Recruiting for Results

Written by The Scribbler

NSD Pamela Shaw instructs us on how to more effectively con women into signing up as Mary Kay Consultants.

1.  Set up the interview with this script:  “If you listen to how we make money in Mary Kay, I will give you 50% off of your next order with me. After you hear the 6 reasons why people join Mary Kay and how we make our money, you may decide it’s not for you. However, if you recommend someone and they are accepted by the company and are qualified, I will give you 50% off of your orders for 6 entire months! But, after hearing the marketing plan you will probably want to do it yourself and then you will get 50% off of your orders for life.”

2.  Ask her to fill out an Agreement.  Remove the left panel of the Agreement discussing Inventory.  Say, “For my records, I’ll need you to fill this out so I can get credit for conducting this practice interview.”  Clearly instruct her which sections to fill out and include signature.  If she hesitates, say, “Nothing happens to this unless we attach money to it!”
3.  (Scrib’s note:  This next section deals with the DISC personality styles and questions that lead into the interview.  The consultant will be able to tailor the interview based on how you answer these!)

  • “Tell me a little bit about yourself or your situation?”  (A “D” will tell you about their accomplishments, an “I” will tell you who they know, an”S” will tell you about their family, and a “C” will ask, “Why do you want to know?”)
  • “What do you like most/least about what you do? “Narrowing the Menu” gives insight to what they will like about Mary Kay.
  • “Describe for me the ideal career and lifestyle situation for you if you could have it the way you want it?”

4.  Overcoming objections – it may take 3 or 4 objections to get the REAL one. Just keep repeating the process until you get the last one which will either be “Nothing,” “Fear,” “I Need to Think About It,” or “I Just Don’t Want to”.

  1. “Nothing” is Easy! We covered that!
  2. “Fear” – You reach out, physically touch her hand (the one who touches is in control – how you touch is important) and reinforce your belief in her – “If I teach you everything I know and you faithfully attend your training, do you think you could learn?” (Pause) “I will always match my time with your effort, and I know you’ll be great because . . .”
  3. She needs to “Think About It” . . .If she “ponders” her decision and feels like she needs to talk to her husband or “think” about it – say, “I can appreciate the fact that you feel you need more time and information. What other questions do you have? (Pause) Why don’t we do this – to avoid playing telephone tag or scheduling another time, why don’t you go ahead and put your check (or VISA #) with this. Sleep on it. If you don’t think anything else about Mary Kay when you leave here today, it’s not for you; if however you keep thinking about Mary Kay and what we’ve talked about, you need to get started. I’m sure you know there is never a perfect or good time to make a change. I’m sure you also know that your friends and family would have all kinds of very well-meaning advice (teasingly). All I can tell you is I’m so grateful I didn’t take all of that advice, that I followed my heart. I know you will too. If tomorrow, you’ve decided it’s not for you, call me by noon and I’ll mail your check right back to you. If however, you sleep on it and you have a green light, I can go ahead and get your showcase ordered and we can set up your training. I know you’ll be great! How would you like to take care of it?” (Pause)

Scrib’s note:  Pam fails to note how to respond to someone who says, “Look, I just don’t want to!”  It’s pretty hard to argue with that one, so try that one the next time you’re the target of a recruiting attempt, friends!  Also, note how the follow-up call assumes that the potential target will give a “yes” answer: “How did you sleep?” (pause) “Is there any reason why we can’t set you up for training?”)