You Can’t Be Negative in Mary Kay

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Written by SuzyQ

When we are in the Pink Bubble, we are taught to avoid negativity, with Pink Truth being cited directly as a huge bad thing, or at least alluded to as being poison. It is not. Negativity as defined by the Mary Kay world is anything that may cause you to doubt the company, your NSD, or your director. Most of you have been to meetings and were told to leave your bad thoughts, the day’s activities, or anything that wasn’t wonderful at the door and enter the pink bubble.

I want you to think about this. Mary Kay asks you to stop negative thoughts (“Cancel, Cancel”) never discuss product non-performance, classes that didn’t hold, people who were dodging your calls, your inability or unwillingness to warm chat, withholding evidence of no show/no sale appointments from the people closest to you, the amount of your debt, fear you feel about your business, the push to recruit and to finish that star, the pressure to attend events, the MK dress code.

Just follow that line of thought, I know the list is much longer.

We plan events, as does the company, to make sure we keep you on task, to keep you “motivated” and unquestioning in your belief in the company and this wonderful opportunity. We need to reindoctrinate you at regular times because little things that are causing you to question your role, your possibility of success, the amount of your time, and your financial and emotional investment may pull you away from the dream.

THIS SITE IS NOT NEGATIVE. It is the TRUTH. It is a collective truth if you wish to call it that. So many of us have shared our journey, there is no reason to lie, to exaggerate, to bend the truth, to embroider the facts. We gain nothing by sharing our experience with you. We just want you to know!

If you lurk on here, if you dare to post a comment, if you write an article, then you have found the right place and you need to be here. This is where the truth is. Truth is truth. Truth is neutral. There is no negative nor is there a positive connotation until someone gives it one.

Take a deep breath, and keep reading the PINK TRUTH. It will set you free!


  1. Thank you SuzyQ. Did you ever notice this “stay positive” BS only applies in one direction in Mary Kay? Sales Directors are free to be negative on consultants (victim blaming runs rampant in Mary Kay). But don’t you dare say anything bad about Mary Kay Corp, the products or your upline!

    • Thank you for pointing that out, DJ. It’s a connection I never made, but now that you point it out, it makes perfect sense as part of the cultlike and manipulative aura around MK and MLM in general.

      If you don’t smile and sparkle happily all the time, those above you will treat you like garbage in order to get you to behave. They’ve already filled your head with the notion that the company is the most important part of your life and the other pyramidlings are your family, and everyone outside it is untrustworthy/negative/bad. It’s like the mean girls on the playground telling you you suck if you’re not part of the in crowd.

      Try to punch up, though, and watch out.

      • I believe the word for this is “hypocrisy”.

        I’d love to hear a consultant say to her xSD, “Hey…check that tone. We only use the positive here in Mary Kay, remember? You can try all of this again after you have cleaned that filth from your mouth and are ready to represent Mary Kay properly. Not a moment sooner…understood honey?”

  2. Preach it, SuzyQ!

    To the lurkers and the doubters, you’re here for a reason. That still small voice that your director and NSD try so desperately to silence is your discernment. My faith says that it is a God-given hedge of protection that keeps me on the right path and off the wrong one, and alerts to wolves in sheep’s clothing.

    NEVER trust ANYONE who tries to convince you to ignore your discernment.

  3. If (general ) you think Pink Truth is negative, then just look at yesterday’s post. The one with screen shots from a Mary Kay Facebook group. The one where, yet again, Ellen Bowman Cox releases a tirade of bitterness, negativity and misinformation towards people she doesn’t know.

  4. This is one of the first things I noticed as the pink fog was lifting. I was never allowed to talk about when things were hard or not going well in my business. My DIQ team was falling apart. My sales were terrible. But when I went to meetings and events, I was supposed to act like everything was wonderful and great. Looking back I wonder how many of these people were faking it. I am new to the PT, coming out of the fog after 7 years and this site has helped me so much. All the things I suspected are true and so much more. I’m hoping to find the courage to share my story here soon.

  5. “the company is the most important part of your life” – Popinki
    That phrase got me big time. I know that’s the focus of any MLM etc. but it being stated as part of a discussion – just matter of fact and as truth – O.M.G. There’s the forest the trees were hiding. That is so horrible to contemplate, “the company is the most important part of your life”. Maybe if you are the owner of a new business, or a key person influencing the lives of those in the company for GOOD, then I am more accepting of it but omg otherwise, never should your business be THE most important part of your life. That is the cult aspect, and is far more rampant than just cult/mlm. That’s the fuel behind addiction. Addiction IS the most important part of your life. Yes, kbots – you preach addiction to a worldview of materialism, fraud and worship of an overly made up morally bankrupt narcissist who hit the right market at the right time. Be proud huh.

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