid!

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