Husband Endorses Mary Kay

The husband of a Mary Kay nsd writes a letter to husbands of new recruits, and offers misinformation in the letter to boot!


I want to welcome you on behalf of my wife, xxxxxxxxx, National Sales Director for Mary Kay, Inc. and myself to the Mary Kay “family”. I thought I would provide you wiht a little background information on Mary Kay Cosmetics, a little about me and some of the things that you can expect your wife to be invovled in as a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant.

Mary Kay, Inc. is headquartered in Dallas, Texas and was formed in 1963. Each year since 1992 Mary Kay Cosmetics has done over one billion dollars in global sales. This past year the company did two billion dollars in total sales. Mary Kay is currently in 32 foreign countries. It is Big Business!

Mary Kay Inc. has been ranked as one of the top ten companies in the United States for women to work for and presents a tremendous opportunity for your wife as well as yourself. The company for the last 11 years has been the No. 1 selilng brand of skin care in the United States.

I am a practicing attorney and have been working with xxxx for the last 13 years. I have met a number of husbands on various Mary Kay trips and at Seminar in Dallas who work  part-time and even full-time in their wife’s Mary Kay business. I speak at a number of meetings about the positive benefits of a Mary Kay career for a woman and also how husbands can help their wives in this business venture.

I have never run across a business opportunity such as this where someone can work part-time or full-time, depending on their own wishes, name their own hours so they can be home with children if they desire, spending $100.00 minimum to get into the business and have a 90% guarantee buy-back on all products they purchase thorugh Mary Kay, if returned within the first year of becoming a consultant. I have seen many women build upon this minimum $100.00 investment to weekly income in excess of $950.00 and yearly income in excess of $95,000.00.

Mary Kay, Inc. is not a multi-level company, but a dual marketing system. All Consultants and Directors purchase their product directly from Mary Kay at discounts up to 50%. Customers buy their products directly from their Consultants and Directors. Mary Kay, Inc. has 10% of the skin care market. Therefore, any thoughts of saturation in your city or state is unfounded.

In addition to the $100.00 minimum investment, most women spend between $600.00 and $3,600.000 additionally to purchase inventory. This allows customers to purchase their skin care products immediately from your wife. All inventory purchased is subject to the 90% guarantee buy-back mentioned previously. This inventory is a necessary investment in building a profitable business. If a sufficient amount of inventory isn’t purchased it is like a golfer who has a set of irons but no woods.

In order for your wife to be successful as a Mary Kay Consultant and move up the ladder, she will have to spend time to make her business grow. This often involves unit meetings which may run 2 hours. During these meetings your wife will be introduced to the Mary Kay business and undergo training. Guests are invited to these meetings so that they are informed of the Mary Kay opportunity. You can expect that your wife will be invovled in sales of the product and recruiting others to become consultants.

The amount of time that your wife spends in the business of course, will be directly related to her monetary goals. Since this is a sales and recruiting business, there are going to be ups and downs for her and any words of encouragement that you can give to her would be most helpful. I tell husbands for example, on the evening that your wife has her meeting, that if you could do the dishes and clean up the counters in the kitchen that will helkp life her spirits. Little things like this go a long way.

I, again, welcome you to the Mary Kay “family” and I honestly feel this is one of the best business opportunities that I have ever seen. There is a wide diversity of Consultants as far as age, education, background and amount of business experience. I have seen some women who have their lives changed from shy, timid women who had little self-confidence and didn’t think they could step out of their “comfort zone” to sell and recruit to self-confident women with a purpose of makin glife better for themselves and their families. Many of these women are like flowers which have opened up and blossomed. This is not a business opportunity where the money is just going to fall into your wife’s lap, but if she works at it there is a tremendous opportunity in this company.

Now that your wife has chosen to become a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant we hope she sets her goal on directorship. From a husbands view point, as a director, she will make more money and work less hours. Besides I am now happy and proud to be driving the “free” trophy on wheels – the Pink Cadillac. Look forward to meeting you in the near future.




  1. Oh dear, how dated-a husband’s “seal of approval” is needed to legitimate a wife’s business endeavor.

    I’m convinced this letter is a bit of Pink Copypasta. If this guy is indeed a real person and attorney, he would see this scam for what it is

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