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Recruting Mary Kay Consultants at Funerals

You heard about recruiting for Mary Kay Cosmetics at funerals, but you wondered if it was just an urban legend. Well, sadly, it’s not.

Sales directors are notorious for wearing their “sales director pin” to funerals in an attempt to look for victims there. Generally, people are vulnerable at an event such as a funeral, so it’s a perfect time to swoop in like a vulture.

Now, the shady sales directors will justify their behavior by saying that they’re doing the woman a favor by offering her something “more” in her time of need. They’re just making an opportunity “available” at the event. There’s no reason why they should hide their profession just because it’s a funeral. They shouldn’t be selfish with the opportunity and keep it to themselves.

I could go on and on with made-up reasons used by Mary Kay recruiters to justify this despicable behavior. I think you get my drift.

This email comes from someone who was recruited into Mary Kay at a SALES DIRECTOR’S SON’S FUNERAL. Hello??? The sales director couldn’t stop recruiting for ONE DAY and take the time to honor her flesh and blood. Sick.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the kudos she gave us. I’ve highlighted a few of the noteworthy passages:

I never expected to open up wordpress.com and see an anti-MK article and honestly, was so grateful that someone has finally said SOMETHING about the lies, the time away from children, and everything else that they teach is essentially a lie.

I am an ex-consultant and so is my mother. 2 years ago, I was conned at her director’s son’s funeral to “jump in the water is warm”. At the time I was only 18 years old and had no real income (other than my minimum wage mall job) but was still coerced into the top inventory package.

I went to all my friends, co-workers, and family members that mom hadn’t gone to yet and was turned down by every single one. They want this “young blood”, but no one is interested in buying products from an 18 year old. Not unless they work at a counter in a department store.

I made no money, am in serious debt at the “ripe old age” of 21, and AM STILL sitting on this vast inventory of products that are expired, outdated, virtually unsellable, and that don’t live up to their own standards.

My mom left MK recently because of the exorbitant debt and the fact that I saw her less than when she was a tax-accountant working 40+ hours per week. They always tell you “the more No’s you receive, the more Yes’s you’ll get down the line”. Working in retail since I was even old enough to hold down a regular job, I know this to be false. The more No’s you get is simply that, a bunch of No’s. No one likes to be jumped on as soon as you walk into a store, so why should you be jumped on right away when you’re throwing a class at some one’s residence?

I was also told to over-book classes and couldn’t even book one. My ex-director even went so far to tell me to stop seeing my fiance because he would eventually stop seeing me anyway because of my “dedication” to MK. This dedication was news to me for sure, because by my second meeting I had my bullshit-line crossed.

The “principles” of MK are god first, family second, and MK third. Well, guess what, I’m an atheist! Where is there a feasible position in my life for god? I should never have to fear or compromise my principles & personal moral beliefs, but felt as though I was forced to conceal them from all these women who were supposed to be “my sisters”.

These “sisters” talked more gossip, more trash, and spread more lies than I saw in 4 years of high school. Most of them were 20 years my senior and I’m the one noticing that this “sisterhood” is really just a bunch of conniving women with nothing better to do than have a bitty-circle?

Spare to mention that because of my tattoos (and believe me, they aren’t large pieces by a long shot, more like 4 half-dollar sized markings barely visible) I was looked down upon, like I was some kind of whore, turning tricks for that MK money.

MK destroyed my family and continues to do so today, I pity the first consultant I come across in the future, because I plan on shoving the lovely facts on their naive little brains.

Thanks for your honesty and I look forward to more from you!



What a story. And sadly, it’s not that uncommon.