Directors Making Six Figures

We at Pink Truth are very familiar with the often-uttered phrase “My director makes six figures!!!!” Women believe the hype that Mary Kay Sales Directors are making big money. So how much money is “big money” and how many sales directors are making it?

Here are the numbers, straight from the horse’s mouth. From Applause Magazine, we have the top 100 sales director incomes in each of the 4 divisions for September 2018. These 400 sales directors represent the top 3.3% of all sales directors, and way less than 1% of all consultants in the United States.

The top 10 monthly checks of those top 400 sales directors were:


So if you’re in the top 10 of all sales directors in Mary Kay, you’re grossing about $147,000 to $192,000  per year if you multiply these commissions by 12. (Of course we know commissions vary a lot from month to month and these top checks don’t always repeat.) This is prior to the deduction of any business expenses.

But what about the bottom of the upper echelon of Mary Kay? This is where the truth really lies. If you’re one of these women, you’re still in the very top of Mary Kay. The top 400 directors of an estimated 12,000 directors in the U.S.!!!!

The bottom 10 monthly checks of these top 400 sales directors were:


The bottom 10 of the top 400 Mary Kay sales directors are grossing about $6,000 a month, prior to business expenses. That’s about $72,000 per year gross income. (BEFORE subtracting business expenses, which can be substantial.)

And 11,600 sales directors are making less than that. This is certainly not the “executive income” that is so often bragged about in Mary Kay.

So the next time you hear someone talking about the woman in Mary Kay who makes six figures, chances are it’s a lie. 11,600 Mary Kay sales directors (96.7% of directors) are making less than $72,000 per year in gross commissions. In fact, a tremendous number of sales directors are barely making minimum production each month (the amount required to keep the sales director status), which gives them monthly commissions of $800 to $1,000.

Remember that those who get to the position of sales directors in Mary Kay are deemed to be the hard workers and the successful ones. Yet the vast majority of sales directors (96.7%) are making less than $72,000 per year before the deduction of any business expenses.

And also remember, the fantasy about the big money is not limited to Mary Kay. Every multi-level marketing company promotes the idea that they have lots of big money makers. And that, my friends, is a lie.


  1. Char

    “Remember that those who get to the position of sales directors in Mary Kay are deemed to be the hard workers and the successful ones. Yet the vast majority of sales directors (96.7%) are making less than $72,000 per year before the deduction of any business expenses.”

    And not only that we have to ask, how do the directors actually make that money? What must they really do?

    The short answer is “work hard” and yet the spiel is the opposite – part time hours, full time pay. Think about that! It’s a direct contradiction. If we delve further:

    Directors are making their money, or lack there of, by working hard at convincing others they don’t have to work hard to make money that they themselves probably arent making.

    Translation: Lies, half-truths, embellishments to ‘attempt’ to aquire money. I don’t know about you, but that’s not the kind of act I’d be proud of or want to be involved with.

    It’s strange. It’s like MLM is an acceptable albeit unethical way of doing business for some people. They are okay with lying to friends and family to make a buck. Or…..

    I understand that many of you don’t or didn’t realize it was unethical. That’s what makes it a GOOD CON which brings this whole experience full circle.

    If I came to you and said, I have a scam I want you to join, would you join? I doubt it. So instead, it must be disguised, and I must convince you its a real business. Right?

    But what if I can’t present you with facts to back up my fabulous claims, what do I do? (Btw, you can’t recruit your own customers in a commission sales business to become your own endless-chain competition. Yet to be successful in MLM, you must recruit. It’s an inherent flaw.)

    What do I do? I deflect. I start convincing you to “believe” in yourself, I empower you, I feed you fake compliments, and I teach you to to do the same to others.

    I sell you an “opportunity” based on lies, and ask you to do the same. Welcome to MLMing. Mary Kay is an MLM company.

    P.S. Opportunities aren’t always a positive. I would now like to present you with an “opportunity” to buy the Brooklyn Bridge. Cheap!

  2. Amy Schulte

    “My sales director makes 6 figures”
    And… Your point is??
    The superintendent of the school district where I work makes 6 figures, too. Doesn’t mean everyone in the school district makes that much, or even close to it.

  3. BestDecision

    This is where my Director refused to acknowledge expenses should be deducted from what you say you make a year in MK. She’d always change the subject or say I was “thinking small” or being negative.

    Is it POSSIBLE to make six figures in MK? Yes.
    Is it PROBABLE to make six figures in MK? No. The numbers don’t lie.

  4. Mickey2942

    Excellent! How many women do you have to lie to, use, and abuse to get to the top?

    I make “only” 5 figures, with full benefits, pension, and integrity. It is awesome.

  5. MLM Radar

    400 out of 12,000 of the Directors reported in that month took in $5,800 or more. That month. No other months reported. (MK wants you to multiply that number by 12. They don’t want you thinking about all the alternate months when your Love Check is a lot smaller.) I notice that earnings rate fell off pretty fast, too. If that trend line continues down, most of the other 11,400 make pocket change, before expenses. When you draw that on a chart it’s pretty disheartening.

    So how much do the Directors on the bottom end make, BEFORE expenses?

    A struggling Director is getting in the minimum quota order to keep her position every other month; 6 months out of 12. $4,500 times 13% is $585. TImes six, that’s $3,510. Per year. Before expenses. For this she works 45 to 60 hours per week.

    She’s also handing a lot of that money right back to MK for product purchases to “qualify” for something or another.

    But wait! What about all that money she’s getting from her personal sales?

    Oops, Isn’t that why she became a Director in the first place? She already found out there’s no money to be made from product sales.

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