Decoding Your Mary Kay “Activity Status”

Have you wondered what those codes like A1 and I3 mean? How do they relate to your orders and your recruits? Here are the details.

N0 – New Consultant, no order.
N1 – New Consultant, no order, showcase shipped.
N2 – New Consultant, second month without order.
N3 – New Consultant, third month without order.

A1 – Consultant placed a minimum $200 wholesale Section 1 order this month.
A2 – Second month of active status.
A3 – Third month of active status.

I1 – First month of inactive status. Must place a minimum $200 wholesale Section 1 order to be considered active.
I2 – Second month of inactive status. Fourth non-ordering month. Company notice mailed mid-month.
I3 – Third month of inactive status. Fifth non-ordering month.

T1 – First month of termination (If you get here, you have lost all your recruits.)
T – Terminated (This comes after T6.)