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The Mary Kay Better Than Ever Spin

We all know that Mary Kay Inc. will never publicly admit that sales and recruiting have been negatively impacted in the United States. But corporate is feeling the pain, and you can see some evidence of this when you look at the falling commission checks of those at the top of the pyramid.

Sure, there are some “hotshots” still raking in ever larger commission checks, but many of the “oldies” have seen dramatic drops in recruiting in their areas and therefore their commission checks have dropped as well.

Check out this bit of fiction pumped out by Mary Kay Cosmetics this past week:

The reason Mary Kay Cosmetics is Stronger and Better than ever – info presented by Yvette Franco – VP of Marketing and Product Development at MK cruise.

Mary Kay is a Prestige Brand in the Market place; which means we compete with Department Store brands like Clinique, Estee Lauder, Lancolm and Mac. Brands sold in Drug Stores and WalMart such as Maybelline and Cover Girl and even Avon, are considered mass brands and are not whose market share we are competing for.

In Comparison to other Prestige Brands, here is how we fared in unit sales this past year in the market place.

Our Time Wise Firming Eye Cream outsold Clinique’s Repair Eye Cream 4 to 1. (it was considered the no. 1 best selling brand)

In prestige facial exfoliators, Microderm Abrasion outsold Clinique ‘s & Day Rinse off Scrub 4 to 1.

Our oil free eye make up remover sold more units than the top 10 leading prestige brands combined, which makes us the no. 1 selling brand of Eye Make up remover in the country!

Our Ultimate Mascara outsold the top 3 prestige brands combined in unit sales. Ultimate mascara outsold Lancolm’s #1 best selling mascara 3-1.

Our eye shadow unit sales beat the #1 best selling eye shadow brand MAC 25 to 1!!!!

Our Cream Lipstick sales outsold the top 3 prestige brands combined 3 to 1.

Our Lip Gloss Sales outsold the top 9 prestige brand sales combined 3 to 1.

Do you need any more proof that we do sell products that women want?

If you watched the CMA awards I know you are so proud to be a part of this incredible company. The Commercials were awesome! So get out there and let people know you are in this business!!!! If ever there was a perfect time to put ourselves into our marketplace…that time is RIGHT NOW!

Mary Kay is not “better than ever.” They’re just scrambling a little faster now that Pink Truth has been consistently revealing the truth about this scam for the last 16 months!

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