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2018 Mary Kay Sales Director Suit

The 2018 Mary Kay Director’s Suit is out and there are choices for the jacket! I have no words for this mauve creation! Which of the three is your favorite? (Updated to add some of the other options below!)


  1. raisinberry

    Wow. Just wow. Why would you have a fabric weave going horizontal over the body and arms? Every Heavy set woman will look hideous. When you think of how they manipulate women to Longgggggg for the SUIT…and it ends up like this??
    A boxy mess. Only 3 easy payments of 160.00!

    1. coralrose

      Please tell me you’re joking about 3 easy payments of $160!
      When the new suits are unveiled, do all the directors tell each other “I’m sooooo excited!” Or, are they allowed to be honest about it?

      1. BestDecision

        No, we were shunned if we were honest and said we hated our suits. This one reminds me of the royal blue one with tuxedo lapels that had snap-on backings. Whomever thought lavender went with our suit was crazy. Hated the whole thing!

  2. Enorth

    Looks cheap. They’ll pay a bundle to have it altered, then pay even more to cover it with rhinestone bee pins, bar pins, ladder pins, $500,000 Club pins, Dream Big pins, Semi-Circle of Achievement pins, and Suzannadanna’s Sizzling Superstars pins.

    So, maybe it won’t look too bad after all.

  3. Shay

    One more question,
    I think I asked this before so I apologize if it was answered.

    You see how LuLaRoe sells on Facebook and social media- in MK you can’t do any of that like they do?

      1. Ijustquit

        I don’t know who told you that, but that’s false. You can sell on social media. There are rules about calls to action which are in place so that you don’t steal someone else’s customer. It’s encouraged to do face to face sales more because it’s faster to get a sale that way as social media takes some time but that’s all.

        1. TRACY

          No, you CANNOT post products for sale on social media. You can post silly little things promoting products in general. But you can’t post specific products for sale, which is what she was asking.

          1. Ijustquit

            Yes you can. I just quit in this week so I think I am more likely to know what the compliance rules are. There is no rule that you cannot sell on social media. What you cannot do is a call to action. “Message me to buy this lash intensity!” Not ok. ” Lash intensity avail through me or your independent beauty consultant” is perfectly fine.

              1. Ijustquit

                Slow my roll? You realize this is a public blog right? And when you have a blog where you allow people to make comments, you will at some point get all types of comments. My attitude? Because I corrected you on actual rules that are correct? Because I know more than You? Looks like you don’t like being corrected. You would think you would want your readers to know true information. Sorry, but you just pissed off the wrong person. I just quit and come from a very prominent unit, I was going to actually fill you all in on what is really going on, but not now. Take YOUR attitude and kick rocks Tracy. No wonder everyone thinks this website is full of bullies. It’s just your way or the high way!

                1. TRACY

                  Yes, Sandra, slow your roll. You don’t have to be a jerk the second you start commenting here. It’s nice that you want to share information here. But your first couple of comments were very condescending here, and it’s not going over very well. Play nicely, or don’t play at all. I don’t care if you share or not. “Everyone” doesn’t think the site is full of bullies. But yes, our sandbox, our rules. 🙂

        2. KELLI


  4. enorth

    “They’re usually in the $350 range”

    Because SDs buy the suit from MK Corp, does MK get a cut?

    “It hangs like a potato sack!”

    But the hands-on-the-hips stance makes everything look “haute couture.”
    (Why are they zipper-crazy?)

    1. BestDecision

      They got on the zipper thing about 6 years ago, and we paid for it over 3 commission checks. After every Seninar, I never wore the former ones again. Waste of money!

    2. TRACY

      Ya know, I feel for MK. They try to make something trendy. Something that flatters all body types. There is no way they can win with this thing. There is no color everyone likes. Nothing they haven’t already done. Nothing that looks nice on everyone. Hell, nothing that looks nice on most. They lose no matter what they do. That’s why it’s so stupid to do a uniform.

      Yet… it’s who they are. They make everyone WANT it. It’s part of the culture. Make everyone WANT the suit. It’s part of what sucks women into directorship. It’s the cool kids club.

          1. BestDecision

            She most certainly got paid to be on that stage! It’s typical MK to spin a new suit with a designer to increase morale. There were only 8,000-9,000 Directors at Leadership this year. The numbers keep dropping.

            Anything to make their sinking ship look like a yacht. Now all these Directors have been lectured that it’s all in their hands, a Gold Medal cures anything, and they’ve not been doing enough. Same speech, same lecture, different year.

        1. Ijustquit

          She was at leadership herself. I actually have to say….out of all the suits I’ve seen….this one I actually like. Nsd one is ok as well. Only other ones I’ve ever liked was…I think 2013. The black sparkly nsd ones.

  5. ran4fun

    Not that I like any of them or would want one, much less pay $350 for it – but at least they give them options of styles. It would be worse if they only had one choice.
    But really, outside of MK, it’s meaningless. Nobody knows or cares that it’s “special”.

  6. Jessielynn

    It’s not practical as a year round suit. And the color is so blah and unusual that it will not be flattering on several skin tones. It isn’t red, it isn’t pink….I don’t even know how to describe it. The texture of the fabric also makes the color look muddy.

    1. BestDecision

      Mauve. It’s hideous. It buckles under the arms and at the hips. Leave it to Career Apparel to put a spin on it by collaborating with Nicole Miller just to make Directors feel better about themselves and their company.

      Reminds me of when they had a promo giving us a porcelain box that was prestigious and came with an “authenticity” paper, yet no one had ever heard of it. Little blue p, round box. Remember that?

  7. Judy Scott

    I’m sorry for most of you women. There are lots of good and bad things about Mary Kay. Like anything in life. What I am sorry about is the amount of anger and hurt you are allowing in your lives. Move on if it didn’t work for you. Find peace. See a Counceller . Places and companies have caused me pain over the years if I held on to everyone I’d be so sick …let it go and focus on living rather then hating.

    1. TRACY

      Judy – I’m sorry you’ve misunderstood the purpose of this site. It’s not about anger and hate. It’s about exposing the TRUTH about Mary Kay. There is lots of bad about MK that many women aren’t aware of. They don’t know about all the lies told in the recruiting process. The most important lie is the one that is omitted, the one about how 99% of people involved in MLM lose money: http://www.pinktruth.com/mary-kay-facts/myth-of-mlm-income-opportunity-99-lose-money-in-mlm/

      And about how MK isn’t a business, it’s a pyramid scheme: http://www.pinktruth.com/2018/01/23/mary-kay-not-a-business/

      1. CT

        I signed up only to get 50% off products for my and my family. My NSD pressured me to take out a loan and buy a large amount of product, uh no. I’ll make a $250 order every 3 months and stock up, for my self, my sister and her family. I love the product, and I use it, but I’m not into selling, and I’m definitely not into going into debt!!

        1. TRACY

          I used to be okay with the personal use type of thing. And then I changed my mind on that because it supports a predatory company. There are plenty of great products out there sold by companies that don’t take advantage of women and their families. Mary Kay is a predator that prances around saying they empower women, all the while selling deception. They pretend women make money with this scam, knowing that 99% of participants in MLM lose money. Women are sitting with hundreds or thousands of dollars of products in their basements because there is almost no retail market for this crap. It’s not a business, it’s a scam.

        2. BestDecision

          Your story is an example of why the sales force got so watered down. I know so many Directors that signed people up for personal use, and you simply can’t sustain a unit like that for long.

          Maybe that’s why my Senior isn’t any farther along since I left.

        3. LDT

          This is so me. I’m not going to lie, I love the product. I’m pissed they are changing the Miracle set. But I won’t sell it to new people. My mom and a few friends help me get that quarterly investment (and I don’t charge them full price). And it stops there. My director has basically given up on me because I will never go into debt for her.

          1. Char

            Doesn’t it bother you that you are supporting a company that takes advantage of women?

            If you really can’t live without the product, maybe you can purchase it from someone who is dumping it to get out and help them. Buying new product from the company/active consultants just perpetuates this fraud.

            You might even be able to negotiate below retail (aka consultant price) as an added bonus.

    2. BestDecision

      I’m an example of the benefit of this site. It gave me confirmation that what I was experiencing was rampant. It was then I gre courageous enough to resign, send my Cadillac back, and move on.

    3. pinkvictim

      It’s always the same gobbledygook and thought terminating cliches… peppered with poor spelling and grammar.

      Judy, may I suggest that YOU see a COUNSELOR… an exit counselor.

  8. Formykids

    What worries me about this power of positive thinking, everything has good and bad so move on if it’s not for you craziness, is that it is being used to stop people from using their god given brains to think through things thoroughly, recognize degrees of misconduct, and take powerful action when the degree of misconduct is egregious enough. Otherwise, how would any change for the better ever take place. Should we all just accept everything the way it is because all things have good and bad and move on. How does that serve us? It doesn’t. Keep going Pink Truth. Truth is extremely powerful and will eventually lead to great change no matter how hard people try to obfuscate it.

  9. Mrs. Christy D

    So, I am not a huge fan of these colors. That being said, I think this is their take on a grey suit with a touch of feminine color, they had the purplish grey one not that long ago. This seems like the mauve sister to that purple suit. Buying the suit doesn’t seem like such a big deal to me since they make A LOT of money. I would buy the moto jacket and punch it up with either a black or grey dress and lots of black sparkly jewelry. but that is just me.

      1. Mrs. Christy D

        Okay, I am not trying to argue *honestly* but what in the world did she spend the 14,000 on and why was she spending 9,000 in car payments? For example, a car payment is not something I would really ever decide on doing. Not that I can think of anyways. Also, is 70 hours a week realistic for what other directors do? *Again not trying to argue, I actually want to know.* I know 2 directors, one a pink Cadillac director, one has completed many car things and then I worked one on one with an NSD for about 6 months. Did I just meet a few of the ones that are doing well?

        1. TRACY

          It’s not car payments necessarily. I am guessing there are a few co-pays in there, which add up fast. The rest is the cost of operating the car for business purposes, including gas, car insurance, and repairs. The gas adds up quickly.

          The other $14,000 includes all those sales director expenses. As you can see, those add up quickly too. Room rental for weekly meetings is probably the biggest one, followed closely by prizes and incentives for consultants. Everything else that doesn’t fall into one of the other categorize will fall in there. It’s not hard to spend $1,200 per month on things like this when you’re a director.

          Yes, 70 hours a week is very realistic. I would say the average director is doing AT LEAST 50 to 60 hours a week.

          Also remember that “doing well” is in the eye of the beholder. They’re never going to tell you that they’re struggling. This is all one big con game, so OF COURSE they’re going to tell you that they’re making a zillion dollars.

          1. Mrs. Christy D

            Thank you for responding 🙂 I appreciate your time. I guess the lady that I jave most recently been involved with just falls in to a different category. She is a widower and holds parties at her house so she doesnt pay a lot in extras. I dont intend to recruit people myself without letting them know about this site. That being said. I plan on just being a sales woman. I know what I am in for I guess.

            1. TRACY

              If she is just holding parties at her house, then what she is doing is not comparable to the numbers that the woman who showed her numbers is doing. Those numbers are irrelevant to her.

              1. Mrs. Christy D

                I am sorry, my comment wasn’t very clear. She is a director and uses her home as her office space. She holds the meetings at her home for her team and does facials everywhere. As far as I see her cost of operation is basically her house payment and gas to get to women’s houses. (I just wanted to be clear with what I was presenting.) Again, I hope I don’t sound too defensive. I know that there are way more people that fall into the trap of doing things that they will regret. I just am not seeing where certain warnings really affect what I am doing as a sales woman. ( I can say that I would just be a saleswoman because that is really all I aspire to be.)

                1. BestDecision

                  I know a Director who did the same, and she still hasn’t made it to Cadillac or had offspring Directors since I left. All one ever needs to remember when wondering how successful someone in MK is this: Are they in a pink Cadillac? If they are, their commissions are at least $4,000/month.

                  However, you must also remember the expenses a Cadillac Director would and could be having. $900/month car payments could be taken out of her checks every month. Newsletters, postage, website maintenance, Unit Support Packages, etc. The list is very long for Directors. On top of her expenses to maintain just a selling business.

                  1. Mrs. Christy D

                    Thank you @BestDecision for laying that out for me.I really appreciate it. I am encouraged to ask my soon-to-be director for some of her numbers as well and I hope that she can show me hers honestly, which I believe she would.

                    Thank you.

                    1. enorth

                      “I hope that she can show me hers honestly, which I believe she would.”

                      It would not be in her best interest to show you honest numbers. If she shows you anything, it will be a best-case scenario, an average, or a high number she hit just one time.

                      You’ll be trying to sell mediocre makeup and skincare at hyper-inflated prices in a market that’s FLOODED with products of higher quality and lower cost.

  10. Mrs. Christy D

    On the subject of the business I wanted to say thank you to Pink Truth. Before I became a consultant I searched your website and read as much as I possibly could about the downsides of this company. Because of your website I made an informed decision to start. I am in the process of restarting this year and I am buying inventory. Yes, it is scary but because of your site and others along with business knowledge I am very aware of the risk involved. I hope that you can present more than just the negative in the future as I feel like that is all I have seen but again, I am grateful because it did help me move forward and learn MY strengths as a consultant. Did anyone ever have just one fun day in their business?

    1. TRACY

      No, Mrs. Christy D, we’re not going to present “more than just the negative in the future.” More than 99% of the participants in MLM lose money. That’s a fact. It’s not an opinion. You’re almost guaranteed to lose money in MK. You may think you’re doing this the smart way. It’s one big con game. If you make money (and that’s a big if), it’s likely going to be less than minimum wage. It’s not worth your time.

      1. Mrs. Christy D

        I have been one of the lucky people in this world to have managed many businesses including multiples that my Mom owned. I know the ups and downs of owning your own small business along with direct sales companies. I appreciate your input. I am not trying to say dont tell people the truth. It just seems jaded when you cannot say that in all the years of Mary Kay you didnt have one good day. And it makes it harder to believe. Like I said. I very much appreciate the truth.

          1. Mrs. Christy D

            Would you say that if a person was just to be a sales woman that she would still lose money? I am just talking about a woman who sells a product directly out of her home office. No recruiting, since that would add to the pyramid scheme.

            1. BestDecision

              Yes, she’d still lose money. First, she’d have to acquire hundreds of customers purchasing hundreds/year to make the revenue that it takes to pay for expenses. Secondly, the need to maintain every shade of every product and all the limited edition items causes loss of profit because you can never stay ahead. I had shades, for example, that never sold. Yet, you’d want to have a complete line of what is promoted in Look books and on your personal website so that you don’t lose a sale.

              I’d say get a part-time job, and you’ll take home more than you ever could strictly selling MK. And you won’t have the headaches of that business model.

            2. Lazy Gardens

              As of this moment, there are 47,623 listings for Mary Kay on eBay,selling anything from a single mascara to an entire inventory. Many of them are selling for pennies on the dollar.

              That is your real competition. The people desperate to get out and not lose their shirts.

              You can’t sell full retail because there are so many consultants on social media begging for the “opportunity” to sell anything at barely over cost.

              And the seller space is beyond saturation into solid-packed:
              Ignoring previous years’ recruits:
              325,000 people started a Mary Kay business in the United States in 2015 according to the recent Mary Kay press release/advertorial

              104,577,000 million females 15-64 (cosmetics using years) in 2015 in the USA (potential buyers)

              104,577,000 / 325,000 = 322 non-consultant females for every 2015 recruit

              Can you make a living selling to 322 customers?

              1. Mrs. Christy D

                That is the kind of math I am looking for! Thank you! I actually appreciate all of the help you ladies are giving. It really does give me a full scope of what I am doing. As for 322 customers a year.. Honestly, I think I could make that work for the second income my family desires right now. I had less than 50 customers my first year and still made profit. barely. But again, I had less than 50 customers and had no idea what I was doing.

                Thank you again, Unless you ladies feel like continuing I will stop so I don’t become an antagonist. I hope that you find the careers that work for you and your family. And if you like the products, don’t forget to support those women that you are concerned for! Talk to them, ask them these hard questions, and for goodness sake, if something makes you uncomfortable don’t wait until director status to turn it around. Stop as soon as something makes you uncomfortable!

                1. Lazy Gardens

                  As for 322 customers a year.. Honestly, I think I could make that work for the second income my family desires right now. ”

                  The 322 is just the number of women per IBC, not the number of customers you can expect to get. To get beyond the pity purchases fo friends and family you would have to be out there pushing like a late-night TV huckster.

                  Not all of those 322 possible customers would want to buy Mary Kay from you. Some of them would be ex-IBCs, related to an IBC, or consider Mary Kay to be overpriced and low quality.

                  If you want a reliable second income, get a part time job where you swap your time for their money. Every week.

                2. pinkvictim

                  The average reorder per customer each year is $157.


                  332 x $157 = $52,124.

                  With zero expenses (impossible), after taxes, you still only have $36,487. Now, start subtracting expenses… and then start subtracting customers because there is no way to retain ALL 332 customers, if you can even capture them to start with.

                  You’d be lucky to make half that.

                  Is that the kind of math you are looking for?

                  1. Mrs. Christy D

                    At my former career, a Resident coordinator for a non profit, my salary was 12,000 a year and I was at work 9-13 hours a day plus events a d special scenarios. I had my one year old son and was pregnant with my second. That job, I WILL NEVER DO AGAIN WILLINGLY. So, yes even if it was 15,000 in a year I would really love that. Even if it was 12. It works for me. I love the products, I have tried other skin care and I really love MKs.

                    1. Lazy Gardens

                      Mrs. Christy D ….

                      Please read this. It was published a while ago, but nothing I have seen indicates that the situation for Mary Kay sellers has improved at all. I would love to repeat the analysis, but shortly after this was first published (by Yahoo), the SDs stopped listing sales, and Mary Kay corporation ordered them to password protect their websites.


                      I compared Mary Kay IBCs’ incomes to the 2006 federal minimum wage: $5.15 an hour. Minimum wage in some states is higher than that, but I’m trying to make Mary Kay look as good as possible. (NOTE: minimum wage is higher now, but there is no evidence that incomes for IBCs is any higher … )

                      10 hours a week @ minimum wage = $200 a month take-home pay. To make that much money in MK sales, you have to consistently sell $600 a month (only 1/3 is spendable, remember?). How many do that? Only 3178 of the 26,279 consultants (12.1%) were selling enough to equal or exceed the take-home pay of a teenager working 10 hours a week as a minimum-wage burger flipper after school.

                      32 hours a week @ minimum wage = $600 a month take-home pay. To make that in MK sales, you have to consistently sell $1800 a month. How many do that? Only 428 of the 26,279 consultants (1.63%) are selling enough to equal or exceed the take-home pay of someone who works 4 days a week as a minimum-wage Wal-Mart greeter.

                      40 hours a week @ minimum wage = $825 a month take-home pay. With this kind of job, you might even get paid vacation, health insurance and other benefits, which you do not get from Mary Kay until you reach exalted rank. To make that in MK sales, you have to consistently sell $2400 a month. How many do that? Only 119 of the 26,279 consultants (0.45%) are selling enough to equal or exceed the take-home pay of someone who works 40 hours a week as a minimum-wage cashier at a convenience store.

                    2. Mrs. Christy D

                      Thank you very much for everything you have presented. I know that I am firm in my decision and I hope that I can be doing well in my business even if others werent. All I can do is hold myself to a very high standard with lots of accountability. I hope to take actions and precautions that prevent me from ever becoming the kind of women that may have hurt you or convinced you to do something outside of your comfort zone.

                      Thank you again!

                    3. Mrs. Christy D

                      Pink Victim, if you were insinuating that I was lying then… I dont even know what to say honestly. I hope you werent but it felt that way. Like I said it was a salary job for a non profit organization. I was at the offive from 7am to 6 pm although my working hours were like 8-5 I was always dealing with things earlier and later because it was an in home ministry for broken women.

                    4. pinkvictim

                      If you worked for a non-profit that paid you below minimum wage for a salaried, 40 hour/wk position, tell us the name.

                      I will contact both the federal and state departments of labor myself.

                    5. Mrs. Christy D

                      … I checked the numbers myself. Even if it was 13,000 and I had been mistaken earlier, I still would have been below minimum wage…. yikes. That sucks. Anyways, It was what I agreed too, They could barely afford to pay me that.

                    6. Mrs. Christy D

                      Hey, I’m sorry but I don’t know what doubling down means. I am just trying to communicate clearly. I may be just reading too much in to typed words but your comments keep striking me as very aggressive.

                    7. ran4fun

                      PV – I know someone who worked at a non-profit and was paid a very small amount. Some of them are almost considered unpaid internships. Or near volunteer positions. It’s more of a “stipend” with no real boundaries on time – hence people don’t stay long at these positions. Non-profit often means no profit for those working there. Young adults/recent college grads in a tight job market are the usual ones who take these “jobs”.

        1. Lazy Gardens

          It takes more than “one good day” to make a business work. Or one “good party” to succeed in Mary Kay.

          You have to have a steady string of them, every month of every year. And the facts are that 99% of the people in MLMs don’t manage more than a few good days in all the months and years.

          1. Formykids

            Agreed. I think we would all concede that there are the occasional good days and there are even useful skills learned from doing MK, or other MLMs, but there are many other places to have occasional good days and learn those skills that aren’t con games. If having those occasional good days and learning those skills are worth losing money year after year, to you, then have at it. Best of luck to you, but the facts are the facts.

            1. Mrs. Christy D

              Well, I have sold these products before and I am definitely not interested in losing money. I made money the last time including all my expenses and I didn’t take so much time away from anything that I was upset about it. I see all of your comments and understand where you guys are coming from. I didn’t purchase inventory before and that did cut into my profit margin having to pay the $10 shipping fee everytime. I am buying inventory this time. A small amount and I am buying it outright so there are no CC charges or debt against me.
              The only reason I say this stuff is because I really do agree that most people probably aren’t successful. I don’t believe in the fake it till you make it mantra or any of the other affirmations of positivity that aren’t truthful. I know for me that the hours I am scheduling, the products that I choose to have and the business I decide to run isn’t like what you guys are talking about. I understand it is still a MLM company. I understand that you see it as a pyramid scheme. I just see it as a product I love and without manipulation would like to sell to someone who needs skincare.

    2. BestDecision

      While I bet I did, all I recall is the countless cancellations, no shows, customers wanting everything for free or a discount, being stabbed in the back by others desperate for business, weekends and nights away from my family and friends to hold unit meetings/parties/workshops/guest events, spending hundreds of dollars on airfare per event to Seminar and Leadership, making LESS THAN I MADE IN MY FORMER CAREER, NOT HAVING BENEFITS, and strutting around of Directors and NSDs thinking they were famous. Outside of MK, no one cares who Gloria or Pam are. Inside MK, no one who actually practices what is preached will like those that quote scripture but lead with their egos.

      I remember nothing good from MK, even the days I picked up my Cadillacs. Why? Because they were tainted by what I went through to get there and then what I had to do to maintain them.

  11. Enorth

    I’m seeing sm posts where women are earning cars, but not caddies.
    “Sqeal! I just picked up my eighth Mary Kay car!”

    Eight MK cars, but none were caddies, none were free, and none were yours.

  12. Did Pink

    Mrs. Christy D,
    Please consider what everyone is posting. No one wants you to fail so they can say- hey told you so and gloat. The reality, this was set up so other women can see what MK people have experienced so they will not go into this and lose money. Another reality, whether its MK, Tupperware, R & F all these business plans are set up so the consultant fails. It dosesn’t matter how wonderful the product is, how much you love it etc. Before purchasing a huge inventory, I invite you to visit eBay and see what is available for a fraction of the wholesale cost. Your customer can buy it there and eliminate the middle person. This is not being negative, it is being realistic. Since you love the product so, I invite you to shop there as well.

    1. Mrs. Christy D

      I really appreciate your kind words and I really do understand what I am getting in to. I know about ebay but for myself, I’m not going to buy skin care and cosmetic items from somewhere like ebay. I would rather buy in a store like Sephora or directly from a consultant. Please, no one buy off of Ebay… 🙁 There is no guarantee of what has happened to those products.

        1. Mrs. Christy D

          You are correct Tracy but I was referring to the guarantee of being able to return a product or talk to a sales associate from somewhere like Sephora or Ulta. Ebay does have crazy low prices. Somw from women who dont sell, some from people who inherited the inventory from a deceased conaultant, some who uses the product and didnt like it so sold it as used only once. I get it. You have a very strong personality and I hope the best for whatever you decide to do with your career choices. I appreciate the advice you have given.

      1. Lazy Gardens

        “Please, no one buy off of Ebay”

        Actually, 69,579 results for Mary Kay on eBay when you look for the “SOLD” only listings. Some are large batches, others are single items.

        But, you are special and smarter than the thousands of women who thought they knew how to “do it right” so you’ll perhaps break even instead of losing money.

        But your chances of making the $12K a year you think you will make are vanishingly small.

        1. Mrs. Christy D

          You don’t have to be condescending. I am not saying that I am special or smarter. I am saying that here, where I live, Mary Kay is a welcomed company that does better than some other areas. Your argument loses my respect when you start to talk down to someone. I heard your facts, I appreciate them. My climate for business is a Little different here. I had my husband read all of the posts and statistics with me. I did my part my choice is still solid. I really appreciate your time. I came here on purpose for a balanced mindset toward business by reviewing the downside, I got exactly that. Thank you for helping. I hope you are all doing well in whatever you have decided to do.

          1. MK-B-I-L

            I have a better deal for you Christy. Put the $6000 full wagon investment into good growth stock mutual fund or S&P index fund. (You’ll have to start with $5500 and add the extra $500 the following year). Add $1200 a year. In 10 years you will have $40K. In 20 years you will have $134K. in 30 years you will have $400K. 40 years you will have $1.1 million dollars. If you put it in a Roth it will be tax free.


            This approach works every single time, not 1 in 99.

          2. TRACY

            What is condescending about the facts? You are typical of women who come here and insinuate that they are smarter than us or know how to do it better than us. They’re going to learn from our mistakes because we were too silly to do it the right way. Of course, you didn’t actually say that, but the implication was there. Nevertheless, everyone was pretty nice to you in giving you the facts about this company.

            You still think it’s a great opportunity to earn $5 an hour for yourself. If that’s the case, go ahead and do it. Why continue to waste our time when your mind is already made up? You never really wanted any new information from this site. You knew exactly what you were going to do and you were hoping we’d validate it for you. We haven’t, but we wish you no harm. We know harm will come, because that’s what happens in Mary Kay.

            With this message, I say good-bye. I’d like to focus on others who need information to make a decision. You’ve made yours. We won’t be corresponding with you any further on Pink Truth.

  13. Mrs. Christy D

    The facts were not condescending aand my responses prove that I believe that. I appreciate the facts and even the warnings. You made a rude remark about being smarter and special and it was unnecessary. I have also stated repeatedly that I really did want facts and that I was very firm in my decision as well. I did not hide anything or come here to dissuade my own position.I was pretty clear from the very beginning that I came here for facts on the downside of this business and to ask questions. I didnt know I was “wasting” anyones time since I have read and cross read everything you have all sent to me. That is how communication and research works. I also have no ones mistakes to learn from. No one has told me anything that they did personally for their business or how they ran it. I have the numbers to go off of. I hate that so many assumptions have been made about me. I love Mary Kay but I supported tge truth that this blog offered about it because I do not think it is for everyone. The only mistake I have learned is not to do anything that I will loom back on and regret.

    Thank you for all your time. I don’t think it was wasted.

    1. pinkvictim

      I see the “Mary Kay isn’t for everyone” thought terminating cliche all the time when SD’s are trying to blame their recruit for MKult’s failings. Now you are saying it.

      We hear all the time how anyone can do MKult, and there’s a script to overcome every objection. So, I have to ask: If anyone can do it, but it’s not for everyone, who isn’t Mkult for? I mean, if it isn’t for everyone, you should be able to specify who those people are that it’s not for. Please specify who those people are.

  14. Alison

    I fell in the pink trap years ago… it was a disaster, however, it did lead me to go back to school. Not only did I become a beautician but I also became an aesthetician and within a year opened my own spa! I can honestly say if you think mk is quality products you need to schedule an appointment with a skin care specialist for a basic facial and talk to that professional about the differences in products.

    To the admins, if you would like a post comparing products or the difference in truly being in the BEAUTY business let me know, I’ll gladly tell what everyone should consider before using mk or selling it.

    1. PattieCakes1982

      Congratulations on your new REAL business! 😉
      The amount of women who believe that Mary Kay is a quality product is mind-numbing…. but thankfully decreasing every year.
      I’m a working makeup artist who had had to burst many a Kay-Bots bubble over the years. They will hire me to do their makeup before some big event, then expect me to use that crap instead of what I have in my kit. When I refuse, they act like it’s okay to my face, then tell everyone at the event that not only are they wearing Mary Kay cosmetics, BUT they also applied the makeup themselves!!!! It is appalling the level of deceit that floats around those meetings! I’ve been seriously considering just flat out refusing to do their makeup anymore. Lord knows I already refuse to take a check from them based on prior experience!

  15. Julie

    To bring the convo back to that suit…it’s awful. All those horizontal lines will make any woman look wider than she is (I noticed that all three of the pictures of the model were taken from above to lengthen her lines, but you get a pretty good square-on view of a woman wearing the jacket in the background of picture #3 and she looks like her torso is a decorated box.) Pencil skirts are not flattering to every body type. The color is muddy and odd, and the texture of the material reminds me of the upholstery on a sofa my parents had in the 1960’s. Also I’m sure that little black lace thing is supposed to dress it up for evening but it’s very poncho-adjacent.

    1. BestDecision

      It’s hideous, isn’t it? Imagine paying for that AND the wholesale it’d take to have the new 3D products in stock. And Seminar registration! Pretty expensive times right now!

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