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Compulsive Consultancy in Mary Kay Cosmetics

Written by Lazy Gardens

Compulsive consultancy brings despair and humiliation into the lives of countless thousands of men, women and children. The compulsive consultant is a person who is dominated by an irresistible urge to participate in Mary Kay. Coupled with this is the obsessive idea that a way will be found to “make it pay” and enjoy it besides. This causes deterioration in almost all areas of the person’s life.

The compulsive consultant attempts to create an image as a philanthropist and an all around “good person”. Much of the time the compulsive consultant lives in a dream world which satisfies her emotional needs. The compulsive consultant dreams of a life filled with friends, new cars, furs, penthouses, yachts, etc. Pathetically there seems never to be enough income to make even the smallest dream come true; probably because whatever income results from the Mary Kay activity is, to the compulsive consultant, sacred. It has to be plowed back into Mary Kay. More…

During the winning phase, consultants experience a big sale – or a series of sales – that leaves them with unreasonable optimism that their success will continue. This leads them to feel great excitement, and they begin increasing their Mary Kay activity and ordering.

During the losing phase, the consultants often begin thinking about big sales they have had in the past and borrow money – legally or illegally. They start lying to family and friends and become more irritable, restless and withdrawn. Their home life becomes more unhappy, and they are unable to pay off debts. The consultants begin to “chase” their losses, believing they must work harder and order bigger to cover their losses.

During the desperation phase, there is a marked increase in the time spent on Mary Kay. This is accompanied by remorse, blaming others and alienating family and friends. Eventually, the may engage in illegal acts to finance their Mary Kay activity. They may experience hopelessness, suicidal thoughts and attempts, arrests, divorce, alcohol and/or other drug abuse, or an emotional breakdown.


  1. Only 52 NSDs are on the trip right now. That’s less than half of the 96 that made the commissions listing in the May Applause, which doesn’t account for the lower income NSDs. Interesting!

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