Sales Director Thinks Mary Kay Sucks!

Okay, well she didn’t exactly say that, but as we move in on our two year anniversary as a group, having originally named the site “Mary Kay Sucks” I just had to have a chance to say it…

This director has a beef with Mary Kay InTouch, the company’s online ordering system. Seems to me that if directors weren’t begging everyone to order on the last day, the system wouldn’t go down because of high traffic! 

 Something has got to be done about intouch at month end

I mean seriously.  I’m not trying to start anything here, but I find it “odd” that a billion dollar company has a jacked up ordering system for 1million + consultants.  I cannot access squat.  I just did an order on desktop (that is a whole ‘nuther subject)… but it isn’t showing up on intouch.  I’m just wanting to make sure it went through and you can’t click on production or go around any back doors cause they don’t have enough servers to supply the demand at month end–much less year end.

Everyone please go visit the intouch booth and tell them how frustrating it is…. CAN YOU IMAGINE HOW OUR CONSULANTS FEEL?

Tell us how you really feel! Seems like you’re a good candidate for Pink Truth, Miss Director. Wanna play in our sandbox? There’s plenty about Mary Kay that we think is “jacked up”!