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David Cooper’s 85 Second Individual Close

Here’s a suggested script for “closing” a guest at a skincare class, created by David Cooper.

David Cooper is the weirdo who has made his fortune by peddling products to Mary Kay Consultants. He even has his own eBay store, and coincidentally, his seller ID on eBay is “caaaaash”. *puke*

One of his hottest gimmicks these days is the 85 Second Close. Why do I dislike this close? Because it uses a lot of manipulative tactics, like looking down and waiting for a response and touching her arm. I know, I know. These are just sales tactics and all sales people use them. But those of us in touch with reality know that Mary Kay consultants take emotional manipulation to a whole new level.

I also dislike the DISHONESTY in this closing approach:

  • He pushes the Husband Unawareness Program, where women are told to split their purchase between cash, credit card, and check, so that the husband is “unaware” of how much they really spent on makeup.
  • Everyone gets the “recruiting” close, in which you say that you believe she’d be good at Mary Kay. Do we really believe EVERYONE would be good at Mary Kay? No. So that’s a lie.

David Cooper 85 Second Individual Close

35 Second SETS Close:

__________, were you as excited about how good you looked in the mirror as much as I believe you were? You know your situation a whole lot better than I do, so it’s up to you – I’ll work with you either way. Would you like to splurge and have the extra touch of class that comes with our Premier collection or would it be make more sense right now to just start with our Complete collection?

Which ever you would like to do will certainly be fine with me.

[Break Eye Contact and allow her to respond]

Excellent choice, would you like to put it on MasterCard, Visa, or cash? [Discuss Payment Plan Option] Or the Husband’s Unawareness Program?

25 Second BOOKING Approach:

__________, were you as excited about all that our hostesses can earn for booking and holding classes in the next two weeks as much as I believe you were? Some hostesses get so excited that they book two classes trying to win twice as much. Mary, you’re the boss… would you like to go all out and book two classes or is one really what you had in mind today? Whichever you would rather do will certainly be fine with me.

[Break Eye Contact and give 2 choices – allow response]

Which would be better for you – beginning of the week or end of the week? Sat. or Sun.? Afternoon or evening? 4:00 or 6.00?

25 Second RECRUITING Close

________________, there’s just one more thing I’d like to say, because I believe it. I believe you would be good in Mary Kay, I really do. With the proper training don’t you believe you could do just about anything you saw me do today? You know,_______________________, it only takes about 20 minutes for me to show you how easy it is to get started and how simple it can be for me to help you earn an extra $800, $1,000, $1,200, $1,500 dollars C-A-S-H your first 30 days. Wouldn’t you just love that? [Touch from elbow down]

___________, would an extra Thousand dollars cash, part-time on a consistent basis be good for you? My schedule is a little tight right now. Could you stay for a few minutes after the class or would tomorrow really be better for you. Whichever would be easier for you will certainly be fine with me.



  1. So family is the 2nd priority in Mary Kay’s creed, but in meeting with a mark at a skincare class, they immediately demonstrate the lie of that by letting the mark know they have a program in place to lie to your husband with the husband unawareness plan. The very first personal interaction tells the mark Mary Kay representatives recommend and encourage the mark to steal from the family funds. I have no words, once again.

  2. These sales tactics are very familiar to the mothers of small children, and likely to snare those same young mothers because they feel very familiar.

    Mother to toddler: Don’t ask if he wants to get dressed. Ask if wants to wear the Spiderman shirt or the Batman shirt.

    Consultant to customer: Don’t ask if she wants to buy. Ask if she wants the expensive kit or the really expensive kit.

    Mother to toddler: Don’t ask if he wants to wants to get in the car when you have to run errands. Give him an offer he can’t refuse. Our destination today is the big playground where you’ll have a WONDERFUL time. Omit the part about all your other errands.

    Consultant to customer: Give her an offer she can’t refuse. You can earn an extra $1,500 in the first 30 days. Omit the part about having $3,600 in expenses.


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