What do Mary Kay consultants and sales directors look for in potential new recruits?

The truth is that any woman with a pulse and a credit card is a viable recruiting target for Mary Kay consultants. They are taught to offer the “opportunity” to everyone. Everyone. Because to not do so would be selfish. And who are we to decide who deserves the Mary Kay opportunity and who does not?

So even though Mary Kay consultants will recruit just about anyone and everyone if given the chance, there is a little list of more desirable qualities. If you have many of these, the recruiter will be visibly salivating and likely won’t stop calling you until you threaten to get a restraining order.

On the left are the desirable qualities. These are the ones that signify access to money in order to make a large inventory purchase up front, which is the most desirable recruit of all. On the right hand side are the qualities which suggest you can’t buy any inventory and might not be successful, although if you’re still willing to sign up, they’ll take you.

Check it out…

Good Recruit Bad Recruit
She pays a mortgage payment monthly. She rents an apartment or lives with family.
She has available credit and uses a checking account. She pays only in cash.
She has a support system (husband, family, etc.) She is a single Mom or has no support system.
She has purchased a Skin Care System. She has purchased just 1 or 2 items.
She has integrity—holds appointments made. She’s cancelled or rescheduled an appt. with you.
She has in depth questions about Mary Kay. She has vague interest in knowing about Mary Kay.
She asked you how many hours you work.. She asked you how many hours do you HAVE to work
She asked how much inventory is best. She asked if you HAD to have inventory.
She would do things the Mary Kay way. She looks for shortcuts, curses and speaks negatively.
She has high standards for her appearance. She places little importance on her appearance.
She could write a check today for her Starter Kit. She has to wait to save money for her Starter Kit.
She has expressed a desire to want to make a change. You have impressed upon her a need to make a change.
She is an optimist (The glass is half full!). She is a pessimist (The glass is half empty).
She is 25 or older. She is 24 or younger.
She has a bright cheerful spirit. She doesn’t smile often.
She has a passionate quality about her. She reveals little emotion.
She enjoys a challenge. She would rather be a follower.
She maintains strong eye contact with you. She finds it difficult to look you in the eye.
She has been highly successful in previous endeavors. She has half heartedly pursued other things.
She has a strong work ethic. She lives on public assistance.
She loves Mary Kay products. She has never tried the products.
She has great bounce-back-ability. Obstacles tend to stop her.
She is decision maker. She often has to ask others for their opinion.
She has a strong self confidence. She often seeks approval of others.
She uses her children as a reason to begin. She uses her children as an excuse not to start.
She owns a car. She owns no car or only has one in the family.
She purchased her products in full. She used the payment plan.


  1. I love how being on social assistance automatically means you have zero integrity. There are many reasons why someone is in need of assistance. I receive disability because I’m disabled but it has absolutely no bearing on my integrity. Instead it could say “someone who is without physical, mental, emotional challenges” or the like.

    Of course in a perfect world, it wouldn’t say anything, because in a perfect world MK wouldn’t even exist.

    • Not to mention how crappy the job market’s been for the past decade or so, the spike in cost of living, and the difficulty in finding childcare. No judgement here against someone taking use of available resources to get the help they need.

    • I think the public assistance doesn’t mean having zero integrity as much as it means having zero excess money to blow on a large inventory package. Remember, it’s all about fleecing the new recruit.

  2. I’d say a gullible woman who has money to burn, responds well to flattery and is willing/able to buy her way to SD (without depending on others) is the penultimate prize. If she has a huge circle of similar, wealthy friends, willing to spend tons of money just to earn accolades in Mary Kay…you just struck gold!

    In the real world, the ultimate rep would be someone who can move huge amounts of product to outside customers…maybe setting up her own web site or store, with innovative marketing and mass appeal. But such a rep is simply not desirable in Mary Kay. I wonder why…

  3. She has in depth questions about Mary Kay.

    I don’t think that a MKBot would be happy with the in depth questions I have about the MK fauxpotunity she’s offering me.

  4. She pays a mortgage payment monthly.
    She has available credit and uses a checking account.
    She could write a check today for her Starter Kit.
    She owns a car.
    She purchased her products in full.

    One fifth of the reasons written here deal directly or indirectly with 💲💲💰💰🤑🤑

  5. Renting or living with family is bad?? Show me a Kbot who owns a house free and clear in, say, NYC without inheriting it or being a Real Housewife.

    Paying cash for things is only bad if you’re looking for someone willing to go into debt because of you.

    Being a single parent is only bad if the only way to survive is to sponge off a spouse with a big paycheck.

    Having only one car, or no car, is only bad if your vision of a worthwhile living situation is a Stepford Wives suburban paradise. Besides, if someone doesn’t have a car, doesn’t that make it easier to get your hooks into her by picking her up for meetings so that she can’t leave until she agrees to whatever you want? /s Public transit, Uber/Lyft, taxis, and *gasp* walking are all perfectly good ways of getting around.

    Being <24 is bad, except Mary Kay is allegedly trying to attract a younger market.

    And, of course, being quiet, reserved, cautious, and not hung up on your appearance is only bad if your "business" involves bugging the shit out of others in order to drag them into your pyramid scheme, because recruitment is the only way to make money.



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