Forgive and Move On!

Another Mary Kay lover has some advice for me and the rest of the Pink Truth community. I like how she refers to us as “ridiclues”… I think maybe she should “get a clue.” As usual, I am also amused at someone who quotes scripture while saying hateful things about and to us. I bet she makes her Lord and Savior proud.

I hope that you are able to read this email since you get so many of them. I will start out by saying this a good name is rather chosen than riches. I am speaking from the word of God. It is so funny and quite riduclues how many people who are just average, simple minded, and uneducated can make the statements that you have made on your website and have sucked others to believe just because you dind’t make the cut has the room to down others, It is not your place to judge by using the deceptive tactic of defamation.

I truly believe that vengeance is mine saith the Lord, but I really wanted to comment on your evil manipulative ways. You talk about Mary Kay being a pyramid, you suck others, who for whatever reason didn’t make it, becuase they were too lazy to work their business in Mary Kay and would rather join your website to bad mouth it.

Which I will comment on the fact that you sell items to denounce Mary Kay, only to uphold what your own personal beliefs, where do the proceeds of your money go? What charity do you give to, what lives are you changing in a positive manner, as a matter of fact is this the only thing you do because you have tricked other people to pay for advertisements and purchasing clothes on your website to pay your bills?

You should be a shamed of yourself. I am glad that I have a deep relationship with God and that Jesus died for all of my sins. You are a hypocrite, deceitful, and no better than those who would tear someone else down to make yourself look good. I pray that WHOEVER you are eyes will be opened.

Father God in the name of Jesus I pray for this person who has choosen to put others down, who have gone out of thier way to speak death, discouragement, and lies. I pray that you would touch their heart and that they will know you for themselves. I pray that they will be transformed by the renewing of thier minds and to know that when they speak against those that you have called they are ultimately speaking against you. Your Word is Truth and God I pray in the name of Jesus that lives will be changed and that nothing can separate me from your Love. I speak peace, joy, and life of those, whomever they are has made it thier job to curse and speak deeath into other’s life as if they are the creator of life.


1. Were you ever in Mary Kay? If so how long?
2. What did you do in Mary Kay, no funny stuff how did you work your business that has tax exemptions?
3. What do you do now?
4. Are you a christian? Read Romans 10:9
5. Why are you so set on spreading and supporting this type of info? This is with the intent that you used to sell MK, didn’t make it, and now would rather gossip instead of letting go and living your own life.

If you would take your negative, unhappy, discouraged self and begin to see life the way God says to see it then you would not have time to have this website that really shows who you are as a person. Join a goood church where they preach the Word of God, Give your life to God, Be baptized with the Holy Spirit and know that Jesus loves you despite the lack of joy you have.  Life may not have treated you fairly, but it gives you no right to do what you are doing. Satan is real and he uses whom he already has becuase you are accessible at any time. Salvation is free and I dare you to try Christ today and watch him transform your life to where what you have been through will and can be a testimony. if you have made it this far there must be something positive in you, apparently you have been hurt as many of us have, but you are not the only one and must realize this. The easiest thing to do is to get to the root of YOUR problem and not suck or trick others to believe that what they did was wrong. A lot people go in to a business not knowing, as it seems you did, but you have to be willing to learn and since mary kay has been in existence for 46 years, something is being done right.

Take your negative energy and turn it into something positive. I believe that God has a plan for yourlife but you must seek him and STOP degrading what God has given others. It is NOT your place to judge so let it go. FORGIVE, FORGIVE, FORGIVE and let God have his way in your life


WHOSE REPORT WILL YOU BELIEVE?!   No weapon formed against thee shall prosper Isaiah 54:17

In Jesus’ name Amen


  1. Jen

    MK in business for X amount of years……yeah, and WalMart has been around forever too, and look how many lawsuits are in court against it, how many negative press it gets in the media, how many employees it churns through, and the countless communities it corrupts by its very presence all over the world.

    So, I don’t quite get the gist of this statement, because 50 years of bullshit is just that.

  2. CaliforniaGal

    Well, well, well, is your email supposed to make us think only you are Godly. I was in Mary Kay for 12 years and worked my business hard. Not one of my recruits were ever able to achieve their dreams in spite of working hard at their businesses. Are you confusing women blogging their truth; what really happened in their businesses with an evangelical service. I am a Christian and would never put you down for trusting in Mary Kay. But you seem to think that our true experiences with Mary Kay are not real. Are you confusing faith in God with faith in Mary Kay. Beware of making your business your idol.

  3. Linda

    This woman is an embarrassment to other Christians. Is it any wonder that nonbelievers ridicule Christianity? Talk about hypocrisy! Her plethora of grammar & spelling errors make it difficult for her to be taken seriously, too. I’m not sure she knows the difference between God and Mary Kay. She seems to worship both equally!

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