30 Spooky Signs That the Home Business You’re In Is…

written by PinkedOff



30. Endless creative challenges, ideas, flyers, gimmicks, games, rewards (to customers AND consultants). Truly needed and/or popular products by reputable companies don’t need desperate tactics.

29. Your products are sold at extreme discounts EVERYWHERE (ebay, blogsites, discount websites garage sales/flea markets, etc., etc., etc.) Helloooooooo! By far, timing, discounts, and luck supercede loyalty and great service in our world today. Unless, of course, you are that pushy broad whose customers buy just to get you out of their face.

28. Your upline isn’t showing you any paystubs, let alone a real Schedule C. How may times does it need to be said…. the “50% profit (or % your company pays) and commission amount are NOT profit! Do the math and wake up, ladies! Would we also have fallen for Hitler’s seductions?

27. Your upline only calls you to motivate, hint for an order, when you show up, and/or at the end of the month. Don’t EVEN think she’s your friend if you have no life moments together TOTALLY unrelated to business. Uncertain? Quit… and see how often you hear from her.

26. Your upline has strange periods of silence and isn’t showing up herself! Most in leadership are as depressed as you are! That motivation they’re periodically sending out is as much for themselves, as you.

25. The majority (or ALL 15, in my case) of the sister Directors you befriended in Dallas at Director Training no longer have MK websites. They starting dropping off, one by one, within a month of your return.

24. Your company/upline doesn’t address valid concerns. The moment she says you are exhibiting stinking thinking…………RUN for your life!

23. New recruits are stolen right out from under their original recruiter…over and over. In home businesses, taking the high road is wonderful….. and lonely.

22. Your upline conveniently and without conscience only remembers what SHE’s done for you! Especially after you resign! Remember, anything you do that does not put money in your upline’s pocketbook has NO lasting value.

21. At Director Training, you meet(met) LOTS of women attending for their 2nd, 3rd time and so on. It’s not exactly an empowering experience! (Hey gals, I’ll bet someone carries the dubious record of “Queen of Persistence”… the most times attending Director training!)

20. No one mentions the former unit member who was Miss Go Give multiple times and LOVED by everyone. Only the active are entitled to ‘love’ after all. We Miss Go Gives were probably the biggest suckers.

19. The only time debt is addressed is Day 3 of Dallas Director Training…AFTER DIQ! And they get away with this… feigning sincere concern and never blinking.

18. Your NSD grabs the back side of the Consultant Agreement out of the hands of your potential recruit and says “don’t waste your time reading that, money, it’s just silly stuff”. The less you know when you sign, the happier they are.

17. Your upline makes a generous gesture on your behalf…. THEN later tries to obligate you. There is a very skillful blackmail process cultivated within these businesses.

16. Your director laughs as she explains how to outwit your customers and team members. Remember those uncomfortable feelings when she’d share unethical and downright greedy tips?

15. Your NSD calls you on the carpet because you honestly explained MK requirements to someone else’s unit member. That was the day I knew in my heart I did not want to succeed in MK.

14. You are encouraged to use your children to help build your business; you are encouraged to ignore your children’s needs when they conflict with business. MK can forever negatively impact your relationship with your children….. is that a risk you are willing to take?

13. You may be encouraged to mortgage your house, divorce your husband, apply/incur for more credit… to save/start your business. I heard this justified first hand from more than one EESD/NSD at events.

12. You are threatened/blackmailed, shunned, maligned and fearful of leaving or because you are considering leaving the business. It’s horrifying and it happens all the time.

11. The product is taking over the space in your home! Your family, friends, customers freak out when they see how much product you have…. assuming you’re not too embarassed to show it!

10. You are STUCK with your Director… even though in reputable corporations you can TRANSFER!

9. For some initially mysterious reason your upline encourages you to resign now…versus later. Oh, then, by golly, she wins a recruiting/production contest that month she took over. AND, she has the nerve to act like SHE earned it.

8. Exceptions are not automatically granted during all MAJOR crises like Hurricane Katrina. Notice we never heard what happened to the thousands of consultants whose businesses were destroyed during Hurricane Katrina.

7. It’s suggested you go trick or treating with your kids…. and pass out samples/flyers. No moment will ever yours again if you are truly determined!

6. The genuinely beautiful holiday baskets you spent making up (and buying more ‘extra’s for) are still sitting on your shelf or in a box…. unusable because dust and crinkles aren’t pretty on cellophane! For all your investment and effort, your Christmas income will most likely be in the red, not green!

5. When you someday pass, your family discovers box after box of MK products in the basement or attic. They are your only remaining ‘new’ assets even though they are years old! Your mother faints right there from the horror!

4. You pass up a special personal occasion for the business sisterhood. The pain will be yours when you become estranged from your family and those ‘pseudo-sisters’ disappear when you most need them.

3. As a “stay-at-home” mom consultant you are now working MK in the evenings, on weekends as well as weekdays in between your home/family responsibilities. So NOW you’re gone during family prime time. Dahhhhh…. ya, you’re a stay-at-home mom?

2. ANY mention of politics/religion/cancer/economic heirarchy in relation to the home business reveals a hidden agenda. People who lead with genuine integrity and diversity do not need to push these personal viewpoints on others. We are what we LIVE, ladies.

1. And speaking of life, your upline is now appealing to ghosts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, yes, it is a BOO-tiful biz!

This Halloween, will you be tricked by their treats???