Robin Blackmon Dunda – Motion Opposing Protective Order

Mary Kay Inc. filed a motion with the court in the Robin Blackmond Dunda v Mary Kay Inc. lawsuit, asking that certain documents be filed under seal. This means that certain documents and evidence would be protected and not available for examination by the general public. Robin and her attorney oppose that motion.

It appears in this motion filed by Attorney David Eisenstein on October 9, 2007, that Mary Kay Inc. based part of its argument on the idea that certain documents and testimony might contain trade secrets. Also, Robin has requested that Mary Kay Inc. produce the company’s financial statements, and of course, the company wants those under seal.

At the heart of the issue, Robin’s attorney states that the case is worthy of public interest and therefore the documents should not be protected. He says:

This case has tremendous implications for the right to know, and indeed, the safety of the public from predatory practices of direct sales companies such as those alleged in Plaintiff’s Amended Petition. As Exhibit 1 attached hereto indicates, the issues in this lawsuit involving Plaintiff’s claims that her business and income stream were forfeited against her will and contrary to her extraordinarily successful business building efforts, Robin Blackmon-Dunda’s case against Mary Kay is worthy of public interest.


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