Instead of Making Real Changes to Mary Kay

Mary Kay Inc. still hasn’t gotten the message. While the owners of the company and the fat cats at the top of the pyramid get rich off the millions of women below, there is no incentive for them to change the system. They have their profits, and as long as women continue to sign up to be Mary Kay consultants, they probably think they have nothing to worry about.

Sean Key, the new “VP of Sales Force Intelligence” and his “Sales Education” group have come out with a new publication for sales directors.

They could change the system to benefit those 99% of women who lose money in Mary Kay.

They could create a system that values sales over orders.

They could change the system so that women could earn sustainable incomes selling Mary Kay products.

They could reduce incentives to cheat.

They could do away with the multi-level marketing structure that abuses so many women at the bottom.

They could verify sales and do actual sales training to make Mary Kay a business that is driven by actual sales and not just the ordering of unneeded products.

There are lots of things Mary Kay could do to make the company better for consultants who are largely victimized by this sytem. It’s not like Pink Truth members haven’t given management lots of ideas over the last 18 months.

Nope. Instead they prefer to pay lip service to the Golden Rule and pretend that all is well.

Here’s a snippet from a new piece the company has come out with, called “Action Plan: Helpful Tips for Independent Sales Directors”:

1. Set a good example for your unit members by adopting the principles and philosophies established by Mary Kay and teaching them to your unit members.

2. You’ll want to always look your best and conduct yourself in a manner representing your status as an Independent Sales Director.

3. Keep the “no territories” policy alive and well by welcoming adoptees into your unit and treating them as if they were your own.

4. If you are the commissioned Independent Sales Director, be sure to pay adoptee expenses promptly.

5. Teach your unit members how to be good adoptees.

6.Promote the Go-Give® spirit in your unit by awarding a unit Go-Give® Award.

Wow. What a powerful piece. Look nice and act nice.

Yeah… why make changes when this system is working so well for those very few profiting at the top?