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2018 Mary Kay National Sales Director Suit

The National Sales Director Suit for 2018 isn’t any better than the one the sales directors got…


  1. Lazy Gardens

    Oh wow … a saddle blanket stripe across the butt, and is that sparkle an artifact of the photo or were they visited by the glitterazzi again?

    That looks like the ombre striped upholstery material that was popular a while back.

  2. Neverpink

    Oh no. No no no no. It looks like someone’s grandmother knit it for them, and then splattered white paint on it. I didn’t realize it was sparkle until the comment section. I thought it was white paint flecks!

    1. TRACY

      Seems kinda wooly, huh? I hate it! But you’re allowed to like it. Everyone is allowed to like whatever they want. The color is fine, there is just something I don’t like about it that I can’t put my finger on.

      1. ran4fun

        I think for me what’s weird about it is, this doesn’t look like the kind of fabric I would expect reflective glimmering sparkles on. It looks like heavy wool, and heavy wool doesn’t “sparkle”.

        If it is wool, it will be itchy and very warm in summer!

    2. Kinzie

      I don’t mind it, either, but the long skirt paired with the long jacket makes the whole suit look heavy and matronly. I actually don’t hate the director suits, either; the one with the ruffly front is nice.

  3. Pink Jihad

    If someone wore it with boots and some heavy sterling silver jewelry, it would be cute for a Western event (reminds me of Santa Fe somehow…guess it’s the horse blanket material)

  4. onelessSD

    It just looks really bulky to me. I don’t mind the color… but not something that I would choose for me. The texture of the fabric does look like a western blanket type texture… if you’re tall and thin, this might look good.. but if you have any extra weight on you… look out… not a pretty sight.

    1. BestDecision

      OnelessSD, remember when they had boucle material on an NSD suit that was revealed at Leadership, but the NSDs hated it so much they had it pulled and redesigned? It think that became the salmon colored suit.

      Let us never forget the royal blue suit. Or the lapel clip on materials. I was horrified when I saw it at Leadership.

  5. onelessSD

    BestDecision, I vaguely remember the NSD suit being pulled… but I had the royal blue suit… but I never made it to Sr. Director status… so I never had to deal with the snap on wings. I’m blonde, so royal blue is a very good color for me… but it was sooo much blue. And the lavender & salmon colored blouses? blech!

  6. Becki

    I hope these suits get pulled asap!!! I do not find them attractive. I was so excited to view them but now I am so terribly dissappointed! These suits do not say elegant, feminine or business woman, they say BIG FASHION MISHAP!!! 🙁 🙁

    1. onelessSD

      that is true. Because the sales force are independent contractors… they get the privilege of paying for anything and everything. When I first became a director back in 2002… it was the pearl grey suit. I actually liked it. The company that was contracted to make the suits at the time was All-Built. I remember receiving the suit the 1st day of career conference… and I was so excited- but nervous because I’m kinda hard to fit, due to being a plus size lady. But the suit fit perfectly- I was shocked! Then the next suit was the barney suit- while the color was not great… the suit still fit me good. Then the 40th anniversary suit- the black with pink piping. That was the last suit by All-Built and the last suit that fit me good…. all the rest were terrible and the quality continued to decline each year. I had the “privilege” to purchase 8 suits in my tenure as a SD… and I only purchased the basic stuff.. no fluff – and it was running me close to $400 a suit for a Jacket, Skirt and 1 blouse. A complete rip off…. so glad I don’t have to deal with that any longer.

      1. BestDecision

        I forgot about that purple suit with the scarves! I liked the slate blue and pink piping suits, too, and I agree we all could tell a difference! The most flattering suit I’ve ever seen was the black one with the wide neckline and collar. BUT THEY WERE ALL RIDICULOUSLY OVERPRICED!

  7. Kiki

    That’s what I feel the company is the worst! They change the suits so often, forcing the SD’s and NSD’s to buy new suits all the time. I think I would begin to cringe each time they rolled out a new suit.

  8. HerefortheMLManipulation

    I think I’ve figured out what I like about the blazer. Taking away the ridiculous glitter, it would actually look nice as a warm winter jacket.

    Of course, I would only purchase it with the expectation of it being a high-quality item that I could wear for many years, certainly not for a one time event in the middle of July!

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