Every 2 years, the Mary Kay sales directors and national sales directors get new suits that they are required to wear to all company events. Yes, it’s basically a uniform. Why? Well, it’s a cult-like tactic used by Mary Kay Inc. to promote group think amongst the higher-ups in the pyramid. It’s also meant to create envy in the lower ranks. “Don’t you want to be like us and wear the coveted suit?”

The new suits are first worn at seminar in the summer, and then they are worn for the next two years. This year the sales directors will be wearing light pink, much like what you see in the Barbie movie.The last time they wore pink was in 2018. (At that time there was a new suit every year.)

The national sales directors will be in black. It reminds me a lot of the sales director suit from 2019.



  1. The pink suit worn in the movie “Barbie” was a VINTAGE CHANEL … notice the subtle plaid fabric perfectly matched at the seams, the sequin and beaded trim, the button rims covered with matching fabric. Originally worn by Claudia Schiffer to walk down Chanel’s spring 1995 runway.

    Compare it to the solid pink waffle-weave, polyester glitter braid, and cheap buttons of the Mary Kay knock-off.

    • Exactly! Also, real Chanel jackets are very subtly shaped to female curves by a labor-intensive process of steam pressing and selectively steam-shrinking areas of the garment after the pieces are sewn together. This requires natural fibers, in particular wool; it can’t be done on synthetics. This is why a real Chanel will be somewhat boxy in silhouette, but still conform elegantly to the female shape. Mary Kay’s poor pink imitations don’t even come close.

  2. Cheap, stiff fabric, unflattering cut, outdated style. They don’t even hang right on the mannequins, or Chelsea, who has an amazing figure.

    Not to mention that Barbiecore is sooo last summer and they’re stuck with them for years now.

    (And black hose with white boots?? NOOOOOOOOOOO! 😱)

  3. Directors feel pressured into buying the uniform, I mean jacket, in order to walk across the stage at seminar. Another tactic of the pink cult. I don’t know of
    another MLM that requires this as part of their recognition.

  4. The sales force pays for almost everything in Mary Kay. From product purchases (orders), awards, web site, Seminar, travel expenses, meetings, postage, samples…and yes, the “jacket”.

    In normal companies, the sales force pays for NONE of these things. Rather, revenue from customer purchases is used to cover all business costs including salary, bonuses, sales materials, and even business travel etc.. Sadly, only a tiny fraction of Mary Kay revenue actually comes from direct customer purchases, so Mary Kay can’t use that revenue for these things. The overwhelming majority of Mary Kay revenue comes, oddly, directly from the pockets of their own sales force. Also, oddly again, all salesforce related expenses are covered by the sales force, not Mary Kay Corporate.

    If you are okay with buying your way into the appearance of running a small business, Mary Kay is for you! But please be honest about what you are mostly doing and promoting (ordering, recruiting and spending) and what you are barely doing and promoting (selling, profiting).

    • This always amazes me. Those in the pink fog constantly proclaim that MK Corporate “takes care of them” and always acts in the best interest of the consultants. How? When?

      Consultants pay for EVERYTHING. EVERYTHING. Training, supplies, travel expenses (while sharing a room with strangers!), dinners, convention and leadership trips- EVERYTHING!!!!

      There are no benefits, no retirement account contributions or anything to the consultant. These over priced, shoddy jackets are certainly just another way Corporate fleeces the consultants.

      Couple this with the ever changing packaging and products which makes their inventory suddenly worthless, exactly how does MK Corporate “take care” of these women?

      • You are spot on PInkyBoo. Here is another way to describe this…

        According to research for the FTC, 99.6% of MLM participants lose money. This means 99.6% of the consultants give more to the MLM than they receive from the MLM.

        This would suggest the MLMs are using the phrase “take care of the consultants” in a vernacular more commonly associated with an organized crime syndicate.

  5. As someone else has already pointed out, these jackets don’t seem to hang quite right. They look sloppy when worn open and unbuttoned, but they also look like there’s not enough fabric to close smoothly over a fuller bustline.

    Women come in such a range of sizes and figure types that no one silhouette can possibly be flattering on everyone. And these don’t even look like they’d be worth the time, cost, and effort of getting them altered for a custom fit, especially knowing that they’ll be obsolete in two years. What a rip-off.

    • I agree, they don’t look like they fit anyone mid- or plus-sized. The director jacket doesn’t even look like it hangs right on the mid-sized mannequin. I feel bad for these women who are expected to pretend to be excited about these ugly, ill-fitting things. And is the director suit just a jacket now, and not a full suit with a skirt and blouse?

      • Correct, just the jacket. I think it was a way for MK Corp to cut back on expenses and simplify the process of having to determine how much to purchase from the vendor.

  6. How much are these stupid jackets?

    I have an even bigger disdain for Amway than Mary Kay but at least all they are those stupid little pins you wear on your name tag to show your current level in the organization (Ruby, emerald, diamond etc.). They probably don’t cost much either.

      • “All in” it costs way more than $220 to wear one of those jackets. The $220 is just adding an insult to the life-time front-loading injury.

        • There are easily a couple hundred listings for Mary Kay jackets on Ebay right now. Granted they are used and not the current year’s jacket, but if they rotate the colors every couple of years, I’m sure you could get one for the current year’s color for far less than $ 220 and most people wouldn’t notice (but I would love to hear about the chastising you’d get from those who did!). But no matter… I clicked through the listings and the number of bids for any of them? zero.

        • A VERY expensive jacket…considering the thousands of dollars spent by the Director herself to reach — and maintain — Director level. Plus the thousands of dollars squeezed from her downline to elevate her to that “lofty” position.

          Instead of income, pensions, and other benefits, the focus is on “dreaming big”, “empowering women”, and “ministry.” Have the lemmings spend time and money chasing leased cars, handbags, scarves, red jackets, Director jackets, and NSD suits. Look at Cleta’s photo…showing off all those Bling Stickers on her lanyard. STICKERS!

          What a genius racket.

  7. You can only wear the jacket if you’re a Director. Many women lose their Director title rather quickly, and the “prestigious” jacket — that they paid for — is relegated to the back of the closet.

    If they attain Director-level in the future, the jacket will likely have changed by then and they’ll have to purchase the new one.

    • You don’t get to appear on stage at seminar or at any officvial MK event, and are shunned by your BFFs who are “in the jacket”.

      • Ah. Just like the mean girls on the playground who won’t let you hang out with them unless you have a (trendy brand du jour) t-shirt, or jeans, or backpack, or toy, or phone, or…

        Hurtful and mean in grade school; childish and sad in adults.

  8. Most of these ladies do not know how to style their director jackets and they look ridiculous. If they want to directors to look professional, corporate should have stuck with the skirt/jacket combos. I’m sure we will see some very ugly combinations these next 2 years with the pink jacket.

  9. I can’t wait to buy one on eBay in a few years! Hahaha. No joke, I do like most of their suits for meetings I attend for a non-profit I belong to. I don’t miss Mary Kay though. The company claims that they don’t encourage certain behaviors, but they do because that’s how everyone makes money! They just pretend and shout God first, family 2nd, and career 3rd! I literally couldn’t lie to people and make them go in debt. Instead, I was the dumbass going into debt trying to maintain Director status for several years. It was ridiculous. My “earned” diamonds for Court of Sales were certainly bought, as were the bees for Court of Sharing (since I would order product for my team since I was unable to lie). Thanks to me, an almost National Area fell apart. We had 16 Directors in line. I said I quit and needed off the crazy train. I stepped down and then the lady was left with 6 Directors from the domino fallout. She lost her Cadillac a year or 2 after I heard. Oh well! That’s what she gets for telling people they can’t open a flower shop with one kind of flower! Oh, and this same lady told me not to get pregnant and to take the money I was using to buy food, to buy MK instead, and go to the food bank for my food!!! Some people are sick!

  10. I kind of like it. I would buy one off eBay when someone “steps down”. I hardly have the occasion to wear a suit anymore, but when I do I wear one of my directors’ suits and I always get complements on it. There is an alternate of you are a new director or if something happens to your director suit. (i.e. damaged, don’t have one yet, it doesn’t fit, pregnant) you can wear a plain black suit for a stage walk. But I think those that are in that position feel self-conscious about it.


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