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Mary Kay Sales Director Suit 2019

Here is a look at the new sales director suit for Mary Kay’s 2019-2020 year.  


And the red jackets…


  1. MSgtK

    Ugly again. Same thing as prior years(s) just a different color….uggg. Never understood how anyone thinks red, white and black goes together for red jackets either. Couldn’t pay me to wear those “uniforms”…..ugggg again.

    1. MLM Radar

      Not only that, look at all the different styles. Suit style and blouse color announce your rank in MK circles. (The non-MK world doesn’t care about that.) I notice most of the suits are black, but there are grey suits in the background. Are the grey suits for the NSDs?

      if you “achieve” a higher rank during the year, you need to get the new suit style that matches your new rank. $400+ when the suits first come out, and another $400+ before the next event so you can be admired for your “achievement.” Of course, as a brand-new SSD or ESSD you’ll be so pleased with yourself that you won’t mind spending the extra money, right?

      The Red Jacket display is interesting. I thought the preferred store for buying Red Jacket suits was the Goodwill Store.

  2. Michelle

    I saw a gorgeous Calvin Klein jacket in Macy’s today that was marked down (January!) from $149 to $45. Pair it with the slacks and accessories, and look GOOD for what, $175? These suits are ugly, ugly, ugly.

  3. DonewithMk666

    Who else remembers the ugly brown suit that kind of look like sofa fabric and the shirt they went with it was the brown and black tiger stripe but It had like a breast feeding flap and I could never understand what in the heck that was for! I think that was the year 2013 or 14 it was so stiff and so ugly and so gross and I could not believe I was forced to pay 300+ dollars for that crap !!

    1. MLM Radar

      Everyone pays AND MK Corporate makes a tidy profit on every purchase.

      The best part for MK Corporate is that suits are one thing that won’t be returned for refund when they quit.

  4. Julie

    Oy with the pencil skirts already! The fabric looks like my grandmother’s sofa, circa 1960 — scratchy, with little metallic bits that poked if you sat on it wearing shorts — and then they make it worse with pencil skirts. If you have to wear something that ugly, can it at least be comfortable and somewhat flattering on the rather large percentage of women who don’t like having their legs tied together at the knee?

  5. Karen Williams

    Why is a skirt required? What if you’re one of those people who look like a transport truck in a skirt? Furthermore those suits are HIDEOUS. Like I expect to see them worn in the dog show ring……

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