A Mary Kay Nsd on Getting New Customers

Here’s an idea being promoted by Mary Kay nsd Sherill Steinmann. It sounds great, until you get to the bottom line. Read all the way down and then see my comments at the end…

How to get New Names – the easy way!

Take 10 profile cards and slide in a plastic sleeve protector – your goal is to get 10 new ones filled out EACH WEEK! When you see a sharp woman … ask her “Have you ever heard of Mary Kay – are you one someone’s mailing list?”

If YES – “who is your consultant?” – you say – “Oh, I heard she was wonderful”

If NO – ‘ tell about THE LOOK subscription – 32 pages – all new each quarter – new and updated looks with free samples included – keep you updated on the latest and greatest in the beauty and cosmetic industry and… I offer a FREE Gift WITH PURCHASE! I can put you on my mailing list!”

Give them the profile to fill out! (Lift up and show them the ‘answers’ when they are done – like a ‘cosmo quiz!’)

Look at #6 – Whatever she checked that she wants or is interested in – then call her later and tell her “The free gift for January is ________ (what she checked) – when you have a makeover and share it with 2 friends – how great is that? It is just the product you wanted!!!”

You can send a $5 coupon with a makeover or on a post card the day you meet her and then follow up 3-4 days later to tell her that you put her on the mailing list and she should be receiving the new Magazine in 4-6 weeks – did she get the coupon? Then offer the free gift!

10 profiles a week X 52 weeks = 520 new names a year

If ½ respond (265) and ½ of those get a facial –that is 130+ new faces a year!!!

Mary Kay Ash said 1 ounce of Profiles is worth more than 1 ounce of GOLD!!! She is right!

Wow! Are you impressed with the possibility of getting 130 new faces per year? Well you shouldn’t be. That is  about 2.5 faces a week, not nearly enough to build a stable business.

If you want to move ahead in Mary Kay, you’re always told you need a minimum of 2 to 3 full skincare classes a week. That’s 3 to 4 women at each, meaning that you need at least 6 to 12 new faces per week. What Sherrill is offering you here is a small fraction of that.

So while a couple of new faces a week is a nice thing to have, everyone needs to understand that it won’t get you far in Mary Kay. Even if you get all 10 of those weekly profile cards filled out. And how many women do you think really want to fill those out?