An Outsider’s Perspective on a Mary Kay “Face Model” Event

Did you ever wonder what potential recruits think of Mary Kay events? Here’s one perspective.

I discovered this post on a MySpace blog and thought that it was very perceptive. Do Mary Kay consultants and directors ever, ever stop to think about how others perceive them? I guess not. That might be negative, and we wouldn’t want that! God forbid that they have a little self-awareness and admit how stupid they look!

This blogger’s friend “won” a facial, which was really the same old ploy for getting women to come to meetings so they can be recruited. Amazing how quickly the two saw through it all though!

Notice how the blogger says that they were offered the chance to sign up for MK at a cost of $299. Uh…. ladies…. it’s really $99, but they added on $200 for an (optional) inventory order that would make you “active” so they could move up in the pyramid. I hate slimy tactics like that!


Last night my friend Kate invited me to a Mary Kay free facial that she won at the Great Mall. Little did we know about the true (deep dark) world of Mary Kay…

We arrive at this office building where this event is supposed to take place. There are literally like five pink Caddilacs in the parking lot and almost every other car there has a Mary Kay bumper sticker. We go inside and are immediately greeted by like twenty freakishly happy “consultants” wearing red jackets and way too much of the product they sell. After about five minutes we realize that we are infact guinea pigs for a training class–lovely.

We first have to sit through about an hour of introductions proceded by “power claps” which for those of you who are delightfully uneducated, are three consecutive claps. Next we indured a ceremony in which about thirty consultants got ribbons–yes ribbons–for the level of sales the received that week. Not even joking, they were the same ribbons you got for your science project at the science fair in elementary school. Then the most obnoxious one in the group gave a twenty minute infomercial about what the company has done for her and how she makes six figures and doesn’t do anything!!! About how its a sisterhood of love and a team devoted to faith and the home and the family.

Amidst this fiasco one consultant began to make a “personal announcement” in which another one rudely butted in and proclaimed “SHE”S HAVING ANOTHER BABY.” When the first one looked hurt the second one commented (in front of everyone I might add) “Well, you announced my baby to the whole world–now you know what it feels like.” Real sisterhood of love there!

Finally we get to the hands on “facial” portion of the program. Let me not bore you with details. They gave us soap with no water and a kleenex to clean our face with, serum that burned like acid, lotion that made my face feel all goopy and greasy, and then made us over with an array of “custom picked colors” for our specific face type. My four year old could have better coordinated make-up. Kate and I looked like make shift circus clowns before it was all said and done. Did I mention there were before and after pictures?

To round up the night the chipper one previously mentioned attempted to try and sell us a “starter kit” for a mere $299. Seriously Mary Kay–you really need to address the consumption of crack by your consultants in your companies employee manual. It’s scary to think what could happen with them drugged out like that driving thir militia of pink cars.

Needless to say–Im a true “dotte” girl. Wal-Mart cosmetics suit me just fine. Sorry Mary Kay–

*sigh* Thank God these two victims were smart enough to see through the smoke and mirrors.

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