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A Mary Kay NSD Talks About Pink Truth

One Mary Kay national sales director, Kirk Gillespie, sent this email to all the sales directors in her area, “warning” them about Pink Truth.

Hey gang,

I wanted to give you a quick head’s up on something that the company alerted me to today. Evidently, there are disgruntled and bitter people out there that feel it is a worthwhile venture to create a negative blog for other MK “wish I had’s”. The purpose of these blogs is to give a venue for those that want to vent.

Our President faxed us today to let us know that this is out there, and he cautioned us about sending out info. about it because it is not worthy of our time and attention.

I am only letting you know, in case it comes up with your Consultants. One of our Directors here got an email from a “friend wanting to share it with her!” As if!!!! I don’t recommend that you mention this at all, and I definitely don’t feel it’s worth your time to take a look! You know what they say about curiosity!!! I just wanted you to be aware that it is out there. This is not uncommon among large companies with millions of consumers that operate in a country that values freedom of speech! We can all be so grateful, especially in light of the information about North Korea, that we live in a country where this is even allowed.

What would Mary Kay do in response to this? Well…I remember when an animal rights group picketed our Seminar one year, because she gave fur coats as a prize. What did Mary Kay do? She sent her staff out to offer them pink lemonade!!!! If any of this creates doubt in your mind about what our company is all about, please let me know. I know that this kind of thing makes me even more proud of our area and our commitment to integrity. Those that don’t succeed in our business, do so by their own choice of how they work. It’s plain and simple! I don’t know about you, but this is an attack on what I hold dear and am very passionate about. It makes me even more determined to continue to do what is right and to keep moving up!

Love and total belief,


National Sales Director

We are proudly building an INNER CIRCLE National Area of unstoppable, determined, amazing women of excellence and total integrity!

We have only just begun and to God be the glory!

“Ain’t NO stoppin’ us now!”


  1. What?!? I didn’t get any pink lemonade! *Offended face*

    This letter is funny.. wonder how much damage the author did by sending it 😛

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