Your Husband’s a Shallow Schmuck!

Written by The Scribbler

Yes, you have heard this one – many potential recruits have. Oh sure, the recruiter’s not going to come right out and tell you what a Neanderthal the company thinks your hubby is; she’s going to reweave the line – as she’s been taught – into something a little silkier:

“I bet your husband is like mine in that they love us and just want us to be happy. And you know, the typical reaction is “Honey, if that’s what you want to do, go ahead, but just leave me out of it!” Now, don’t you think he trusts your judgment?” (NSD Rena Tarbet)

“Your job with your husband is to sell him on it. He doesn’t have to get it. He’s not going to get it until you go to a class and come home with $400 cash. Don’t tell your banker or your husband that you’re scared if you want them to support you in the decision.” (NSD Dawn Sweeney)

“Would you agree with me that we can pretty much get our husbands to let us do whatever we want as long as they know it is important to us?” (NSD Deanna Spillman)

“Quite honestly, we don’t usually discuss $100 decisions with our husbands, I’m sure you’ve probably gone out and bought an outfit or a pair of shoes that cost $100 and you didn’t ask your husband for permission.” (from a follow-up script)

“Your husband won’t want you to do Mary Kay? Tell your husband that you want to purchase a starter kit; then tell him that you’re interested in the business opportunity, so after you order your kit, you’d like him to come to orientation with you and get his opinion of the business.” (found on scripts on several director websites)

The last quote’s “catch” is not only disturbing, but easy to miss – can you pick it out?

We know that the potential recruit’s husband does not want her to do Mary Kay, but what happens? The potential recruit promptly disregards any input her husband had hoped to give by going ahead and purchasing the starter kit per the guidance of the recruiter! You mean to tell me that after this man’s wife blatantly disregards his input, he’s supposed to come quietly to the orientation and give his opinion of the business? It’s about as pointless as buying Grandma that nifty “Optimus Prime” voice-changer helmet for her birthday; that is, unless she’s the type that lives for stirring up the St. Cecilia’s Bingo Night crowd. Oh Grandma, you’re so much more than meets the eye!

Ladies, no truly God-centered company would encourage women to disrespect their husbands like this. At your next recruiting attempt, when you hear one of these husband-bashing lines, try throwing some water on the recruiting fire with a biblical based-quote. You don’t even have to be religious to do so – after all, since you will be addressing a representative of a supposedly godly company, it’s only logical to respond in kind with a godly reply:

“You know, Ephesians 5:33 says “…let the wife reverence her husband.” What you’re suggesting I do is not discuss the $100 investment with my hubby, correct? Wouldn’t you agree that engaging in lies of omission towards one’s husband is far from “acting reverent?” Keep your Agreement and thanks for the coffee, love – I’m off to go give my big lug a big hug.”


  1. This one drives me Crazy.

    “Quite honestly, we don’t usually discuss $100 decisions with our husbands, I’m sure you’ve probably gone out and bought an outfit or a pair of shoes that cost $100 and you didn’t ask your husband for permission.”

    #1 MY husband realizes that clothes cost $$ and that an outfit may cost $100+ and I may occasionally buy such an outfit for myself. Or a purse or shoes, or hell even spend that much on a makeup haul.

    The difference is that it’s not a weekly, or even a monthly expense in our household. It’s an occasional expense. And one that is probably thought about, saved up for and possibly discussed before purchasing.

    You’re right I don’t NEED my husband’s permission to spend money, I do however like to get my husband’s opinion before I commit to something that maybe time consuming and will cost me more than $100 in the long run.

  2. Or when Pam Shaw said “There are 2 things men want that’ll get you what you want: food and…well, you know the other one.” The whole crowd’s jaws were all on the floor. Unbelievable.

    • The one I heard recently from a young SSD in reference to being away for meetings and trips: “Just remember to take care of your husband before you leave.”

      • Sick, right? Food and sex like an 1800s housewife?! Pam disgusts me in every way, including her trampy Seminar gowns. Such a hypocrite!

  3. Excellent article! Deception (including lies of omission) is NOT healthy in a marriage. WasRings90, the comment about valuing your husband’s opinion is spot on. Whether it’s money spent, where we go on vacation, or what I fix for dinner, my husband’s opinion matters to me.

    I can’t help but wonder how many marriages have ended in divorce over this lack of respect for husbands. Talking about the two ways to get what we want – how manipulative.

  4. MK herself didn’t seem to care about her husbands. Her advice was to throw an onion into a pan to con your husband into thinking supper might eventually be ready. She also created this pyramid/mlm and dared to call it dual marketing. She watched as the original NSD’s lost unit after unit in this horrible scheme. Many women abused financially. It’s no wonder many husband’s hate this pink cult for what it does to marriages and families. Husband’s are outside the pink bubble. They see the effort and products not selling. It isn’t the husband who is shallow. It is the narcissism and lying from day one within this organization.

  5. That $100 is supposed to start a business, right?

    You might not talk to your partner about a $100 purchase (assuming that that $100 won’t make your bank account cry) but you sure as heck would talk to them about starting a business.

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