Explaining the Mary Kay Inventory Con

Congratulations, you are the proud owner of your own business! I am going to speak to you about “inventory” which keep in mind is not a “have to” but a “choice”.

I am here to teach you what I know and to show you your “choices”. Keep in mind – you may invest in your biz at any level but the company has special rewards for you as a “Brand New” Consultant that are based ONLY on your first order into the company depending on the amount from 600 ws on up. You will choose!
Remember, this – the amount of money you invest in inventory does not determine your success HOWEVER it does determine 4 important Points which all began with P. I call them the 4P’s:
I’ll explain each one in detail
I am very visual so I want you to think of this as “opening your store”.
Do you know the difference between wholesale and retail? Wholesale is what you BUY it at – Retail is what you SELLit at! You choose size of your store – a mini market OR a Macys! The most common choice is somewhere in the middle – a Wal Mart! Which is easiest described in Mary Kay terms as Diamond Star – 3000 wholesale. This is the most comfortable level for most consultants to begin.
After all, a TV cost that amount these days. Another visual to help you imagine the amount that is – Is to tell you that 2400 wholesale (one level below 3000) is just one of everything on your Mary Kay order form. So the company tells us that 3000 ws. is enough to service maybe 20–25 customers not even on a full line. The reason that # is so easy to comprehend is that your first goal as a Brand New Beauty Consultant is to achieve your Power Start which is 30 faces in your first 30 days after receiving your inventory. You will invite all your friends and family to hold a facial/class or even attend your OPEN HOUSE and they will be shopping in your store the first month. That’s so easy to do because each friend knows 2 or 3 friends! Your doors are open – your product is available = that’s called SUPPLY & DEMAND
The basics of Biz 101! When SUPPLY = DEMAND you are on what we call “PROFIT LEVEL”. Please remember this – PROFIT = PAYCHECK!
Our first P – PAYCHECK
(If you project more than 30 customers shopping in your store that first month then 3600 ws. Emerald Star investment might be better for you.) SUPPLY = DEMAND means that your customers take their product home immediately. No waiting, no TIME wasted, no changed minds, no loss sales!
Remember, TIME is the most important asset we women have! When you do not have the product, you will get them excited about it and then have to tell them “they have to wait”. I don’t know about you but I don’t want to take my time to shop for that perfect dress, get excited
about it, pay for it, and then be told I have to wait 2 weeks for it! Or…. She buys the total roll up $299 from you and you tell her she has to wait – she says fine – goes home tells her hubby she spend $300 on makeup and he tells her No Way! Where as if she had it in her hot little hands as she
comes home, uses it the next am, gets compliments from him and coworkers, he couldn’t take it from her if he wanted to!
Our 2nd P -PROFIT
When you are on Profit, you can afford to pay yourself a paycheck without having to reinvest 100% of earnings plus there’s EVEN more PROFIT for you!!! Because you are a NEW CONSULTANT and choosing to begin with inventory the company is going to reward you BIG BUCKS! For every 600 ws. you invest in your FIRST ORDER the company will give you over $100 FREE product at each 600 increment. So $600 – 100 free, 1200-200, 1800-300 free, etc., etc. You may earn unlimited FREE dependent on one thing – THAT FIRST ORDER! At the 3600 ws. level you earn aprox. $700 FREE – That’s CASH in your pocket and Inventory on your shelf!
Star Consultants qualify for the company’s quarterly prizes and recognition. The company begins recognition at Star Consultant level on up. I personally have been a Star ___ quarters in a row – that’s called an “All-Star” in the xxxxxx Area or “Once a Star always a Star”. I always say “No Star – No Car”!
This is a very important Quarter – when you are a Brand New BC plus at least a Diamond Star Consultant this quarter you will qualify for Priority Seating in Awards Arena at Seminar with your unit! All Consultants may attend Seminar but this is what we call “the good seats”. Watching it live, in the Arena, assigned seats WITH your Sales Director vs. via Closed Circuit TV!
As you can see, Mary Kay is all about CHOICES. HOW you begin your biz is your “choice”. I am only here to lead the way. I will never ask you to do something I have not been willing to do myself. Keep one important item in mind – New Consultant FREE-BEEs are all based on one thing – THE WS AMOUNT OF YOUR FIRST ORDER INTO THE COMPANY. So that’s why TIMING is everything!
Now which level will you choose to open your store with?

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    Doesn’t it turn anyone off at first to see all the exclamation points? Like a legitimate business would need to tell you “How great it is!!!!!” And cheesy weird things like “it’s only as much as a tv” and “p is for profit!!!” Ugh

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