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What You Heard at That Recruiting Event

mary-kay-eventWritten by Raisinberry

One of our big problems is that when we were introduced to Mary Kay the information we were told was grossly overstated. Mary Kay Corp has attempted to clean up some of the outrageous statements, designed to sell you on the opportunity, but not with too much fervor. If you had the facts, you might decide to pass. So, in an effort to balance the hype with the truth, here you go:

1. When the Directors walked upfront and introduced themselves, the “high check” or “number of cars won” figure they shared was not an average monthly check and did not include chargebacks or expenses. In many cases, we have heard that top check from the same director for over 10 years. You, dear guest, don’t know that. They are hoping you will assume it’s an average and jump to the conclusion that all those ladies in suits are just neck deep in cash. They aren’t. The “premier” level directors average about $20,000 per year; Cadillac Directors average about $45,000 before expenses and depending on offspring. Expenses are easily $10,000 to $15,000 per year or more. New people don’t know that Directors buy all their own prizes, pay for their meeting rooms, newsletters, suit, shoes, training events, and even get their so called “free” car payment deducted from their commission check when their Unit isn’t ordering enough.

You were told that weekly meetings are not mandatory. They aren’t, but the minute you get there you will be told that you won’t make any money if you don’t “plug in” every week. The pressure to attend and the attention you will get will draw you in.Continue reading“What You Heard at That Recruiting Event”